Hankyung on 080629 “Behind the Story” 背后的故事 (Eng Subbed)

Apparently I had this sudden urge to spazz over Geng and I decided to have this subbing marathon. Lol, my fastest subbing project yet, but it was pretty long as well. Over 850 lines?? I think I typed till my fingers were sore, lol. ^^

It was so sad, so heartbreaking to see how much Geng went through just right after debut as well as his initial days in Korea… Especially the incident where he had to wear a mask when performing because his permit didn’t allow him to be on all 3 Korean television stations. And… it’s just that you can see his passion for Suju as a whole, and that he didn’t want to disappoint his members and that’s why he sacrificed his pride and hid himself behind that mask (and the !@*&!*&@*!&@ thing was that, it was someone else’s mask!?) just so that he could perform with them.



And all the times he missed his mother, awwww, I think I bawled a fountain during that part.
I don’t know what else to say, Geng, you’ll always be my hero. ♥ I really admire him for his passion, his determination, his bravery… being alone in a new country and having to learn a new language from scratch, just to realize his dreams… WOWOWOW. ^-^* It’s definitely not an easy feat…

Han Geng hwaiting~

Part 1

Next week, it’s SJ-M’s turn (if I’m not wrong)…

*edit* There was a Hanchul part which got edited off (T___T Why!!!), I found a fan account on it and I’ll be back tomorrow with the translations ^^

Random News: Soccer with Hosuhae
June 29, 2008, 3:59 am
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I don’t really update myself with Dong Bang stuff, so mian!… I thought they were in Japan but it seems like they’re now back in Korea too! ^^ Chanced upon this while I was doing my usual rounds around all the forums. Hae looks so cute in Yoochun’s jersey! I heard news that Yoochun was hospitalized due to stomach problems coming from irregular eating habits and I sincerely hope he’s much better now~ Yoochun hwaiting! Get well soon!

Credits; SJF + U-know Yunho Baidu Bar + as tagged

So Yunho, Junsu and Donghae went to play soccer together on 28 June (yesterday)! LOLOLOL If only we could watch them at some live match! That’ll be cool! ^-^* I’m not sure who’s that guy in between Yunho and Hae though… Apparently they’re filming for a show? And I’m guessing that guy’s either the referee/coach/host? Haha! And Hae’s there to stand in for Yoochun since he’s unwell. I really hope this comes out as a show! Then we’ll get to see the boys’ sporty side again! WHEEEE! 😀

But, another part of me wishes that Hyukjae would be there too, and then we can see more of Hyuksu plus Yunhae!!! ♥♥ asjkjsdjsdhsd! Okay, pardon me for my imagination, lol! ^^

Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2008.06.28
June 28, 2008, 10:51 pm
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Teukieeeee why are you awake at such an oddly hour!? 😦 So Hae was right when he said if people want to get through you they should call at 4am!? 😦 Go to sleep please!!! T___T

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2008.06.28 04:58

Huhu… I’m ‘sick’ again*… This ‘sickness’ feels like…
I feel like I’m going crazy… It feels like my head is going to explode…
I’m going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ah…..It’s going to explode….

Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!
Credits; Jungsoo’s Baidu Bar

*Thank you evanesco@soompi: Teuk isn’t sick or at least not really *sick*, he wrote that he’s sick because thinking too much and every time he thinks too much, he feels that he’s going crazy and his head’s going to explode.

Well, I’m not sure if he had filming commitments and that’s why he wasn’t on Sukira last night, or perhaps he was feeling unwell too? Or the boys could be rehearsing together for Japan fan meet as well as Thai Super Show since SJ-M will be going to China again on 5 July for some Changchun event… and that was probably the time they ended rehearsals? IDK… I hope it’s nothing too serious… and they won’t overwork themselves till they fall ill! T___T Leader-sshi! Please take care of yourself!!! 😦

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.06.27
June 27, 2008, 11:24 pm
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Another long-awaited post from our dear Heenim, it’s so sad he’s immobile at home now… but I’m glad he’s getting the rest he deserves and hopefully, we’ll be able to see him jumping around at the Japan fan meet and Thai Super Show! 🙂 I guess he won’t be dancing or standing for too long, but let’s all pray for the speediest recovery for him! ^^

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Recent Performances of Suju-Happy
June 27, 2008, 4:11 pm
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I haven’t been posting about Supy much! Too much stuff to update myself on~ Mian! They are all so cute with their Yoriwang perfs 🙂 It always makes me happy! And I guess you never get tired of trying to peek at what’s in Hyukjae’s backpack eh? HAHA ^-^*

  • Mnet M!Countdown 26 June – Yoriwang
  • This was the cute perf where Hyukjae had ELF’s sapphire blue balloon in his backpack, it’s sooo adorable!! AWWW~ Hyukjae, ELF’s biggest fan! Just that the stage looked extremely big for all of them, even including the dancers! Lol. I wonder what happened to the kitchen background?

  • Mnet M!Countdown Heroes 26 June – Eeteuk, Eunhyuk & Shindong
  • I love their outfits and Hyukjae’s rapping oh-so-much!!! The song rocks too, the video’s a wee bit blur for me to see the font, but I think it’s 연예언?? Anyone know the song they sang? ♥ AND OF COURSE, THAT SIGNATURE PELVIC THRUST!! And Teukie’s singing~ pwns!!! I love how close they got to ELF at the beginning! Like standing in the midst of them!! -faints-

  • KBS Love Concert 24 June – Sunny & Yoriwang
  • Sunny!! It’s hardly they sing Sunny at any other perf, except for open concerts like this? If only they’ll start singing Good Luck instead! 🙂 But I’m contented with Sunny though! And its sooooo cute, I’m starting to love the song even more! The font that suddenly pops out during the chorus looks pretty cute as well. Haha!

