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January 13, 2010, 1:00 pm
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[edit] 18 Jan 2010: Submitted answers will not be approved till Tuesday’s NEW deadline so your ideas won’t get copied/duplicated!! 🙂 There’s still time to join! [/edit]

To thank everyone for their support all this while.. I’m holding a contest to give away 1 Super Show 2 CD Poster as advertised on yesasia (it is worth USD10.99 -.- there).

This is how it looks like (only the poster, not the CD), it’s a little folded cos my friend rolled it up in his luggage and it got squashed ): but anyway I will fold it up for the winner as well.. so there’ll be creases nonetheless.

The original pic:

The one I have:

Click to enlarge!

SO THE WINNER HAS BEEN DECIDED!! (You will be contacted shortly for your details)


I had a really tough time deciding, and I asked a few friends and they felt Nanou’s post was interesting and heart-warming too.. So congrats!! 😉

Also, there are some special mentions I’d like to make: Ichigo, Qiuyin Ren and onepinkstar, your entries were awesome too! Especially Ichigo’s!! 🙂 I like it a lot! I wish I had more posters to give away but thank you so much for all your effort!

And if anyone is kind enough.. Do you have a Kyochon calendar?? Lol xDD Just kidding, my friend tried to find it for me but it’s all out of stock.

So I’ll be holding a contest to give away this poster.. Please answer the following question as best as you can in less than 500 words.

Who is your favourite Super Junior member and if you could spend 24 hours with him, what would you do/where (anywhere in the world with no budget) would you go to make him happy?

It doesn’t matter if your English isn’t good, what matters is how creative you are with your fave member (can be related to the things they like e.g Bring Ming to the Yarra Valley cos he likes wine)! Please do not ask any questions in the comments so that I can keep it tidy, if you have any enquiries you can email me: superduperlove13[at] and I will try to reply as soon as possible!

Please leave your email with your answer as a comment (your email won’t be shown to the public) so that I can contact you if you’re the winner!

Winner will be the one we (my friends and I, I will ask a few people for their opinions, it will not be biased, I promise) I feel has the most creative answer (doesn’t matter which part of the world you’re at)!! Thank you all.

Starts: 13 January 2010 13:00 KST
(Because I believe in the power of 13 ^^)
Ends: 19 January 2010 23:59 KST

Winner will be announced by the week ending 22 January 2010.

Please do participate actively! Thank you~ ♥

Some Q&A..

Q: Can I use more than 1 fave member if I have a few cos it’s very hard to choose just 1 person?

A: Yes you may, but please don’t use all 13 cos it will be a little too complicated.. xD Using a few would be fine.

Q: Do I need to have a wordpress account to take part?

A: No you do not need to have one, just click “Leave a comment” and fill in your particulars, ESPECIALLY YOUR EMAIL so if you win I will be able to contact you. Thank you!

Q: How do I leave my answer? Do I email it to you?

A: Leave your answer by clicking “Leave a comment” at the comment post below and fill in your email details so I can contact you if you win! It’s as simple as that!

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this is pretty interesting…i’ll try to post..nyahahha…don’t have posters of suju yet…i’m eager to have it..nyahahhaha

Comment by sujuforever

i think u should.. try one and u will addicted haha…

Comment by SamHyun

Hi…. I’ll try to answer as best I can…. ^^

My favorite member of Super Junior is Siwon oppa.
If I have a chance to spent 24 hours with him, I’ll take her to the Garden of Gethsemane. The reason is the Garden of Gethsemane is where Jesus prayed one last time before He was crucified. And as Christians would want to feel the place where the Lord had prayed.
Of course I would take him to pray together. And felt the blessing of the place.
Sorry if my answer a bit strange. Thank you for having conducted an interesting quiz.

Good luck always … ^ ^

Comment by Ichigo

This seems fun. Can I join? 🙂

My favorite Super Junior Member is Kim Heechul.
I think it’ll be fun to spend time with him in Japan.
We’ll stroll the streets Akibahara, maybe drop by on some maid(or even butler??) cafe for breakfast then go crazy shopping on H. Naoto and BTSSB (to feed his inner jrock and lolita).
For lunch, we’ll have traditional Sushi and it better be on one of those rotating sushi belts. In the afternoon, we’ll go to Meiji Park and oogle at some of the most awesome cosplayers in the planet. We’ll also go to Zepp Tokyo or maybe the CC.Lemon hall just to see some live jrock bands. We’ll alos stop by Shibuya (again for Jrock) then will proceed to Shinjuku in the evening. I need to hold on to him though because I might get lost and well, some guys might mistake him for a girl. >.> At the end of our date, I want the both of us to be in the Tokyo tower…wondering how the world we’re able to tour all those places in one day. XD

…well…it’s either that or board a space shuttle to go exploring the Planet Koko.

Comment by mimi

Well, I would like to take Eunhyuk to Afghanistan, since i personally want to see where my family comes from, but i’d need someone to make me laugh even in the poverty. Helping mere strangers can really warm someones heart. But to make him happy, I would take him to Indonesia to see the wonderful palaces, and take him around to many different food markets. JUST TO GET SOME MEAT 0N HIM!!! hahaha but that’s which Super Junior member i’d take and how I’d make him happy.

Comment by Sahar

OOh this will be hard.

Who is your favourite Super Junior member and if you could spend 24 hours with him, what would you do/where (anywhere in the world with no budget) would you go to make him happy?

