[Breaking!] Interview Transcript with Hankyung’s lawyer about his termination of contract
December 21, 2009, 11:03 pm
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Interview Transcript with Kim Jinwook, Hankyung’s lawyer on his request to terminate his contract 2009.12.21

Super Junior’s Chinese Member Hankyung has filed a litigation at the Seoul District Court on the 21st at 1pm about the effect of his exclusive contract.

Reporters are currently on a phone interview with Hankyung’s (who is in China) lawyer, Kim Jinwook. Lawyer Kim said, indeed he has filed a litigation about terminating the contract with SM, but to whether Hankyung will continue Super Junior’s activities, it has been undecided.

  • -It has been heard 2 types of litigation were filed today.
    “It is confirmed that 2 litigations have been filed against the exclusive contract to not be valid and to terminate the contract. Simply put, the former says to terminate the exclusive contract and the latter is saying that until the exclusive contract is terminated, and until legal effect of the termination has taken place, (he) will be able to act in accordance of temporary activities at (his) own will.”
  • -When did Hankyung prepare for this litigation?
    “This is hard to answer. When the statement is released, it will be answered.”
  • -The main point of this litigation is similar to Dong Bang Shin Ki 3 member’s exclusive contract?
    “Majority speaking, it is almost similar. Hankyung’s contract is valid for 13 years, there are indeed many unfair clauses, so (he) decided to file the litigation.”
  • -Has he been contacting the 3 members of DBSK?
    “I am not very sure. Hankyung will state his own stand as soon as possible.”
  • -Has the first date of the trial been decided?
    “At the moment, not yet. The full situation has been sorted out properly. DBSK’s sequestration contract has been terminated, and the process of applying it to finishing the statement, takes about 2 months. Hankyung does not want to spend such a long time. DBSK’s situation has mediation in between, and has undergone trial a few times, so the time spent has been pretty long, we hope that Hankyung’s litigation will be solved as soon as possible.”
  • -Did Hankyung think of continuing activities as part of Super Junior or will he leave the group?”
    “That I am not too sure. As for Super Junior’s activities, up till now, there has been no decision made.”
  • -It has been heard that (he) plans to have solo activities in China?
    “I have not heard of that.”

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N.B; Translated mainly from Chinese but checked against the original Korean transcript. May contain inaccuracies, and I apologize for that.
N.B 2; I cannot guarantee that this is fully true, but I just wanted to translate it so that everyone can understand more about the situation.

3 Jib Track List + Composers
March 6, 2009, 12:45 pm
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Some of the list of composers + lyricists are out!

Super Junior 3집 Track List + Composers & Lyricists

Composer – 유영진 Yoo Yeong Jin / Lyrics – 유영진 Yoo Yeong Jin

02. 니가 좋은 이유 (Why I like you) niga joheun yiyu

03. 마주치지말자 (LET’S NOT) majuchijimalja
Composer – 조준영, 환희 Cho Jun Yeong, Hwanhee / Lyrics – 조준영, 환희 Cho Jun Yeong, Hwanhee

04. 앤젤라 (ANGELA)
Composer – KENZIE / Lyrics – 김정배 Kim Jeong Bae




08. 이별…넌쉽니 (HEARTQUAKE) yibyeol…neonswimni
Composer – 조준영 Cho Jun Yeong / Lyrics – 조준영 Cho Jun Yeong , JULY

9. CLUB No.1

Composer – 이재명 Lee Jae Myung / Lyrics – 이재명 Lee Jae Myung

11. 죽어있는것 (DEAD AT HEART) jokeoitneungeot
Composer – 박창현 Park Chang Hyun / Lyrics – 박창현 Park Chang Hyun

Composer – 유영석 Yoo Young Sik / Lyrics – 유영석 Yoo Young Sik

Credits; BLG


Some rumours over Baidu..

