We Got Married – Kangin & Yunji Cut Ep 41 (Eng Subs)
January 28, 2009, 11:00 pm
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I finally managed to sub this.. After a long hiatus.. And mourning after my crashed HDD which contained all my previously subbed files. I had some time over the past holiday to sub this, not sure when I can do it again cos I’ll be moving to another country in a few weeks time and I might not get internet so soon.. T.T

So when that time comes, I won’t be updating this place daily but I’ll try to check back as much as I can.. cos I can’t live without the boys, they’re my oxgen!! Lol. I fail at life xD

Anyhow, enjoy this in the meantime!

We Got Married – Kangin & Yunji Cut Ep 41 (Eng Subs)

Note: Please click on the links and go to YT to watch it in the 16:9 aspect!~

Part 1

LOL at their married life.. Kangin’s being a little naughty at the end of Part 3, and it’s so funny about what happens then! xD

All obey the Kkang King!
January 17, 2009, 11:00 pm
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If not.. this is the fate you’ll suffer xD

Just kidding! But poor Ming..

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Kangin’s Fancafe Message 2008.12.31
December 31, 2008, 3:09 pm
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Kangin’s Fancafe Message 2008.12.31 01:47


The weather’s getting colder, you must be careful not to catch a cold~
Today I received the Best DJ award, and because I was too nervous I forgot to thank E.L.F, I’m so sorry~
I even forgot about my parents T T
Also, don’t worry about others saying bad things about our E.L.F
Because I believe
Don’t we have mutual trust in each other
I’m going to sleep now~~
Darlings, you must sleep well too~
This year, for the sake of protecting us, it has been hard on all of you
In the new year, we will protect you all instead~~

Original Source; 김영운(강인) 팬카페 : CAMOMILE *
Please do not take out!
Congrats to Kangin for winning the MBC Drama Award for Best DJ!! Here‘s the yt link for the vid!

Kangin’s Fancafe Message 2008.12.17
December 17, 2008, 11:57 pm
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Another one^^;;;

Kangin’s Fancafe Message 2008.12.17 05:27

Left this message too late T T

Been seriously filming until now, and I’ve immediately returned to my hiding place
The weather’s also very cold, all must be careful not to catch a cold.
Everyone should be sleeping right?
Fighting fighting, and, I don’t need to say much but everyone should know right?
Because everyone’s clever, you’ll all know.
I cherish and am very thankful to all our smart fellas, just what I anticipated
Everyone will believe in me too right? Not only myself
For the sake of Super Junior, the members I love and with E.L.F. to be as one,
I will work hard. Please pay attention to me. I’m going to sleep now
Aigo, jealous lovers, where else can I go.
I’ll always be at that same old place~~

Original Source; 김영운(강인) 팬카페 : CAMOMILE *
Please do not take out!


Mixed feelings about Kang King being in WGM.. Hmmm.. I’m just hoping that everything will work out fine for him ;;;

Kangin’s Fancafe Message 2008.11.10
November 11, 2008, 8:56 pm
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Kangin’s Fancafe Message 2008.11.10 17:41

Title: Very hurt…

Idol singers getting defeated in musicals?
It’s really an article which makes people feel sad
Compared to having many praises.. It’s more of criticisms…
My fans who have seen the article must have been very upset…
Not long ago, a kid said he went with his mother to the performance
He let me see the world’s broadest grin
Is that smile fake too?
Is our public performance really just like trash?
Being a strong person* yet it seems like a person being disliked (?)
Just because of a few words, I’ve become someone timid
During the rehearsal of the first performance, I tore my ankle ligament
Heechul hyung had his leg operation
But we didn’t give up on the performance
But we’re still very timid…
I really can’t understand…
Because of those writings, all my efforts have turned into foam ㅜㅜ
Although it’s like that, but I’m okay, I will smile for everyone…
I hope that you will also not let anyone cry because of you~~
It hurts~

N.B *Kangin = Strong person

Credits; (∞.long-suffering.Kangin Family}
Original Source; camomileyw
Please do not take out!
ELF unite! T__T
Go Kang King! Hwaiting ♥♥♥

Heechul & Kangin on Mnet “Band of Brothers”
October 21, 2008, 8:20 pm
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I’m so excited for this to show! 😀

“Band of Brothers” is a show where every week, world-renowned musicians such as Queen, The Beatles, Green Day etc will be chosen as a ‘theme’. The 4 MCs will be reproducing the original musician’s style of performance, together with their related fashion sense, creating a program for lovers of similar foreign music.

Mnet “Band of Brothers” premieres every Saturday Oct 25, 1130hours.

Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source;
Summary by me.

Kangin’s Fancafe Message 2008.09.26
September 27, 2008, 10:32 pm
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Kangin’s Fancafe Message 2008.09.26

Title: Long Time No See~~~

Has everything been successful lately?
I have some news that will make everyone happy~
At last, 3Jib is undergoing preparations
Aren’t you all in deep anticipation~~
Everyone, please wait a while more

In a jiffy, we’ll be able to give everyone a brilliant performance and a handsome stage

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