I would kidnap Hankyung and take him to his parents in China, since he needs a rest and probably misses his parents. I would also take Heechul too, since they’re stuck together like glue. Then, since Hankyung likes cooking, I would ask him to cook Beijing fried rice for Heechul and me. Then, have a Starcraft tournament at least 12 uninterrupted hours long. [With Kibum and Kyuhyun]. And then maybe, I would pay JYP to get Sohee to come and hang out with us, ie Heechul.

Comment by Tee

well if i could spend 24 hours with my favourite suju member it would be with :eunhyuk and we would go to london 🙂
i know eunhyuk is really into fashion and he recently went paris! and in london there are alot of big fashion designers! 😀

if i could spend another 24 hours with another suju member it would be with donghae 🙂
E.L.F usually call donghae fishy 😀
so i would like to take him to go fishing 🙂

Comment by iMOMOhungry!

I’d take Donghae over to Puerto Rico and take him to Old San Juan first. It’s got history and it’s got the most beautiful view of the sea. Then I’d take him over to Fajardo, which is on the far east of PR, and take him to the beach where we can have plain old fun in the sun and stargaze out in the yard of my grandparent’s beach house, eating ice cream and talking the night away.

Comment by arialockheart

where is it! where is the place to enter??? i cant find it!!!

Comment by Ira

Hi just leave a comment just like you did with this comment in the box here! thanks!

Comment by ilovejr

I love kim hee chul!

Comment by kiki

Real full name : Nur Athirah Hamzah
(just call me ira)
Age : 14!
Live in: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur!
My Email:

I always search for a boy that is my kind of type. Thanks to my sister I found him, Donghae! He is the type I’ve been looking for! The naughty bad boy hot type! good at sing and dance! The things I want to spend with him 24 hours or maybe longer than that is what I written below!Ii hope you enjoy and i want that poster! I want to go on a date picnic with him. I bring a bento that is full of his and my favourite sushi! i want him too feel happy and always smile for me. i want him to say my cooking is delicious! the bestest he ever taste! I want the date at the park! We both can play swings, catch or hide and seek! if we sitting on a bench, I want him to hold my hand or hug me tightly! saying “saranghae” will melt my heart away. I want Donghae to sing to me in front of everyone like Donghae wants the people to know that “this is my girl!”. If we at my house,Ii want to show him that I collect his pictures! hundreds of them! I want to tell him that on my head is him every single day! I want Donghae to kiss my forehead. I want me and him make our own garden and grow lots and lots of flowers! we can play with the water when watering the flowers! If its suddenly rain, I want him like “can we have this dance in the rain”. If he is sick, I will stay by his side and kiss his forehead! if its valentine’s day, I want to make biscuits for him! many kinds of different shapes such as Super Junior, Donghae saranghae, HeeYeMinEunHae n etc. if its his birthday, I want to bake a cake for him! follow by his favourites! if we at a ball, I want to dance with him like a cinderella! even the clock already strikes 12! I will never stop dancing with him. he smile at me and I smile at him. I want he to say to me “you are beautiful!”. I want to sing for him by that night at the ball “My Everything”, and he sings for me “Beautiful”. if I was injurned, I want him to ask me “are you alright, are you hurt….” I want him to lift me up to put me on a chair and again asking the same question, “are you alright, are you hurt….” so many thing more I wanted to do with him but I just cant think anymore! This is the last thing I really really want! I want him to propose at me in front of everyone.. singing his part in “Marry You” while propose and show me the ring and of course I will say “I do”. He will put the ring in my finger and we both says “I love you” at the same time and we kiss.

Comment by Ira

I would take Donghae oppa to the seaside on Father’s Day. A pebbly seaside, on the East Sea with no people. I would like to spend a day there to honor his father and pray to him in heaven. I would set up a table with some pictures of oppa and his dad, and some of SJ winning awards, live performances, some of oppa and SJ in the waiting room, etc. I want to show oppa that he was able to live out his dream, and his father’s. I would want to lounge around, make it a peaceful vacation. Then, I would want to have a SJ show that night so oppa can show his father how far he’s come and really to thank him for everything he’s done for oppa. I think oppa really needs something like this for him to feel closer to his dad because he always brings him up and cries too. I want to show him that he should be happy when he thinks of his dad because he’s been able to fulfill his dad’s dream, and his too.
It’s not very good, but this is really what I would want to give to Donghae oppa. ❤ I also don't know how long it is… Hope this is OK! =)

Comment by Qiuyin Ren (任秋音)

sent you guys an email! 🙂

Comment by Anonymous

Actually i love all of SJ members and all of them my favourite but i will listed the TOP 3 only… XD

1) Kyuhyun – will spend my 24hours with him at a beautiful island and just be ourselves… having a great time and enjoy our lives in our own way… just like other youth do…

2) Eunhyuk – will spend my 24 hours with him maybe at a beach and having BBQ and counting the stars at night…

3) Eetuk – will spend my time with him celebrating our birthday together because our birthday in the same month… the place just somewhere that have beautiful scene and will make us happy…… maybe at a theme park…

p/s : i really love beaches… 🙂

Comment by DieyanaO

If I were to spend time with Leeteuk I would go everywhere. We would go eat breakfast at my house. Then we would go to the park and meet Donghae. When we meet Donghae, Sungmin would also be there. So then all together we would go and play at the amusement park. We would eat ice cream that Donghae and Leeteuk commercial for. Then we all went on the Viking! It was so scary that Leeteuk let me hold onto him. We went on the Ferris wheel, the roller coasters, even on the merry- go-round. It was so fun but then we all got hungry. So we went to eat lunch at Super Junior’s dorms. There was no one home at the dorms so Sungmin cooked food for all of us to eat. After we were done eating sadly Donghae and Sungmin had to leave to go to a schedule. So it was only me and Leeteuk left. Leeteuk and I decide to go shopping. We looked at all the different styles of clothing. We even tried on different kind of clothing. He bought me some clothes and I bought him some clothes too. After awhile we got hungry and went to an expensive restaurant. When we got there he told me that he liked me I also told him I liked him. We ended the day, and started to hang out more often.

