Random Post: Suju and the Cars They Drive

I passed my driving test today! Hooray! *pops champagne bitter cola! lmao @ Jaejoong on Xman* Well, I’ve been planning to post this up since last week, and decided to if I passed my driving test, so here it is! (P.S I’ve got a manual license ^^) 🙂

I blurred out their car plate numbers, and that took me 2.5 hours cos my photoshop was so freaking laggy 😐

*edit* Idk why Shindong’s car’s picture was missing earlier on, but I’ve put it back up again!


Car Model: BMW 320i (Sedan)
Check it out: 1 2
Estimated cost: USD 44,000
ENGINE TYPE 1995cc in-line 4 cylinder
MAX POWER 150bhp at 6,200rpm
MAX TORQUE 200Nm at 3,600rpm
GEARBOX 6-speed automatic
TOP SPEED 215km/h
0-100 KM/H 9.7 seconds

It’s a reallly good continental car, and a pretty common sedan for luxurious use. Teuk’s got good taste! ^^ A BMW’s almost every potential luxury-car owner’s first choice, imo. The interior is oh-so-stunning and I bet everything else such as the specifications are the basis of car buyers who want to afford a BMW but can’t. Like me. 😦

+ Heechul, Kangin, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Siwon and Kibum’s…


Car Model: Peugeot 307cc (Coupe)
Check it out: 1 2
Estimated cost: USD 56,000
ENGINE TYPE 1997cc 16v in-line four
MAX POWER 143bhp at 6,000rpm
MAX TORQUE 200Nm at 4,000rpm
GEARBOX 4-speed automatic
TOP SPEED 206 km/h
0-100 KM/H 12.0 seconds

I saw this on the road the other day and I was ultimately jealous by the fact that IT’S A FREAKING CONVERTIBLE!!! Argh! The feeling of wind blowing in your hair, just leaves you breathless! XD Heenim, you rock. Thank you so much for making my eyeballs dilate. It’s pretty strange to imagine Heenim driving down the road in his Peugeot and blasting ‘Tell Me’ with Hankyung beside him and Kibum behind. Lol! (Someone said she saw him pick Kibum up)


Car Model: Lexus IS300 (Sedan)
Check it out: 1 2
Estimated cost: USD 55,000 – 64,000
ENGINE TYPE 3000cc, 24V V6
MAX POWER 205bhp at 6,200rpm
MAX TORQUE 252Nm at 3,400rpm
GEARBOX 6-speed automatic
TOP SPEED 225km/h
0-100KM/H 8.4 seconds

Lexus is a well-known Japanese brand that manufactures performance cars. AND IT’S HORRIBLY EXPENSIVE AS WELL. Kangin’s got a car next pricey as compared to Siwon’s. But, it can speed up to 100km/h in 8.4s!? That’s real cool. 😉 I think it suits him a lot. IMO, the car really gives Kangin lotsa pride… I bet he treats it like his precious baby. Haha!


Car Model: Honda CR-V (SUV)
Check it out: 1 2
Estimated cost: USD 30,000
ENGINE TYPE 2354cc, 16V in-line 4
MAX POWER 170bhp at 5,800rpm
MAX TORQUE 218Nm at 4,200rpm
GEARBOX 5-speed automatic
TOP SPEED 190km/h
0-100KM/H 11.0 seconds

A SUV’s really practical for all sorts. And Shindong’s smart to get one. However, this Honda CR-V’s top speed is comparably low to the others. Lol. But his car’s sooooo suave. Fits his image well 🙂 It’s a really manly car. *____* Lol, his vehicle reminds me of 4-wheel driving. I’d very much like to try that again one day! With me being the driver, heh!


Car Model: Hyundai Grandeur/Azera (Sedan)
Check it out: 1 2
Estimated cost: USD 33,000 – 43,000
ENGINE TYPE 3342cc, 24V V6
MAX POWER 235bhp at 6,000rpm
MAX TORQUE 304Nm at 3,500rpm
GEARBOX 5-speed automatic
TOP SPEED 235km/h
0-100 KM/H 8.8 seconds

Hyukjaeeeee’s the 2nd one next to Kibum who’s a proud owner of a locally-made car. Lol, I’ve seen Samsung cars in Korea and I heard they’re really good performance cars as well, but I’m wondering why no one in Suju (or none that I know of) owns one. Still, the Grandeur’s real slick as well. Good choice, Eunhyukieee!