Apparently, part of the lyrics for “Sorry, Sorry” are.. “Sorry, sorry! Bye bye! It’s over!” and that this E.L.F whose mother’s client’s son (wow ;_;) works in the publishing company (I suppose in which they are publishing the album jackets and stuff) said that their style wasn’t similar to the one that was released a couple of days ago. Rumour has it that they’re doing the “emo” look.. I’m not sure if it’s still sexy though xD

Rumours once again so please do not take it seriously *-*

News: SJ-M’s White Day Crazy Party on 2009.03.14
December 7, 2008, 10:48 pm
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I’ll just give a brief outline since there’s too many details xD

SJ-M's White Day Crazy Party 2009

Date: 2009.03.14 7.30PM
Venue: Shanghai International Gymnastic Center
Ticket Pricing:280/380/480/680 Yuan

Super Junior – M White Day Crazy Party

If you want it, it will be something you haven’t heard before
They’ll be performing tracks from Wang Leehom and Jay Chou.. As for who’s performing whose, you’d have to be there to find out!

If you want it, it will be something you didn’t know
Have you seen Han Geng play the piano? Donghae performing dance moves, Henry performing on his guitar, Siwon on his drums etc? Also, from news we heard, because Han Geng is rising locally to be known as the ‘dance kind’, a prince will appear to ‘challenge’ him right in front of everyone’s eyes.

If you want it, you will play to the max
During the party, every single fan won’t be the princes’ quiet follower, you’ll be able to go beside the princes and pair up with them during games: Let Han Geng’s and your leg’s to be tied together, hold hands, or even race with Siwon? Or perhaps let Donghae play charades with you? Quick go lose some weight, if not when the time comes, Ryeowook won’t be able to piggyback you!

If you want it, you will have the biggest surprise
The SJ-M princes will choose you from among thousands of fans, to have a “Lover’s Surprise”, to be “lovers” with you. There’ll be many prices, many varieties, many surprises, and you might even get a personal possession from what the hosts takes off from the princes!

Similarly, the guest(s) invited for the party will give the biggest surprise. Will it be DBSK or Heechul, Zhang Li Yin or BoA, everyone please anticipate!

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[News] Teuk: 3 Jib To Be Out Mid 2009
November 8, 2008, 11:35 pm
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I don’t know if this news has been circulated yet, but oh well 😀 Something to cheer about!!! Hopefully 3Jib will really be out mid’09!

Sukira Recap 10.31-11.06

Teuk: I want to create some abs next year
Hyuk: Give an exact time.. Next year when? Early? Mid? End?
Teuk: Next year during our 3Jib.. When we’re taking the photos..
Hyuk: So it’s the middle of next year then

Teuk: Someone told you that?
Hyuk: Of course. But when are we filming the album jacket and such? It should be much earlier right?
Teuk: It should be around February

Hyuk: If we’re going to take it then.. The abs.. Are a little impossible
Teuk: You think little of me?! You think little of me?!
Hyuk: Yes
Teuk: Fine, you think little of me then.
Hyuk: Actually SJ’s members’ have many hobbies.. But it has been an on-off thing *
Teuk: It’s all short-lived
Hyuk: All will be changed really fast, but this isn’t a bad thing, because trying out this and that is pretty good. Now there’s many pictures of Shindong dieting on his bicycle circulating on the net. But until now, for me, my most favourite hobby is still soccer.
Teuk: My most favourite hobby is broadcasting
Hyuk: You treat broadcasting as a hobby?
Teuk: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Hyuk: That’s my 2nd.. As for my career..
Teuk: Haven’t you heard? There are geniuses in this world, but the way to defeat geniuses, is only through hard work
Hyuk: Oh? You look, I’m a genius, and I’m also very hard-working, so no one can beat me
Teuk: Let’s listen to some advertisements..

N.B * I’m not really sure how to phrase that well..

Credits; PLAY-YO
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열셋 주세요!!!

LOL at Teuk’s abs-creation plan XD Hwaiting Teuk, you can do it!! I’m anticipating moarrrr chocolate abs!

*Edit* damifino@soompi has listened to the excerpt of the above and said that the words of ‘3Jib coming out mid’09‘ didn’t directly come out of the boys’ mouths.. So.. I don’t know.. I guess this shall be taken as a pinch of salt for now? ^^;;;

Heechul & Kangin on Mnet “Band of Brothers”
October 21, 2008, 8:20 pm
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I’m so excited for this to show! 😀

“Band of Brothers” is a show where every week, world-renowned musicians such as Queen, The Beatles, Green Day etc will be chosen as a ‘theme’. The 4 MCs will be reproducing the original musician’s style of performance, together with their related fashion sense, creating a program for lovers of similar foreign music.

Mnet “Band of Brothers” premieres every Saturday Oct 25, 1130hours.

Credits; OnlySJ13
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