Comment by Delite

If I could spend 24 hours with Eunhyuk, I would take him to my favourite ice-cream shop to have some delicious cold desserts. He could have his ultimate favourite drink there too – strawberry milkshake. Then, maybe we would hang out at the beach. We could ride Speedos, go surfing or just stroll along on the sand.

If I could spend 24 hours with Sungmin, we could spend the whole day in the kitchen making all kinds of dishes (since he loves to cook). Maybe, the both of us could exchange recipes. Having fun in the kitchen is good fun ‘cause you can mess up the place..haha…(random much?)

If I could spend 24 hours with Leeteuk, we could spend the day at the theme park in Sunway. The theme park is really huge and I honestly think one whole day won’t be enough to play through..haha..Maybe we could go ice-skating in the Sunway Pyramid Mall too…

Comment by umekomichelle

Still don’t get it, so i write it in this comment column?

Comment by Ida

Yes reply your answer just as you have written this comment. thanks!

Comment by ilovejr

My fave suju guy is Kyuhyun and I know that like me, he loves watching dramas/movies too. So if I could spend 24 hours with that amazing guy, I think I would like to do some acting with Kyu^^ (be a Hallyu star for a day! nah! haha ;p) yup, we would act out our fave scenes from our fave dramas or movies, be it a modern or a period type one like Jumong! We would be the lead actor and actress of course^^ Perhaps we would just pick our top 3 since we only got a day for that. And Jumong should be one of them! I’m gonna be Seosono and he’s my KyuMong <3. Yes, it would be tiring since we would be at 3 different locations, plus the costumes and all, setting up the video camera on that tripod making sure we would be seen in the frame, etc…and all these just by two of us! But it’s all OK because at the end of the day, after the filming activity, we would chill out perhaps by the Han River, and watch our craziness caught on cam^^ and then all the exhaustion of that day would surely fade away^^ For sure we would laugh out so hard ‘til we couldn’t take watching our dorkiness anymore! Haha! XD That’s it…it’s really simple and I guess common, and may not look so special to others but for me, it’s one of the many things I would want to do with Kyu^^

Comment by enahh

My favorite Sj member is Kim Hee Chul.. and if i could spend 24 hours with him with no budget i wound go visit the han river with him. I myself is a simple person it’s not hard for me to be happy. I know heechul isn’t that fancy either. The Han river has a good view and it would be nice if we could have a bike ride in there and have just a little picnic, and maybe after that we could go to a local computer shop and play a little war craft and play with heebum. My answer is very simple not really something big. I personally think SJ oppa’s sometimes needs a break in they’re busy life.. they sometimes don’t get to live like a normal person. I want them to feel that sometimes they are just a normal person and not a celebrity.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Comment by Lara

My favorite Member is Sungmin. If I could spent 24 hours with him, I would bring him to Philippines so he can see what the Philippines look like. I probably would make him happy!!

Comment by Celine Baltazar

hi where do I post my answer to this? thanks! 🙂

Comment by kimatari

Hi just leave your answer here like how you did with this comment. ^^

Comment by ilovejr

I’ve been thinking about this ever since this contest was posted, so finally here it is:

If I could spend one whole day with ShinDong, first I would take him to the AdLib restaurant in Lisbon for brunch (AdLib is a fancy restaurant that has pastries that always look impossibly perfect and delicious T__T) to get energy for the day.
During the day I would take him all around the city~ we would go on a mini-cruise on the Tagus (river), go shopping downtown, take a ride on the zoo cable car (I hope he’s not afraid of heights >__>), get a temp tattoo, play at the interactive science museum and have fun doing random things.
Finally in the evening we would take the boat to my hometown and hang out at the local fiesta~ Go on rides that make you dizzy, listen to concerts, dance, eat samgyupsal, play bingo and arcade games~ I’m pretty sure my 24 hours would have ended then, but I’d still take him to his suite at the Tivoli hotel (I suppose he would want to rest), give him a fluffy pillow and wish him a nice flight back home 🙂

Comment by 뽕짝소녀

If I were to spend time with a super junior member it would be Leeteuk. It would also be the season of autumn. We both would see the leaves fall of the trees and see the leaves change colors. I would spin every time Leeteuk throws the leaves up in the air. After we have a walk we would wash clothing the old fashion way. We would fill the bucket with water but then Leeteuk sprays water at me and I do the same as well. When we were finish spraying each other with water we didn’t even care to go take a shower. So instead of going inside to get dry we would start on doing the clothes. We both step into the nice warm water and start to stepping on the clothes. When I was about to fall Leeteuk would catch me right away, I always felt safe in his arms. So after we finish washing the clothes we would find a place to hang the clothes. After we found a place to put the clothes we would go inside to the SuJu dorms. When we get in the dorms Leeteuk would first take a shower while I make some lunch. Then when he gets out he would eat the food that I made and I would go take a shower. When I get out of the shower and get changed we both would to the park. We would walk talk about normal things in life. While we are walking would hold my hands and wouldn’t care about what people say. Then we both see an ice cream truck and want some ice cream. So we both went to the ice cream truck and got some ice cream. After we ate the ice cream we went back to the SuJu dorms because it was getting dark outside. When we got to the dorms Leeteuk and I sat down and watched TV. About 20 minutes Leeteuk got hungry so I made him some food. After we finish eating the food we would go back and watch TV. While we are watching TV I slept in Leeteuk arms and he held onto me tightly. Both he and I were both happy, this is how I would spend my day with Leeteuk.