Car Model: Audi TT (Coupe)
Check it out: 1 2
Estimated cost: USD 73,000 – 95,000
ENGINE TYPE 1984cc, 16V in-line 4
MAX POWER 200bhp at 5100-6000rpm
MAX TORQUE 280Nm at 1800-5000rpm
GEARBOX 6-speed semi-automatic
TOP SPEED 240km/h
0-100 KM/H 6.4 seconds

Now we come to our young master Siwon. SIWON YOU ARE LIVING IN SUCH AUTOMOBILE LUXURY. *____* I bet the Audi’s many people’s dream cars. It’s just so…. freaking luxurious! Gosh! Almost USD 100,000 without taxes! THAT’S A LOT. It’s a true blue sports car that can go up to speeds of 240km/h! WOWWW. And look at that, 0-100km/h in 6.4s! I wonder if he goes around ferrying people and cruising down highways. Btw, it’s only a 2 seater. So perhaps, no more love triangles for Eunsihae or Hanchulwon? XD


Car Model: Daewoo Matiz City (Compact)
Check it out: 1 2
Estimated cost: Unknown
ENGINE TYPE 995cc, 24V V2
MAX POWER 63.3bhp at 5,400rpm
MAX TORQUE 87Nm at 4,200rpm
GEARBOX 5-speed automatic
TOP SPEED 152km/h
0-100 KM/H 13.7 seconds

Mr “Die-Smile” got the most economical and practical car ever! He’s so thrifty! Ahhhh ♥ Although his car is comparably smaller than the rest’s, I guess it’s a nifty gritty car which gets you on the move. And that’s what’s most important right? To get you to places. He’s still young, so there are more opportunities for him to indulge in almost every guy’s car-admiring hobby. Lol. 🙂

Alright, these are the car models of the Suju boys I know of. I know Kyu drives but I think it’s his family car and I haven’t seen a picture of it, so… yeah. Those who look like they’d get luxury cars as well as cars for practical use are all stated here, aye? ^^ I wonder if Hankyung’s got a car in Korea too. He talked about buying either a car or a house on YSMM, lol. It cracks me up everytime I think of it! Haha! And I realized most of them love having white cars. Erm, okay, it’s either white, black or silver. XD


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oh my… my suju boys got some good taste when it comes to cars, especially siwon… haha. i would have guessed that he would have had an audi or a bmw. :]
i’m with you all the way… i’ve planned to get a mini cooper. nice for the money. he he. i still have to wait for my driver’s liscense (couple more days hopefully). :]

Comment by sujulover92

whoaaaa shiwon’s car made me O=
lol and heechul’s too~ oh and kangin’s(the lexus one? can[t remember… but my comp’s too laggy atm for me to scroll up)

siwon’s so freakin rich! omg. x]

even if it’s a 2 seater… i’m sure they can think of a way to fit shihanchul there~ ;P

Comment by katrina

BAHAHHAHAHA OMG i was laughing my ass off when i saw kibummie’s car. xD
SO CUTE! XDD its a little cute toycar. xD

everyone in suju: … you dont need cars… you have tour buses.. in the meantime; lemme borrow your car. ;D

Comment by kyuuwhi

omg drools ^o^….. lol thanks for sharin

Comment by suju4ever

omggg…their cars are so lovely! i’m envious of them, they all drive such nice cars while i drive a van that my family has owned for 15 years.

congrats on getting your license! share the bitter cola please 🙂

Comment by mui_gei_tal

omg! thanks for the pics of the cars.. i’ve been wondering about the appearances of their cars for a long time now.. their cars are all great esp. the cars of heenim, teukie and kangin.. they are all elegant cars… i really like the color of eunhyuk’s car… they can definitely choose good cars!!! good for them… kibum is so thrifty, indeed! lol…
btw, congrats on getting a license…

Comment by crystal

wow! they also got a very hot wheels!

Comment by ana

siwon’s car is so so so luxurious~
it would be so cool to travel on that car with siwon by my side. XD *pops my mind bubble*

Comment by iheartmeowing

@ sujulover92:
Wow you’re so young and you can get your driver’s license already? I need to be 18 where I’m at. Lol, a mini cooper’s expensive! All those $$$$$! Haha. My dream car’s a Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet though. But it’s far from what my wallet can afford. 😦

@ katrina:
So I guess the rumours about his parents owning the 2nd largest dept store (?) in Korea are true? He can afford such an luxurious car! My jaw totally dropped when I saw how much it costs. Lol. That’s why! I think Heechul’s is a 2 seater too but they managed to fit in Hanchulbum so I guess Hanchulwon/Eunshihae can fit in too! 😉 LOL.

