[ModPost] Maybe it’s time to say goodbye..
January 12, 2010, 8:56 pm
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Hi everyone and followers of Super Junior Love..

This has been a hard decision to make but.. I’ve decided to give up posting new entries for a long while.. I’ll be keeping this wordpress alive on the www but won’t be updating as often as I used to.

I know it has been pretty unfair that I’ve been going on hiatus once in a while but this fandom has taken a toll on me.. Esp Geng’s lawsuit, I don’t even dare to think what could happen to our precious boys. I started this wordpress to spread the love of the boys and I really hope that I can continue this but I feel that it has been unjust to everyone who comes here that I don’t update this as much anymore.

But I will be updating this wordpress once in a while, if I do find interesting news about the boys and perhaps one day, when the drive comes back I will revive this wordpress once again, however until then, I’ll be on permanent hiatus.

Thank you all so much, for this 1.5 years or so. 🙂

Comments are love and might encourage me to change my decision ^^.

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it’s so sad for us to hear that….
but take time 🙂
and thank you for always updating us!!!!

Comment by eunice13

super junior n girl generation looks like romeo n juliet….ehehe!when u sing seoul that song was very beautiful!!!and i hope one of u r couple

Comment by qiss115

meaning……couple with one of girl generation

Comment by qiss115

I have been a silent reader for quite a while : ) Through your page I experience love for suju and maintain the love for them through your page as well : ) I come by every morning when I open my lap top to check for updates. It sort of become a habit : p I will still continue to come by your page I believe : ) You can update as and when you like : ) Dun be bother by this post : ) Just wanna comment that I really appreciate your page accompanying for quite a period of time. And I have to say this at this point of time or I will regret not saying anything : ) Aja Aja Hwaiting!!

Comment by shuwei

Thank you so much for your comment ;_; wow you will come by my wp daily??
Your comment is really touching, hopefully I will have a full comeback one day ^^

Comment by ilovejr

Muhahahas : p I think it has really become a habit yah~~ I think I will be sad for quite a while if one day I come here and it says this wp is no longer available : P

Comment by shuwei

Thank you for the information..
yeah.. the contract issue made a lot of people worry, if you have information on that, can you please post it?

Thank you.. ^^… I appreciate your decision though..

Comment by Tiar

I will definitely update everyone should more news on the contract issue appear 🙂 thanks!

Comment by ilovejr

sad to hear. But thanks so much for posting and keeping us up to date. Really appreciate it ❤

Comment by yesungx3

Awww! I’m actually really sad. 😦 I’ve been a silent fan for a while, and this is the best source I’ve found so far for Suju news. I can tell how much you love the boys. 🙂

But I definitely understand needing to break from running a site, and I support your rest! Thank you so much for posting and I hope you come back again soon! 🙂

Comment by kimmi

Hi there!! Wow, what you said is really touching ;_; All I can say is thank you!!
For all your support.. Thank you again! ♥

Comment by ilovejr

Hi.. I have been a silent reader, with just a few comments prevs… I just want you to know that I love your blog and all your updates… t really let me get to know the boys better… Thanks for spreading the love…

And I totally understand where you are coming from… Sometimes as much as we want to keep the faith and keep on believing, its tough with all the negative news… its really hard not be affected sometimes… I was really down during the past few months during my favourite bb Youngwoon’s case… but at least there is some closure now.

I’ll miss you and will keep coming by your blog and will wait as and when you update whenever you would. I sometimes still read the archive… really fun updates you had…

I am still worried about Geng’s case, though I am happy about the 4th album news/rumour… And hopefully the end of Youngwoon’s case… So lets all hope life could really get better and hwaiting!!!

Comment by Porcelain

Heyyy thank you so much for your support!! I really appreciate that you understand this.. and wow, I really admire how you pulled through with Kkang’s case.. But for Geng.. No one knows what’s their fate gonna be like, whether it’ll still be the 13 that we all originally fell in love with.

Thank you so so much.. I’ll definitely be updating this once again when I have the time =)

Comment by ilovejr

all i want to say is that…
i don’t want to say good bye to this page
ya posts were very useful anh it was really cute
i really appreciate those post
and i wish that u would continue posting on this page…
never wanna say good bye
maybe “see u again” is better!

Comment by trym

Hi there, awww thank you so much for your sweet comment, I’ll see you again then!! =)

Comment by ilovejr

this comment of mine is a bit late but anyway, i think i’ve said already the things i needed to say to you on tweeter hours ago (btw, thanks so much for replying to my tweets^^) and i say, i won’t bid goodbye to you since i know you won’t be gone for good, and this wp will still be here^^…it’s ok to be on hiatus, it’s understandable dear 😉 just come back/update whenever you can 😉 take care dear & hwaiting!

Comment by enahh

huhuhu.. that’s soooo sad to hear..
anyways.. thanks for all your hard work.. for always making my day every time you post.. i hope someday your enthusiasm for updating will come back.. again kamsahamnida!!!!