Comment by Heidi

so, we need to post our answer here? how about emailing it to you guys? cause my answer is cheesy. haha.

Comment by kloverdts

Hi there, it’ll be better if you leave it here so I can refer to every answer more easily. Don’t worry you don’t need to leave your real name, if you win I will contact you through email ^^

Comment by ilovejr

hahaa. okay 🙂 i’m not thinking of winning. that’s why i just wrote anything in my mind. will submit it asap! 😀

Comment by kloverdts

On behalf of Yan Ling:

00:00, I saw the man who often appear in my dreams standing right in front of me, the brilliant smile which I’d always hope it lit up for me.

01:00, we arrived in Pluto, the planet that now belongs to only me and him.

I sat down right next to him, I don’t have to scream or shout crazily like how I used to in the middle of the crowd with thousands of fans, hoping to attract his attention, hoping he would look my way, hoping he would see me. I don’t have to hold any posters, don’t have to keep jumping, afraid that he would leave my sight the instant I stopped jumping. I took out a whole basket full of gifts, gifts that were specially handmade since 6/11/2005, but had no chance to give him. I opened the gifts one by one, seeing his cheerful eyes lit up in surprise is the best return gift. I’d tell him when I made these gifts, and how I always hoped I could give it to him personally.

This is a handmade fragrance candle, with the words ‘I love you Ryeowook oppa’ done within the first week I fell in love with you.
This is a t-shirt printed with ‘Ryeowook oppa neorul saranghae <3' and a cartoon picture of him and me together in the corner of the shirt, done when they were having their Super Show to show my support though I couldn't attend.

06:00, I finished with the gifts and we're hungry by then. I handed him a bowl of ramen. It might just be ramen, but who cares, we're eating ramen in Pluto, that's enough. I snapped photos of us eating with the instant camera. I gave him some of the photos and kept some for myself. I hope he would keep these photos well too.

07:00 We finished eating and i told him to look at the nine moons and stars with me. The stars shine as brightly as him, the stars i could hardly even see in Singapore, like how i couldn't see him. There's no sun, no sun would be too glaring to blind me from the sight of him. I would use the remaining time to tell him how much I love him, for this love is not able to be expressed enough even with 24 hours. I'd give him 1001 reasons why I'd want to spend another 24 hours with him, tell him everything he'd want to hear, just like I'm his girlfriend.

I'd spend the 24 hours simply just by telling him these things, for too excessive romance would be too excessive for a shining star like him.

23:50, I'd hold his hands for the last time, whisper in his ears 'Please don't ever forget me' and gently kiss him on his cheeks and then send him off with those gifts and photos…

Comment by ilovejr

It’s already 00:00.. And I still walk around a park which is located not far from my house. The night air at the park is so chilly, yet comfortable.. While I’m enjoying it, I think I saw a strange angel crying on a bench in front of my eyes. When I sit beside the sad angel, his face lifted up to see who’s sitting beside him. As I thought, that angel-looking guy is Park Jungsoo! Even I couldn’t believe what I am seeing. How in the world he’s at Malaysia?! Now I remembered that they have a Super Show 2 concert. My beloved Angel Teuk is crying.. His tears flowed like rivers.. I really felt sorry and I really want to help him forget his bitter past.

After he told me what happened to him, I looked at my watch; it shows the time only 01:15. I really surprised that his girlfriend have the heart to leave him. Without wasting any time, I grabbed his arm and bring him to show him my experiment room at my house. There, using some modern devices, I made an underground country. The country is protected from the Earth’s inner heat by using a type of shield.

The country completed really fast. At 02:00, I bring him to the new-made country. We named the country as ‘Country of Happiness’. When we arrived there, everything are already prepared like facilities, water parks, etc. He was really surprised. I’ve wanted to show him this for a long time, since I know him, but how can I meet him personally and ask him to come here?! “Eeteuk oppa, this is a country which I made it especially for you. Nothing at this country can make you sad or upset. Please enjoy and forgot you sadness about the past”.

I talked to him until 12:00 saying that I really want to attend his 2nd Asia Tour Concert, but all tickets were already sold out. I also watched and loved him from afar and wish for the best to him. But after knowing about his girlfriend who left him, I felt so sad and angry to her!

After we done talking, we played at the water parks, games, theme parks and everything available! Without us knowing, it’s already 17:00.. Our stomachs are already singing; begging for food. There, we found a really strange but delicious-looking fruit. He picked some of it and inspecting it. “Do you want to try this bizarre fruit? “, Eeteuk oppa asked. “ I’ll eat if you eat it first.. Hehehe.. “. He showed a surprised look. “Yah, you mean you want to use me to see either this fruit is edible or not?!“ Then we both laughed and eat the fruits. The fruits’ size are like cherry.. But by eating that food, we are so full. Even Shindong we think he can’t eat more than 3!

We explore every part of the new-made country until 23:30. Feeling so tired, we both went up; to my experiment room (the entrance of the underground country is located at my experiment room). We felt so exhausted and tired, but happy. The moments we spent together can’t be said and described through words.