@ kyuuwhi:
Kibum’s car is too adorable! DITTO with your statement. Haha, I wanna drive Heenim’s Peugeot XD

@ suju4ever:
They’ve got really $$$$$ taste. LOL! -nosebleeds-

@ mui_gei_tal:
Wow! 15 years is really long! We could start saving up for our dream car! Heh *__*

Thank you sooo much ♥! -passes bitter cola over-

@ crystal:
Lol, you’re welcome! I saw this by chance the other day so I thought of posting it up 🙂 Heenim’s car is love! I think Kangin’s and Teukie’s cars are pretty similar (in appearance). Haha great minds think alike eh?

Thank you sooo much too! ♥

@ ana:
Many sets of hot wheels = hyperventilating me! LOL.

@ iheartmeowing:
YESSSSS *____*
Hahaha! It’d be cool I’m sure.
I shall just let my own bubble wander… and drift off…

…into my dreams 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

to me, siwon always looks like those rich suave kids, i kinda excited hering your rumour, since its my frst time knowing abt this ^^
so which dpt store you’re saying?
i always have a feeling those korean celebs loves audi too much, its like in every group theres always somone who have audi,
so the rumour on TIME magazine’s coverage that sm only pay 1 cent per album per person isnt true?

kibummie’s looks like what i would buy (well maybe in other cute color ^^), i like petite economical car, safe for the enviromnent too since it wouldnt eat up lotsa gas (unlike bmw)

Comment by ultranguik

Hey why did you blur out the plate numbers XDD
It’s addition to my stalking infos..
Lol anyway you could always just send me the original pics when we chat HAAHA 😛

“Die Smile” LOL I also used to call him that !
As expected, when there’s SiWon there’s luxury and expensiveness *0*

I wanna ride them all.. and the boys as the driver.. though i may not be able to survive the 1st car ride with *whoever sj member* to go ride with the next sj member. .

Comment by 사유13

Im in love with Kangin and Leeteuks car. *jealous*
BTW, congratz for passing your test. I failed mine. I just like to kill those two girls for making me fail the test. grrrr.

Comment by Sara

ohmy, they have TASTE 8D
thanks for sharing~~

Comment by caroline

@ ultraguik:
Well, I guess his parents bought it for him? His parents have high statuses in the society (or so I heard) so they probably got him that gorgeous car ^^ Erm, I just read somewhere else that it’s Korea’s 2nd largest supermarket, not dept store! Lol. SM was reported on TIME MAG before!? WOWOWOW! 0___0 I didn’t know that! But an Audi’s really prestigious so, it’s not surprising to me as well! Kibummie’s car is love! <333 It’s so adorable! Yes, saving the Earth is good, I’d get one too! Maybe in… sunshine yellow! 🙂 HAHA They’ve got all neutral colours, I was expecting Heenim to be daring to get a red car or something! LMAO.

@ 사유13:
HAHA So it won’t invite stalker-ish fans! Are you one of them!? LOL XD Just kidding! Or do you want to buy lottery with those numbers!? XD HAHAHA YESSSSSSS Siwon’s car… is far from what I can ever afford! T___T I bet they drive pretty well (I’m assuming Teukie improved a lot since KSDS days XD)! Do you wanna sit in MY CAR instead?! HAAHAHA. I think you’d be pretty daring to do so! 😉

@ Sara:
Their sedans are tooo pretty for my eyes *___* Thank You! ♥ HWAITING YEAH! I’m sure you’ll pass the next time round!!! Lol, I failed the 1st time because of some person who blocked my path and hence I drove into the wrong lane and caused obstruction to others T___T YOU CAN DO IT!!! 🙂

@ caroline:
REALLY GOOD, I MUST ADMIT. 🙂 You’re welcome! ♥

Comment by ilovejr

I read this pretty late but here goes.. i’m just gonna start my driving lessons on wednesday so i actually got interested in cars because of that but anyways… i’m so jealous of heenim’s car! that’s my dream car! (only i imagined it in pastel yellow!) we used to have a car just like shindong’s in red!!! hwaaa! we really shouldn’t have sold it… i liked that car… anyways… if i actually end up with some cash, i’d love to buy a car like kibum! he’s so cute being so thrifty! and it’s cool that heenim came to pick him up! so cute~

Comment by hana

Holy crap! Siwon’s car is hot just like it’s owner!xD
They all have nice cars! I wonder if the rest have cars too?

