(Eng Subs) SJ-M’s Super Girl MV!
September 15, 2009, 11:19 am
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Subbed and translated by me, please take out with credits.

Do I need to say anything more?

I am absolutely in love with the QMi bridge andddddddddddddd magnae Henry has improved so muchhhhhhh love it when he’s in front dancing ;D

[Eng Subs] Ariel Lin Fireflies (螢火蟲) MV feat. Donghae and Siwon
July 3, 2009, 5:05 pm
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Subbed this in HQ!! Dialogue is now understandable HOORAY. ;D

click to go to utube and see it in better quality!
Please don’t mind my awkward timing 😦 Haven’t done subbing in a long time ;_;

OH WELLS. Yay for Hae 😉 but I feel kinda sad for Siwon 😥 His ending dialogue was so sad.. But really meaningful.

[Eng Subs] SJ @ Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards 2009.06.27 – Red Carpet
June 28, 2009, 4:40 pm
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[edit] With MU and MF download available! [/edit]
Some pictures from the red carpet, awards presentation and performance!

Plus, I subbed the red carpet part.. It’s in HQ, but I won’t upload it onto utube since there have been copyright issues about last night’s GMA. -_-

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We Got Married – Kangin & Yunji Cut Ep 41 (Eng Subs)
January 28, 2009, 11:00 pm
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I finally managed to sub this.. After a long hiatus.. And mourning after my crashed HDD which contained all my previously subbed files. I had some time over the past holiday to sub this, not sure when I can do it again cos I’ll be moving to another country in a few weeks time and I might not get internet so soon.. T.T

So when that time comes, I won’t be updating this place daily but I’ll try to check back as much as I can.. cos I can’t live without the boys, they’re my oxgen!! Lol. I fail at life xD

Anyhow, enjoy this in the meantime!

We Got Married – Kangin & Yunji Cut Ep 41 (Eng Subs)

Note: Please click on the links and go to YT to watch it in the 16:9 aspect!~

Part 1

LOL at their married life.. Kangin’s being a little naughty at the end of Part 3, and it’s so funny about what happens then! xD

ETN En.U Super Show in Shanghai News Report (Eng Subs)
December 15, 2008, 9:39 pm
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Okay, I finally got some determination to sub this even though it’s just 6 mins long xD

Click on the video to go to youtube to watch in HQ!

The HenMiChul part made my heart go soft xD

Boys in City Season 2: Tokyo Promo Vid with English Subs
December 3, 2008, 3:52 am
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Now with subs~

Did this in closed captions and realized it was so much more troublesome. But I was too lazy to convert the video to hardsub it anyway XD

Ahhh~ It has been long since we saw 13.. T.T

yt has changed some settings again.. It seems like the &fmt=18 trick works now.. Hmmm.. Go to the website to watch in HQ~ So the font won’t look so squashed, lol.

Mod Post: Youtube Updates
October 12, 2008, 2:43 pm
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I actually made another youtube account not too long after my previous one died..

So here it is! ^^

I have re-upped some old videos.. All with English Subs..

  • SJ-M on Bravely Going Forward (Outdoor)
  • To Be Kangin & Heechul Episode 1
  • To Be Kangin & Heechul Xanadu News
  • Mnet Wide News – SJ Conquering Asia

Will probably re-up some more as time goes by! Hopefully I’ll have time to sub more videos too. 😀