Comment by syrill

Ah~~~ Sherlene…
i respect your decision, even if I feel sad, ido, dear…
We never met each other, but, trust me i got a friend in you^^. your post I’ve been following for a year, and nor that you’ll have a permanent hiatus. thank you for spreading the Suju love, and how thankful I am to ‘know’ you.
Anyway, i wish you GOOD LUCK in your life. And please… just come here quite often^^. i’ve been changing name from yumi, then yoomi, then now i have my own blog. Thank you Sherlene!! Saranghae ❤ ❤ ❤ \(^0^)/

Comment by heechulicious

Hi there~ thank you so much for your comment T___T
I appreciate it, it’s been great ‘knowing’ you too kkkkk! 😉

Comment by ilovejr

Ahh that’s so sad to hear ;_; I mean, I only recently found your wp, but it’s been such a lovely time since I’ve been reading it. It cheered me up since Hangeng’s case… irony >.<

Also, I don't think it's unfair for you to go on hiatus, it's your wp, you can update it as much as you like with what you like. =P
So thank you for updating and spreading the love. ^^

I hope things get better for you, the boys and everyone in general, take care ^^

Comment by Stars

Hey there~ thank you so much for your encouraging comment.. Even though it’s my wp, I started this so that I am able to spread the love of the boys but it seems like I’m failing to be in line with my original aims right now.. ):
I hope I can continue this as well.. So hopefully one day, I’ll get back the drive!
Thank you ♥

Comment by ilovejr

thanks for spreading the love to us for this 1.5 years.. especially to me.. i definitely come by if i have a time..words cannot express my appreciation. but thanks again.. have a nice day thru this year..

Comment by limbang

i’ve been reading this for a while now and i’m sorry i haven’t posted till now.
i really appreciate the hard work you’ve done translating and posting the cyworld entries.
it will be missed.
thank you

Comment by just me cjb

Wow… Hey, I know that I’ve been a silent reader ever since… (I’m so sorry for that!!! TT TT) but TT TT It’s such a shame that you won’t be updating your blog as often as you could but I understand what you are going through right now… updating such sad news(Geng’s lawsuit and Kangin’s case) is like someone is trying to rub salt in your wound…

Even I, think that if I were in your shoes I would feel so crushed upon knowing such news, moreso even going through translating and posting it here so that other fans could also share the sorrow and try to do everything they could to face these challenges with our beloved boys!!!

Anyhow, I am really hoping that everything will turn out alright for the boys and I hope… no… I know that the boys will remain to be the 13 boys we have come to know and love, ne?

Suju Saranghae, Suju Hwaiting!!! FOREVER 13!!!


Oh and by the way… not only do we share the love we feel for the boys, we also share the same name!! (nice to meet you, Sherlene!)

Hoping for your full comeback!!! ^_^

Comment by Kyuu07

Hi there.. Yes they will always remain 13 in our hearts, like how 2pm is 7 to all Hottests ;_;
Thank you for your encouraging comment!! 😉

Comment by ilovejr

You are actually the one of those few I trust when it comes to translating. it’s sad to see this but I will support you in your decision. Thank you for everything. 🙂

Comment by mimi

Hey^^ your comment means alot, really T__T thank you for your trust!!
I will try to make a…comeback ;_;

Comment by ilovejr

I’m so sorry to hear this! I’ve never really said anything, but it’s always great to be able to come to a place where I know that I can see things that the boys have said themselves. It’s great seeing the things that come from their heart and I don’t know where else I can find such things… I really hope you reconsider this, but I totally understand. School and stuff really takes a toll on you, and the whole K-Pop world hasn’t been doing too good either… I wish you luck and I really hope you can open this up again sometime! (Are you part of SJ-World? I’ve been going on that more, and I’ve been a member for almost a year, but never really explored the site cause I can get so much from yours. =) If so, could you find me on there and maybe help me around? Thanks! My UN: qiuyinren) God Bless!

Comment by Qiuyin Ren (任秋音)

Hi there, thank you so much for your touching comment.. I am reconsidering but time and interest is slowly disappearing from me.. 😦
Yes I’m part of SJ-World, and thank you so much for your compliment, I really appreciate it!! 😉 God Bless you too!