Comment by Euphie


Comment by nina

sorry.. wait not done yet!

they all got an awesome car! damn! two more years till i get my 2008 Le Mansory Bentley Continental GT and now i’m changing my mind i want an AUDI. though right now i’m stuck crusin on my Scion TC. and siwon and i has same taste in color. lol! i wouldn’t mind trading cars with him maybe just for one day! lol! i got suicide doors and i got me some iron cross spinners!

sorry.. i’m like tottaly crazy for cars!! ^_____^
i still love siwon’s cars!!

Comment by nina

i like their taste…their totally cool…love them….

Comment by yuko

I just found your website today and so impressed with your work and informations. Thank you for sharing all the infos of the boys to us. esp; KangIn.

Comment by Peach

Tahnks for posting

Comment by AnymnMevamatt

chulahh~when i go to me to tour Seoul with your car & then just go to your hometown and meet omma & appa. XD

their car is so gaegood.their car is the cars that i can’t afford TT___TT especially Siwon.aish!

Comment by raybit

so expensive…..siwon’s car!! love it!

Comment by Roslaine

may i know ur real date of birth?
u are the year of 1986 o 1987?
if u 1986 then i can call u oppa but if u in 1987 i don’t know what to call u
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then u know mentos?
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is dangerous
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Comment by Cyrustin87

everyone have own car
where have to park???
then, have suju use van when going somewhere???
where is donghae car?
who’s the rabbit n who’s the tortoise?
anyway who’s the winner have to take care

Comment by Cyrustin87

kibum’s car is so adorable!! wish I was beside him when he drive..hhehhe..
siwon n kangin’s car was so WOOOOW
thx a lot for sharing’s made my day..

Comment by sujuaddict91

wawww!!!siwon and kangin car! wawww!!
awawaw. siwonnnn~~
the other member cars?!!
are theyy??

Comment by ivylovesuju

I’ll be sitting next so siwon! 😀 😀

Comment by Kim Yu

leeteuk’s car is not showing. 😦 i love siwon’s. ❤ 😀

Comment by lagsiie. [;

OMG i like kangin car more hehex… ^^

Comment by peiwen3344

eunhyuk’s car is SWEEEEET~!

Comment by far

i like si won’s car…

Comment by Ghelicious

i like heechul car so much!

Comment by diechulie

audi is many people’s dream car? it depends on the model though.

Comment by mizzt

saw this afew months ago but i kinda forgot what cars they have, so i pop by again. lol. can you have more of these random posts? what cars they have, what phones they using, yada yada? heehee. feed our suju obsession. oh yes, what about yesung, sungmin, donghae and ryeowook? their cars? or bikes?

Comment by sirae

@ sirae:
Hi~ If I have more of these kind of random stuff I’d post it.. But I don’t see any more atm D:

Comment by ilovejr

siwonnnnnnnnnn ^^ you are so adorable

Comment by siwon lover

OMG, Siwon is so ridiculous! O_O

Comment by Smile

Know we all know what car to stalk 😀

Comment by Sophie

My Teukie Car is BMW same With my Father car. My Mother car is AudiTT Like Siwon’s car. Wow what a cuincidence….. Super Junior only13 forever!!!!!

Comment by Stepheni Hani C.D

hmm…you took these pictures yourself?

Comment by MonkiieLover

Nice idea! I was thinking about writing something along these same lines. Will have to bookmark this for future reference.

Comment by Silicon

This is such a good post. Thanks for the information. I never know eunhyuk, siwon, shindong and kibum have car. Maybe because I din see them driving in those variety show. I like the way kangin drive car, very man. LOL.

Comment by June

I wanted to ride the car with leeteuk n siwon oppa…

Comment by andina_lovesuju

eunhyuk and donghae have white audi a5

Comment by wow

@ wow:
Hehe, this was their cars some time back, I don’t have an updated post of it.. lol!

Comment by ilovejr

siwon – nice nice, i love all cabriolets, but the tt always stnds out!

Comment by cabriolet cars

Wow! Talk about a nice collection of cars

Comment by cabriolet cars

siwonnie’s is very AWESOME!!! even kanginnie too..

I LOVE SIWON’S CAR!! (dream car of mine! ilove lexus too)

siwon’s car makes me OMG :O

Comment by mariele loves kangin so much

Oh my GOd siwo`s caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar is fantastic Realy =OOOO

Comment by godysiwon

siwon got a new car now he now has audi r8 spyder and its much more expensive as excepted of my husband siwonniee~~~

Comment by lulu

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