[Lyrics] Zhou Mi’s Solo “As Long As You’re Happy” at Final SS2 stop in Manila 100410
April 11, 2010, 2:10 pm
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Because…………… He’s too precious. And because I have some free time today, plus the internet is working up to expectations, I shall translate the lyrics for his solo. He actually sang it last year at the fan party in Taiwan, but I think I didn’t do it the previous time, lol. ^-^

As Long As You’re Happy

Lyrics: Wang Pei Rong
Song: Wang Pei Rong

Credits; Excentrique13, 车厘果洋溢 @ Tudou

就算是想通了 Let lt Go, Let lt Go, Let lt Go, Woo
[jiu suan shi xiang tong le, Let lt Go, Let lt Go, Let lt Go,Woo]
Even if I’ve figured it out, Let lt Go, Let lt Go, Let lt Go, Wo
我就是无法强装往日的笑容 [wo jiu shi wu fa qiang zhuang wang ri de xiao rong]
I just can’t seem to strengthen the smile I used to have
想不透每一次 When You Call, When You Call, When You Call [xiang bu tou mei yi ci When You Call,When You Call,When You Call ]
I don’t understand that every time, When You Call, When You Call, When You Call
就是不能掩饰想念的冲动 [jiu shi bu neng yan shi xiang nian de chong dong]
I just can’t hide the impulsion to miss you
爲什麽 [wei shen me]
试著安静的 平静的 仔细的 [shi zhe an jing de, ping jing de, zi xi de]
I tried to be quiet, to be calm, to be attentive
去感受 [qu gan shou]
to feel
灼热的感觉直达心中 多麼的震撼我 [zhuo re de gan jue zhi da xin zhong, duo me de zhen han wo]
The scorching hot feeling reaching to my heart, has been shaking me
也要勇敢触碰 [ye yao yong gan chu peng]
I still must face it bravely

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(Eng Subs) SJ-M’s Super Girl MV!
September 15, 2009, 11:19 am
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Subbed and translated by me, please take out with credits.

Do I need to say anything more?

I am absolutely in love with the QMi bridge andddddddddddddd magnae Henry has improved so muchhhhhhh love it when he’s in front dancing ;D

SJ-M 1st Mini Album Teaser Photos
September 12, 2009, 2:04 am
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Original Source; SJ-M Official Website



SJ-M’s Comeback Teaser Photo 09.09.09
September 9, 2009, 3:00 pm
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Sorry for my SJ-M bias but.. T___T


and some eye candy for your hungry soul 🙂

I am loving Mimi’s style so much his hair is awesome and omgosh those striped pants elongate his legs even further i am so wowed and and Henry still has his cute boyish look ajjdhsjhdjshdjhsjdh Siwon looks amajing with his whole image and Kyu’s hair is one of my favourites and Geng just exudes that Leader aura all around him sjhfdjdhfjdhfjdhfjdhjkjsjfkds

okay I apologize for the lack of punctuation but that’s all my mind can think about now ;D I can’t wait.

Extra Info

  1. Release of SJ-M 2Jib promotional/teaser video – Sept 11 (Friday)
  2. Release of SJ-M’s latest MV – Sept 14 (Monday)
  3. Sohu Talk Show – Sept 18 (next Friday)


Found this pic on Baidu of them filming the MV with SNSD’s Jessica.. (clickable)

I can’t wait, dammit xD

P.S I am gonna try to start posting as frequently from today onwards since it’s such a special date! But.. I’m still sick so please bear with me xD




[Lyrics] Zhoumi’s Song “Let Go” at the Oppo Fanmeet 090804
August 5, 2009, 5:33 pm
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I usually don’t translate much lyrics.. But this was too touching 😉 I can’t seem to find the video.. If anyone has the link, care to send it to me? T__T

Zhoumi sang this yesterday at the Oppo fanmeet in Beijing *-*

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Hankyung’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.12
May 12, 2009, 7:30 pm
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Han Geng’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.12 14:29

汶川加油!/Wenchuan Fighting!

Date: 2009-05-12
Mood: Weather:

Last year on this date, a 8.0 magnitude earthquake vigorously shook Wenchuan. That moment shocked everyone’s hearts, this is the most devastating (earthquake) since Chine was rebuilt, it was (an earthquake) which spread to the most areas, an earthquake in which rescue efforts were most challenging, letting about 80,000 fresh lives suddenly disappear, (and) millions and millions of families losing their loved ones forever. 365 days have passed, (and) Wenchuan still tears apart 1.3 billion hearts. The Wenchuan Earthquake has not only signified May 12, this day, and not only signified the past year. The disaster areas, after 1 year, having to rebuilt everything with difficulty above the ruins, (and) rebuilding does not comprise only of system or construction, (but of) people’s hearts and families. I really hope everyone can do something, to help those children who are emotionally affected by this, let them walk out of their shadows, to have a healthy future, their future needs all of our help.

Fighting till your last breath, love has no boundaries! Those who survived, be strong, (may) those who perished rest in peace! *

N.B* Chinese idioms
生命不息: Fighting till your last breath
爱无止境: Love has no boundaries
生者坚强: Those who survived, be strong
逝者安息: (May) those who perished, rest in peace

Original Source; Han Geng ‘s Home

I cried so bad when I watched the boys give their thoughts on the earthquake last year.. And I remember it was just shortly after filming their Bravely Going Forward episode, which got pushed back 2/3 months for all those shows that were paying tribute to the disaster..

And of course, the money that was donated in Geng’s name for the victims by E.L.Fs… The thought of that never fails to warm my heart ;_;

This post just made my heart crack into 2009029309232039 pieces again..Thinking about those victims who there was a majority of kids who were trapped in schools.. And families with missing members.. It has been a tough year, I hope that they will indeed stay strong and in hope of living their lives to the fullest.

Zhoumi’s iFensi Message 2009.04.20
April 21, 2009, 10:15 pm
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Zhoumi’s iFensi Message 2009.04.20 23:21

Thank you all for your birthday wishes~ I am very blessed to have everyone~

Hi everyone~
I am Zhou Mi.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes, I saw them all. The messages from iFensi and elsewhere…. Thank you all!

My birthday last year was not too long after we made our debut, that time, I only knew a few Honeys… This let me realize that having all your love is such as blissful thing~

Later on, M had (our) activities in China for a year… What a busy year~

It seems like I suddenly realized I am a year older……I was able to learn a lot in this one-year period, I realized a lot, I matured a lot.. And I received a lot of love from many people! It made me realize that sometimes I wasn’t fighting alone…I wasn’t facing everything alone, every single detail of your actions has brought me even more courage and confidence… It made me learn how to cherish even more…

Although I am now in Korea, I received pretty many wishes~ I never would have thought I would receive so many blessings~ Looking at your messages it feels like I am close to everyone…Please stop calling me a big coral!!!…. Lolo~

I hope that I will be able to spend many more days like this with everyone!
With you all!! I am very blessed~

I will continue singing songs with my heart for you all to listen… Always~~ Even if it’s there’s only one person………This is our promise 🙂

Original Source; SJ-M iFensi
Please do not take out~ =)


Grateful Mimi always makes me realize everything is so worth it ^^