Comment by ilovejr

It’s my 15th time here, I think? I forgotten, but I do bump into your site a lot. Well, I know how hard it is to have to update things all the time. It’s time and energy-consuming. However, it’s really fun once you see your site alive, isn’t it so? Also, we would really love to see your updates. Gahh. I don’t know how to put it but what I’m trying to do is to influence you not to go on PERMANENT hiatus. Semi hiatus is okay. But please don’t go on PERMANENT hiatus. It’s hard-wrenching to your readers. Hmm, what else can I say to influence you? Ahh.. I shall quote what Leeteuk said when they just debuted. “Until the world is covered with sapphire blue balloons, we will not stop.”
So, let’s help them fulfil it together. Keep your site alive, okay? ^_^

Comment by vichul

Hey thank you so much for your wonderful comment, i’ll take it into consideration ♥ thank you so so so much, really. 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

Aww, you know how much I prefer reading your Cyworld translations and whatnot. =P That’s too bad, but I understand. Come back soon! In the meantime, make sure that you take care. ^^ I think one of the reasons why I like coming here is because you’re such a nice person, keke.
We shall continue to support Super Junior even while you’re away. ^^

Comment by Aste/Sen

Awwww you compliment me too much ♥ but thanks, I really appreciate readers like you who leave comments, it makes me feel like I’m not the only one here and just typing it out for the whole world to see =)

Interpersonal r/s make the world go round and thanks for letting me enjoy the happiness derived from that! ^^

Comment by ilovejr

thinking of hangeng makes me cry really hard,,,,i just watch all their performance together and that makes me smile and cry at the same time….i really don’t want hangeng to leave the group…super junior,who opened my eyes to the kpop scene…they are my everything,,,but now,wht will happen to all the precious BOYS…hope they will stick together and forever…..SUPER JUNIOR FIGHTING!!!!

Comment by hankung_lover

*kicks self* ohmygod I’m so sorry to reply late to this ;__;. I’m sad to see this post, but I also understand <3. I do hope to see you come back though, but in the mean time, take care and everything ❤ :). You know I love you and I'll miss you tons!

xoxo spazzes

Comment by spazzes

I admire you for your optimism in kpop all this while.. Esp with DBSK ): If I were a Cassie I think I’d just crumble and die. D:
Thank you so much T___T

Comment by ilovejr

i often go to your web just to check the update of their cyworld, cause i can’t read hangul..

bye,, i’ll be missing this web,,

Comment by raisa

thank you for this site— love is a big commitment anytime & suju love is the same—– please be well irl and we can all pray for suju too, site updates or just a few here & there… thank you for doing this site i’ve liked it for a while.

Comment by translator

Hi there, you comment really made my day =) thank you so much! please be well irl too! ❤
I'll really try to update if I do see anything interesting ^-^ thank you for your support!!

Comment by ilovejr

I’ve just known your web and then I thought that now I could understand what Angles are saying without using unreliable google translate but… You must know that you site is really really helpful .. I hope I could see new updates about our SUJU .. relax and come back soon ❤
13ieve in 13

Comment by whale

I’ve just known your web and then I thought that now I could understand what Angles are saying without using unreliable google translate but… You must know that you site is really really helpful .. I hope I could see new updates about our SUJU .. relax and come back soon ❤
13ieve in 13 !!!

Comment by whale

Hey =) thanks for your message… hehe yep I don’t use google translate! I will still keep this site up so my archives wont get deleted but I guess, for new updates.. I’ve been recently busied with lots of stuff, and it’s only me here, it’ll be hard to maintain so many things at once ^^ But I will try to come back if there’s time on my hands ^-^ thank you!

Comment by ilovejr

i love this page, ive been reading it for a year now. since i dnt understand korean, this is where i get my super junior news from.

thank you for spreading sujus love ! ❤

Comment by heeee

Hello thank your for all your translations.
I understand how you feel. I,m also a “founder” of a SJ fan/club/community/web. But lately I’ve been updating less and less.

Let’s wish for the 13 (+2) of them to rise again.


Your fellow Suju support,


Comment by Y

Hi there, thanks for your reply! Sorry to only reply now..
Hmmm… I guess there’ll be one time where we all feel we’re lacking strength and motivation to carry on what we used to be so enthusiastic about.
I hope the enthusiasm for the both of us will return one day though =)

Comment by ilovejr

even if im new,thanks 4 updating.!!

Comment by marie christine

omg omg!! no no no no… don’t stop, please. i love ur posts about them!! Its so sad, Super junior just had their concert in my country, Malaysia today, n my mum didn’t allow me to go! I tried to get the tickets but they are all sold out. Their concert just ended about 3 hours ago, and I couldn’t sleep for the whole night n here I am, typing this…please, continue posting all those stuff about suju!! I love siwon alot, but still felt sad tht hankyung couldn’t come. Me n my friends had this crazy idea to go all the way to korea next year and go to their company to audition!! kinda stupid i know. but oh well… too desperate to see them. Well, please i really love all your entries on them, don’t stop!!

Comment by jes123

Please noooo.I just found you!!!!!!!!!!You are AMAZING.You are my only source!!!!!!NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by SuJu addict

so sad to hear your decision:'(
I can’t speak korean fluently,I can’t even translating,and only here I could see the boys’s cyworld updates,you translated them,i wish you could comback soon,cause i enjoy your blog so much:)

Comment by dysha

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