Before we parted, I hug him tightly and said “I hope that with all the time we spent together, you’ll forget your sorrow and find a really royal and kind girlfriend in the future. With this, I wish you’ll become our old Angel Teuk again and lead every member of Super Junior to be the greatest singer ever existed. Please open and fly with your shiny and broad wings for the world to see. Hope to see you again, Eeteuk oppa…” Before I could enter my house, he grabbed my arm and kissed my cheek. “I think I’ve found a great girlfriend. She’s the one I’m holding right now. Thanks for spending time with me for 24 hours.. It’s the greatest I’ve ever had!“ The moment he said that, the time showed that I have already spent 24 hours with him. Before he goes, he said that he’ll visit me often and bring along all the 12-members. I entered my house with a red face after what he had said..

-This is a total fiction. But I hope it really happen in my real-life.. XDD Lol –

P/S: I’m not quite good at English, so please forgive me for the bad English.. >.<;;

Comment by SarangHae13

Here’s my entry, i hope you’ll like it 🙂
Take care ^^

“If I had to spend a day with a Super Junior member, I would choose Heechul because he always finds ways to make everything funny and interesting so I’m sure we’d never get bored during the day.

He would scold me for being late at the meeting and would have been ready to leave without me. Even if he’s a guy who always says how much he doesn’t care about others, I’m sure that he’s always there for the people he truly cares about and support them with all his might so we’d spend the day like old friends who haven‘t seen each other in a while; we’d like to have fun and forget about reality. We’d go to an amusement park and start with a horror house because we both love them. As these houses are never really scary, we’ll sit inside it and talk about how we don’t especially want to grow up and how we want our dreams to come true. When people would walk near us, we would scream to scare the hell out of them until we’d be asked to go out.

Then we’d wander around the park, listening to music in our mobile phones and imitating the famous choreographies in the middle of the crowd without caring about people watching us. I’ll mock his way of always being so full of confidence, but still, I’d want to be as confident as him.

In the evening, there would be this fresh air that surrounds you when the night is out and that gives a particular smell to it. We would ride the big wheel and watch the beautiful scenery of the park with the shining lights all around. Heechul would say how much watching the moon and talking about his memories makes him nostalgic. We’d talk about things like how all his friends want to marry soon when he doesn’t even care about it. He’d say that he had never experienced real love so I’d joke and tell him that it’s because of his ‘poison tongue’. He would say that he wouldn’t change his character for anyone so that he’d probably end up alone. I’d tell him that he’s a unique person so therefore, he’ll always have his friends around him because even if he sometimes seems like a cold man, he never judges others when a lot of people judge his way of fooling around.

I would like this day to have an impact on him, even the slightest one, and make him want to be a little more happy and see life in a brighter way. Meetings are the most important things to me in life so no matter with who I would spend a day with, I would like this person to be touched by it.”

Comment by Nanou

how come my post was on my laptop but not on my desktop? I’m not sure if my post is on this website.

Comment by Delite

Hi, I’ve received your entry, thanks!

Comment by ilovejr

The morning would be spent on a picnic, immersing about the Filipino culture and exploring the facts of Korea and the Philippines’ friendship — of how the two countries are affiliated and are friends for 60 years. I’ll take him to museums and shops, let him meet his other fans (for having him only for myself would be selfish, and I would like to spread the love).

Lunch would also be all-Filipino, with nothing but the tastiest dishes we Pinoys make. After that will be a theme park, where we could enjoy and he can be himself — laugh and have fun, be scared and scream his lungs out.

After the dishes are over, we’ll rest for a bit and go to a Korean cafe, where I have rounded up my friends and his, plus other Koreans where he can play Starcraft and all the games he has missed (he is GameKyu after all!). I’ll make him feel what he I’m sure has also missed — to be normal, without the idol’s spotlight.

As nighttime comes, we’ll head for the beach, where we can stargaze while I massage his tired muscles. I’ll let him experience the silence, a thing which I’m sure he has none nowadays — away from the buzzing crowd, away from the screaming crowd.

As the day ends, I’ll ask him his thoughts, listen to his joys and sufferings, be someone to know and keep his emotions. I’d like for him to know that the day spent was for him and not for me – for the pleasure of seeing him and being with him is mine and that the day (I hope!) he has enjoyed is the best gift I as a fan, could receive.

Knowing that gifts and letters he has a-plenty and has seen all and for someone who has always performed from the heart, for his and Super Junior’s fans… tirelessly aiming to please the people he loves and his family… I’ll give the best, purest and most sincere present I could give.

I’ll sing a song I composed for him.

“For a gift from the heavens, to complement the first twelve…With a voice as smooth and silk and as soothing as a warm embrace — even as the world turns away from you, Kyu… I and the ELFs will be here to love you.”

The day would end with a tight hug and a meaningful gift — a necklace with a sapphire blue heart-shaped pendant which I hope he would wear — an offering to show my and the Pinoy ELF’s everlasting support, a vow to be there when the going gets tough, and a promise to be by their (Super Junior’s) side till the world ends.


