Donghae’s Cyworld Photo Entries 2010.04.11 2/2
April 11, 2010, 6:13 pm
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Donghae’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2010.04.11 03:44
In the ‘-SUPER JUNIOR-‘ folder..

– 우 리 는 슈 퍼 주 니 ~ ~ 어 에 요 / We are Super Juni~~or –

이동해 2010.04.11 03:44

We are Super ~~~~~ Junior!!^^

Really want to thank all the many staffs!!^^

The past few months when we moved around together, you made us the best alongside flowing beads of sweat!!

We aren’t able to do it if it’s just us, in the cities and where we stayed, we weren’t able to work without you!!^^

In places where we couldn’t see, you made us become like shining jewels , (hence) we were able to shine more!!

The 100 staffs, who gave us care and love during Super Show 2 jjang jjang jjang (best)! Indeed!! ^^

As like our Leader Teukie’s words, Not End but And, let’s start once again!!^^

Because we are still hungry and unable to rest!!Please give us a lot of help!!^^

We will run more!!^^

Please help (us) fly high into the sky!!^^

And every performance venue we went, because of God’s blessing we were able to shine more at performances, thank you, God!^^

Because God who is always above our heads, and please help us so that we will be victorious!!^^

Members, all the staff, fans, and (because) no one who got injured, Super Show 2 ended well!!

From now on, (we) will~~~~~greet you with unchanged (but) new looks!!^^

Likewise*, our staff too!!We are Super Juni~~or! Finish with~a~pose


N.B *I think it’s a spelling error, he wrote 욕시 (yokshi) not 역시 (yeokshi), which has a similar pronunciation.

Source; 이동해 미니홈피
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Lol at Ryeowook!

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Kibum, Hangeng & Kangin weren’t at the recent SuperShow II!! 😥


suju dont fall apart..pleeassseeeeeee ❤
Suju Family = 15. AAF!! ❤

Comment by Becka

SS3 please come faster!!

Comment by shu wei

My english is not good.I’m not sure about the use of grammatical structures.I only want to confide in someone. I was not a lucky person in life. But I have a wonderful family. My parents, sisters,young brother love me so much.The family is my everything. My brother died. My parents were very sad. I do not want them to worry about me. I am still a student. I am not at home to help them.Sad…I just want to cry. I’m really sad. Maybe I’ve made my mother sad. My mother is misunderstanding me.She thinks I did not believe her. I’d told her not to do so. But I was not a person who can good speak. What do I do now?

Comment by Trang Pham

Wow, he already blogged about it ^_^
Congrats to super junior! and we are all hoping for Super Show 3!!

Comment by Nico

Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

Comment by Debt Relief

Suju came to Vietnam on 27/3. I was really happy. I don’t know Korean language so I can only enter in this website.But my English is not good,too.hic. You thanked everyone who had stood side by side with you during Super Show 2.I proud of you. I love you, my friend,my oppa. I wish Super show 3 would be performed in Vietnam. Pray for you and Su Ju. Annyeong!

Comment by jaeremy

foeever super junior
keep going

Comment by pixie


Comment by annejoong

donghae’s english getting much2 better!! Love suju always!! Please stick together ok.. (^_~)

Comment by hunny

im will always behind u n suju!!

Comment by jieun

take care, DongHae!
1 11163 4021! ^_____^

Comment by Hyuk Jae's coffee

annyeong haseyo

Comment by leah rodriguez

hello donghae

Comment by trixie baleros

suju oppa u.

Comment by applesuju

i like super junior specialy kim heechul he was super good person that some getting wrong the way her expression on tv butt for me he was the only one in my heart he give me some good feeling that not happen in my wholelife

Comment by mary

hi.. i’m from ELFes Favourite.
i would like to invite you to do a discussion about how to improve our sites to be the best Super Junior’s fansite. All admins and moderators of your site are invited.

The First Meeting:
date~18 May 2010
time~8 pm ( korean time )

we will do our discussion at our FORUM site on the chatroll but you MUST register first.

please do attend because we need to share all the info and tips to make our sites better and work hard together to support Super Junior.

If you LOVE Super Junior, MAKE SURE you ATTEND..

i’ll appreciate your attendance. and also all admins and moderators.

p/s ~ please publish this news to all Super Junior fan sites that you know in order to gather world wide Super Junior’s Fansite Admins and Moderators.

have a nice day..

please send me mail if you can't attend

Comment by ღLuRVeHeeChulღ

I am not that avid fan of you guys but I should say “Congratulations! to Super Junior!” you guys not just hit the top but you crashed like the thunder storm in the world of entertainment. And also because of humorous & happiness side of yours make ladies can’t take thier eyes off you. The music that you introduced to us was really having it’s something special rythm, melody, that sooths for different taste buds. keep it up. Always dont forget to thank those people who give you Love…. More Power 🙂

Comment by Ry'Ane

awww.. i love suju so much.
kyuhyun ssi,..(fishy) donghae,sungmin, wookie.. my favs.. ❤ suju fighting.. 😀

Comment by kyU_nana

Welcome back (for the moment)~ ^^ Thanks for sharing this!
lol@ Yesung’s hat in the photo. Super Junior hwaiting~

Comment by Aste/Sen

sigue adelante ya que eres super y ten en cuenta que dios esta con ustedes………….no olviden que ustedes son super junior…………………

Comment by adriana

Comment by ann

dong hae handsome but I LOVE KYU

Comment by lovekyu4ever

donghae and sungmin i like your style

Comment by Reny Purindras Warii

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