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July 26, 2010, 2:10 am
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The final goodbye stage of No Other was aired today, and sad to say we’ll all definitely miss this song.. and who knows if it might be their last performance together? ;_; of course, I’m not wanting that to happen but then again, this thought has never failed to cross my mind.

Anyway, hope everyone has been doing good, I’m finally enjoying myself during this short holidays but I don’t think I’ll return to translating anytime soon.. However, I’ll be heading to Seoul soon so please do keep your eyes peeled for occasional updates I might have regarding the boys! 😀

Until then!

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love super junior!!!..Fighting!!!..Saranghaeyo..

Comment by noonamiina

i always love super junior!!!..hehe..

Comment by noonamiina

thanks..for leavingt his msg for ur fan.u all concern bout u’r fans…we love all of suju members…please take care of each others (suju members)and stay still be happy.u’r fans always be there with u…may God bless u all.

Comment by betsy tyara


Comment by nisa

i like kyu hyun,thats why i like super junior and i also love their songs…:]

I REALLY LIKE CHO-KYU HYUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):) 🙂 :)……………………

Comment by chey

hhey,,,,,,, i love kyuhyun of super junior…….:):):0:]

Comment by TON TON

i’ll always love superjuni0r..

Comment by jessielou

Have fun in Seoul! ^____^
Do say hi to Super Junior for me if you get the chance, hohoho.

Comment by Aste/Sen

suju….!! saranghaeyo!!

Comment by kanna

I don’t get it… sorry my stupid question but why “who knows if it might be their last performance together?”? what is happening?

Comment by Naluh

hai,super junior

Comment by syamimi

I Love Super Junior more than everyone think they are the best !

Comment by superlienoor

i love you suju:)&i really like choi si won you are the handsome guys

Comment by Hani

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