Comment by onepinkstar

On the 13th day of spring, when the weather is best, I meet Kyuhyun-oppa at a train station in California, where I live. I walk over and give him a hug. No screaming fans are around, and bystanders are quite oblivious that a Korean star had just appeared in their midst.
I take Kyuhyun-oppa to a neighboring beach, where the sand is soft and waves are calm. We walk near the ocean’s edge. His smile is serene, and, seeing him like this, I can’t help but smile too. He notices me staring intently at him, and starts laughing. I quickly look away, embarrassed, while listening to the angelic jingle of his laughter.
Afterwards, we enter a coffee shop. As I’m drinking my coffee, some whipped cream sticks to my mouth. Kyuhyun-oppa laughs and takes a napkin to gently wipe it off. After, he says he wants to visit a music shop. “I was about to take you to an arcade. You ARE the Gaming Prince, aren’t you?” I asked slyly. “Yes,” he replied, “But it’s a special day today, and I’m willing to give up gaming for today.” I’m touched by his sincerity and take his hand, leading him to a music shop.
Inside, there was a gleaming white piano. Kyuhyun-oppa sits in front of it, and tells me to sit next to him. He begins playing the piano and singing. I close my eyes, listening to his heavenly voice. I was so entranced that I didn’t hear him stop playing, until he said quietly, “Did you like it?” I open my eyes and find his face inches from my own. “Of course!” I said, clapping. “It was wonderful!”
“The song is called ‘Raining Love.’ I composed it myself.”
“Which gives me all the more reason to love it.” I replied.
The day was coming to a close. We are now at the border of Canada. I sit next to him on a tree branch. I took him here because I wanted to share our last moments watching the spectacular Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. I had a gift for him, and handed him a fragile heart-shaped stone that had a purple hue and a transparent glow. He holds it up to the light and beautiful colors shine out. “Thank you,” he says. “I’ll treasure it forever.” The brilliant rays of the Aurora Borealis seemed to warm both our hearts, and I wanted to stay longer.
But at last, it was time for Kyuhyun-oppa to leave. When we arrived at the train station, he hands me a small bag. I give him one final embrace. “Saranghae yo, Kyuhyun-oppa,” I say softly. He gives me a small kiss on the forehead and winks. He boards the train, and flashes that forever-melting smile one last time. The train starts to move, and Kyuhyun-oppa is gone. I look in the bag he left me and find a large Hershey’s Kiss chocolate. The card with it said, “From my heart to yours –Cho Kyuhyun.”

(Author’s Note: MY GOD. I started out with 780 words and had to start chopping everything down xD! I only JUST made it, so it’s exactly 500 words. Haha ^-^”)

Comment by Aquamarine

my entry got deleted, i dunno why 😦

Comment by onepinkstar

Hey there shouldn’t be a problem but if you want you can email it to me : superduperlove13[at]!

Comment by ilovejr

Oh i received your entry, it didn’t get deleted, i only haven’t approved it yet. don’t worry!

Comment by ilovejr

If I could spend 24 hours with him, I’ll go everywhere he wants to go as a normal person not a celebrity. There’s no one would recognize him. I’m sure he has some places to go and with no budget, I don’t think we can go to any place that need us to pay. First, I’ll remind him to pray for his late father at his hometown (Mokpo FTW XD) because I know with a celebrity life, he prolly didn’t have any chance. I don’t think we’ll go outside Korea in just 24 hours so after that I’ll just bring him to Han River (cycling together but bicycles need to be rent so I’ll just do aegyo. I don’t care because I want Donghae to be happy), Ski-ing together, do a window shopping together in order to make him happy. I’ll steal some icecream from a booth an we’ll hold hands together while we’re walking around the nearest place. i don’t wanna take him to a faraway place because that’ll just kill most of the time. This is kinda boring but in 24 hours, both of us can make an amazing moment together in Korea. I’ll protect him no matter what and makesure that his identity is not exposed to the people around us.

Comment by kloverdts

If I could spend a day with Leeteuk I would first go to the Antarctic, wrapped up in layers of woolly jumper we would watch the fluffy white snow and the penguins run around. Maybe even have a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows (white of course).

I would next take him to Paris the city of love, somewhere warmer so he doesn’t get one of those colds again. We’d go to the top of the Eiffel tower and look down at the people below. The clouds would be so close; it would be as though he never clipped his wings.

I would the love to take him to Turkey; we could parasail through butterfly valley, the vast blue ocean reminding him of the ELF.

After that maybe we could go to Italy and enjoy some gelato ice-cream. We would look around at the museums and galleries, because I know he appreciates art. We could go to an opera house where the large echoing halls could maybe give him some inspiration

We could maybe go to New York. Take a ride in a taxi cab and have some fun shopping in all of the coolest malls. After all he is very stylish. If he seen something he liked I would buy it for him. Maybe a necklace with wings on. I’d ask him not to forget me.

Then to Tokyo, the flashing lights and technology exciting him. Leeteuk always does try to keep up with the latest trend. Maybe we could buy an indestructible laptop and be able to leave it in the same room as Donghae.

Then we would go to South Korea. I’d take him to see his parents. I know him must miss them a lot. No matter how old he is he’ll always be their little boy.

Then I would let him pick anywhere he would like to go. I know he would like a vacation. Maybe he might like to go to Hawaii or Florida. Somewhere warm and sunny, just like his bright dimpled smile.

by Katie ^^ (i hope i’m doing this right)

Comment by plastikxteukie

HI. 🙂

Comment by readysetdrool

hi. already sent mine. 🙂 hope you are going to consider it. 🙂 <333

Comment by readysetdrool

Hi, I’ve received it, thanks for your entry!

Comment by ilovejr

My favorite Super Junior member is Cho Kyuhyun. I’ve always loved his voice and dream of the day when he will ever speak to me in those deep, chocolate like voice. We lived quite far from each other, but if I do get to spend 24 hours with him then I would like it to be in my own country. It will be both fun and relaxing for the both of us.

I want him to remember me, as well as having things that will occasionally remind him of me, and of his fans here. In the early morning we could have breakfast, food that I have made myself. Then I’ll take him sightseeing around town, probably on weekdays when there are less people around. We’d visit some of the famous monuments and take pictures together, and when it’s lunchtime we’d go to an indoor restaurant, preferable Korean or Western to suit his appetite.

When afternoon comes we’ll take it easy and just relax at my house, where I’ll give him a handmade accessory as both a souvenir and gift. It’ll be amusing to see him interacting with the rest of my family. We’d go to an arcade then, and play all the games that he want, as well as sharing my favorite ones. When he’s hungry we could go to a local food stall by the riverside, and let him taste our culture’s local cuisines.

Just before the time is up, we’d take a walk along the beach, and sit on an open area nearby to enjoy the visible starry sky. I’d sing a song and beckoned him to sing too, and then when it’s almost over I would thank him for the lovely time we’ve had together.

Nevertheless to say when it’s time for us to depart I would give him a hug and some of the pictures we took together. I hope he enjoyed his time with me, and will always remember me and this place.

Comment by attis

umm I hope I’m doing this right? 🙂

Comment by attis

Hi attis, I’ve received your entry ^^ you’re doing it right!

Comment by ilovejr

My favourite Super Junior member is Cinderella, Kim Heechullie-oppa! If I could spend 24 hours with him and his cat, Han-Jay-Hee-Bum, we would meet in Great Barrier Reef at 5:00am on Christmas Eve, 2010. I would be dressed up as an E.L.F, and say “Hey, yo, touch man…..Nice weather!” and introduce myself in Korean. Afterward, we will scuba dive and swim with the dolphins and turtles so Heenim-oppa can release his stress while Heebummie is at the cat care. Then we will all eat toast with vegemite and drink coffee.
Afterwards, we would fly with hot air balloon to Kangwondo, South Korea. We will play verbal games and karaoke so he can sing Chobyeol and imitate girl groups’ songs. And I would sing Super Junior’s songs. I would tell him I admire his voice, imitations and unique smile. In Kangwondo, Heenim-oppa can meet with his family. I would cook Kimchi fried rice, his favourite food. I would also talk to his sister, HeeJin-noona. I would give his family a handmade photo frame and DVD that I made of their family.
We would take private helicopter to northern Norway and pass over Great Walls of China, Taj Mahal in India, Pyramids of Egypt and The Colosseum in Rome in Italy. We would also watch D-War, his favourite movie and play computer games with joy stick, his hobby. We would eat chitterlings with thin noodles too. When we get there, we would sky dive together into northern Norway and dog sleigh to top of the cliff to plant a flower, thorn bush I brought since he wants to be that untouchable flower.
In the evening, we three would lie down under the sky and watch the northern lights until late at night. I would give Santa clothes to Heebummie and 4 [favourite number] blood (úì) colour [favourite colour] under-eye creams with Vitamin K and retinol to Heenim-oppa since he complains about his dark circles; along with Sohn Yeh Jin-noona’s and Ahn Sohee-noona’s pictures and signatures. When Heenim opens his eye as he wakes up, which is the first thing he claims he does, there will be fireworks with fake sapphire blue petals.
I would tell him “Heenim-oppa, I am proud to be E.L.F., Undead and Petal! Heenim-oppa’s acting is improving, Loving You Thousand Times so obey you! I loved SJ Full House. Thank you for spending this day with me. Merry Christmas and happy 5th Super Junior anniversary. Please take care of yourself, Heebummie and Super Junior members. Super Junior forever FIGHTING, E.L.F. forever FIGHTING! Here is a video of our trip that I edited last night. By the way, I am AB blood type so may I join your AB group?”
P.S. – If he gets mad I would say “Don’t get me wrong, calm down, my intentions were good!” I would also say “Subarashii!” at something amazing. In the DVD that I give at the end, there’s also another disk for Super Junior that I edited. Lastly, give a goodbye-hug.

Comment by Anonymous

On behalf of Danica.

Here’s my shot.
First of all, i love all the 13 of them. But the one whom i can’t keep my eyes of is Kim KI bum. If I’ll have the chance to have a day with him. It’d be nice. But I’m gonna keep it real. First, I’m going to take him here, in the Philippines. In Davao, of course casue that’s where I live. It may not seem to be the best date he’d ever get but i can assure him that it will be FUN. First stop, go to the airport and fetch him. When we’re finally together, i’ll bring him to the native restaurant. I want him to taste the grilled chicken barbque FILIPINO style. After having our lunch, I will let him go to EDEN, Nature park. A very famous landmark here in Davao. We will be having a good time there, i am sure. For a simple day like this, Kibeom will be extremely happy. We will be spending the night together, star gazing, listening to the rattles of the beetles of the night. I guess i’m not the only one who would ever dare go out with him. Nevertheless, doing this simple thing for Kibeom is a pleasure for me. No money can ever take away my happiness of loving him. I will be singing for him, and for sure, that smile will be there. When he finally falls asleep, i will try to put a blanket above him. Making sure that he will not be bitten with any mosquitoes or something. When the dawn is near, i’m going to wake him up. Let him see the Sunset. The first and last sunset he’s ever going to see. For he will never experience it again. It might be a short and a very amazing experience yet, i’m going to make it extra special for a man like him deserves it. Finally, when the morning has come, i’m gona take him back to the airport, say my farewells. This might be a little hard on my part, but the simple pleasure that i had with him is a life long memory. 🙂

Comment by Danica

erm…i don’t know if i did it right…or did it get deleted? O.o

Comment by plastikxteukie

Did you get my entry?

Comment by Heidi

Hi Heidi, yes I did, we are still going thru the entries! thanks 😉

Comment by ilovejr

Oh no, I read this too late. xD;;

Comment by Aste/Sen

seems like you & i are the only ones posting the answers here…haha…

mine are so damn random….hope u dont mind ^^

Comment by umekomichelle

i like leeteuk, kibum, sungmin and kyuhyun.i used to call them my SJ 4.hehehe.for nothing just for fun.hehehe.honestly i like them all, they are good dancers and singers.
gamsahamnida yo u 4 letting me post my comment

Comment by grace

are the winner will be announced here, too?

Comment by SarangHae13

Hi, yes, we are still deciding! Please give us a couple more days!

Comment by ilovejr

Hello! My name is Lucy. I am from Norway. I love you DONGHAE, you are the world cutest and the most beautiful boy in my heart……
I never come to forget SUPER JUNIOR…….

Comment by Lucy

wa.. i hope i win!! but i dont think i will win..=(… maybe theres someone better than me! >.<!

Comment by Ira

Hi Ira, don’t lose hope yet, we’re still considering!

Comment by ilovejr

omg why why why??!!i should have checked ur blog
more often but i was so bsy with school lately T^T
wqhat a pity!!i wnat to try to win this poster too!

Comment by CassiELF

Hi … I’m surprised that you liked my answer. Actually I feel not confident. But thank you very much. I’m still happy even though I didn’t win…
Good luck & God bless you always… ^^

Comment by Ichigo

Congratz, Nanou! Everyone did a really great job~ ^^
Haha, you can really tell which members are popular from this. *coughHeechulcough*

Comment by Aste/Sen

So, Nanou is the winner? Congratulations!!! XDD

It’s not my luck… XP

Comment by SarangHae13

wa…NANOU’s one is simple. simple but AMAZING!! i think no one can beat her ^^ *i wish i could! (cough, cough)*

Comment by Ira


Comment by Ira

hehe, I wish I could have more giveaways too but that was the only poster I’m left with!! ): sorry~~ next time i shall try!

Comment by ilovejr

Ahh. I’m late to this page. >.<
Anyway, can I just write?

Well, like Nanou, I'm also choosing Heechul. First of all, it's because he has always been my favourite.

I would go to Gangwon-do with Hee. Mainly it's because that's Hee's hometown and due to his hectic schedule, he hasn't been back at Gangwon-do much. Also, because of this, he wasn't able to spend much time with his family. I think he spends more time on his computer. Anyway, I would arrage a special event for him and his family to enjoy. I would do all the cooking and washing so that his mother and grandmother will have the time to chat and catch up with him. I'll also take care of Heebum for the day and try to understand it more.

Later on the day, I'll take Hee to the swimming pool he used work as a lifeguard and teach him swimming since he doesn't know how to.

I would take Hee back to his childhood play grounds and play games he used to play as a child to reminisce the past. And at this time, Hankyung appears and joins us. I'll try my very best to make that day a stress and problem-free day for the two of them. In the meanwhile, I'll give them some privacy and leaves to prepare for the upcoming meal. I would prepare Hee's favourite kimchi bbokeumbap and Han's Beijing fried rice.

After dinner, we'd stay in Hee's room and just share stories.. funny ones, happy ones, sad ones, and memorable ones.

Instead of sleeping, we'd spend all of the 24 hours together and play Hee's favourite computer games till the 24 hours are up.

We'd spend the last 60 seconds facing back to back and counting down. This is because I'm not sure I'd not cry if I have to look into his gorgeous eyes and say goodbye. When the time's up, we'd walk to the opposite directions not turning back, leaving only the best memories of our lives. No tears. No sorrow.

-The End-

Do comment on it. ^-^

Comment by vichul


Comment by EMAN

SarangHae suju I hope that you respond to me

Comment by ASMA

i was just wondering if anyone was going to go to the sm town world tour in la and if they wanted to meet up because im going alone? i guess i could check online further or in another post but i just wanted to know!

Comment by deathylee

@ deathylee:
Hi there! SJWorld is going as a forum so you might wanna join them 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

im emirine please go again in phillippines many fans find u love u super junior specially kyuhyun gogogogogo suju

Comment by emirine

know it was late but i still want to write,, keke..

I choose Kim Kibum..

I wish I could spend my time with Kibum.. even just 1 second.. ^^

what will i do if i can spend my time with him?? just starring a his face..
no more.. ^^

Comment by purpleSmile

Hey hey~ :3

I just wanted to say that you should allow the Brazil flag on your flag counter – there’s a lot of Brazilian ELFs out there 😀

Comment by Nuami

hai…how can i join this side??…

Comment by arezura

I choose SUNGMIN because he’s a good boy and I love him very much.

Comment by Anonymous

Hi ! could you please watch & “like” my video (it’s for the MBC Audition) ?!
They select the participants with the number of views and votes…so… i’m anxious ^^
Thank you !

Comment by sandrouille

Heey ELF’S take a look ;D

Comment by 1000beauty
is this prince?? looks alike leh

Comment by Anonymous

I’m not sure if this is a right place to leave this message but today I found a great poll about a Fantasy casting for HanaKimi Korean version “””” Beautiful You “”””
If you like Super Junior , please visit and participate to vote for Super Junior !!
The poll URL is !
And we have Hanakimi korean version Character video 😀
The video URL is
Thanks in advance 🙂

Comment by hanakimiby

Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



Comment by Madison


Comment by Anonymous

i really miss this blog 😦

Comment by ariluvsuju

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