  • SBS Inkigayo 22 June – Yoriwang
  • Goodness me! I’m loving all these HQ perfs! ♥____♥ The stage looks so adorable with the kitchen background! And they had a different outfit during this perf, though I’m liking the outfit with Teukie in jeans! SO HOT *___* But yeah, I can never get tired of them singing Yoriwang, and each time, they really get better at it! Yesung in specs is love!

  • Mnet M!Countodwn 19 June – Yoriwang
  • AWW~ This is the outfits I like them in! I love it how ELF always chants at the chorus! Its so heart-warming! And they never fail to do it! ^^ and Ming’s soooo adorable in all the perfs! ahhhh! ahsjahjshjsdhjds *squishes*

*edit* btw, the SJ-M boys are back in Korea~ ^^ here’s a short video clip of them at the airport yesterday -credits to Dong Gam-! Geng looks so cute sucking that lollipop! LOLOLOL. And Siwon’s looking so hot in his specs and vest! *___*

SJ-M on 娱乐星工厂 25 June
June 26, 2008, 3:33 am
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The boys were back in Beijing to film this show, 娱乐星工厂, which literally translates to, “Entertainment Star Factory”. Lol, I’m glad Kyu’s looking all bright and cheery now, I really hope it’s not just merely a façade but he’s smiling from deep down inside 🙂 CHEER UP KYU, YOU’RE A STRONG BOY & YOU KNOW WE LOVE YOU!

I found 6 pictures of Kyu at the filming today, I haven’t seen the other members’ yet, so I’ll edit them in when I see them ^^

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

AHHHHH! AKSJKAJKJSDSD! I really love Kyu’s smile in the 2nd last one, it’s so pure, so innocent, a smile belonging to an angel 🙂

credits; gyuhyuncn

*edit* + MORE…

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Random Post: Recent Blog Entries about SJ-M & Hankyung
June 25, 2008, 4:25 pm
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I was snooping around and randomly surfing when I found links to Gino’s (of Taiwan’s KONE) and 马松 Ma Song’s blogs… Both of them are 2/3 of the hosts of ‘音乐集结号’ which SJ-M filmed on the 17th, the other host is 立扬 Liyang (of KONE too). And my old fandoms of KONE resurfaced and boy, was I excited that 2 of my bigger fandoms were going to be on the same show together! ^-^* So anyway, I found Liyang’s blog too but he hasn’t updated yet, but I decided to translate both Gino’s and Ma Song’s entries cos they were so cute mentioning SJ-M and Hankyung respectively. Ma Song’s entry was full of admiration for SJ-M’s Leader-sshi~ AWWW. It was really heart-warming and touching! 🙂 (AND EXTREMELY LONG TOO! LOLOL)


Gino’s Blog Entry 2008.06.22 13:46

Title: I finally remember all their names now! S.U.P.E.R junior…. “M”!

“Ryeowook, Donghae, Zhoumi, Siwon, Henry, Kyuhyun, Hankyung”… these 7 names have put my hosting skills to the test during this Hubei trip….

Actually, this time, “音乐集结号” a new programme I was hosting in Hubei, invited SUPER JUNIOR “M”. And I did my homework, not only did I go through their personal profiles, I matched their faces to their names for a whole night, SORRY to the members of “M”, my ‘Alzheimer’s disease’ is quite serious… Hehe!

Finally, on the day of the interview, since I prepared for so long, I confidently wanted the 7 of them to feel at home… I “calmly” walked into the studio, “gently” took the microphone, “slowly” adjusted my clothes, and prepared to give the members of “M” a “big big” smile… But once I lifted my head… I couldn’t speak…… Most of them…. changed their hairstyles….

To me, I’d say recognizing your “hairstyles” is a huge clue… Mr Choi Siwon, I’m sure you cut your hair… didn’t you tie a small ponytail in the album jacket? Just when my confidence level plunged low, luckily Henry, my fellow countryman, hurriedly helped me to introduce everyone again….. Thanx Henry, helped a lot!!

In fact, this experience was pretty fun (except for you guys changing your hairstyles…. -___-”), all of us are from boy groups so we played pretty crazily, me, Liyang and Hankyung’s acting test, we drank the Macha that would make our stomachs burn together (and the 3 of us cried men’s tears at the same time….), Kyuhyun suddenly told our female vocal teacher… “We seemed like we met somewhere before”… (Haha… does he really know the meaning…), Zhoumi’s Wuhan dialect teaching, where he taught till he almost vomited blood, Siwon dancing Taichung Chacha, I actually think it’s quite appropriate!! (If only he would battle with Darren -another member of KONE- the 台客 Taike dance… I’d really like to see that…), Henry’s new violin dance (fellow countryman, I’ll support him…), Donghae had his solo dance show (Hehe… being in a dance group as well, I also went up to perform a bit…. But it was a pity… the host’s clothes… should die….) Liyang and I also imitated the international big stars, “M”‘s 7 members giving out an award (Both of us imitated Yao Ming together… He…) Until eventually, all of us celebrated Ryeowook’s birthday …. It was really very fun!!

Of course our “assistant director” below stage was very satisfied, he felt that this time our interaction was very good… When I heard it I was very happy…. Just that, until he said…. “Since the result was so good, next time… we’ll invite all of SUPER JUNIOR down”…. -___-”… are you meaning all 13 of them!? Wah……………… I’m not scared! Hahahahaha! Welcome!!!!!

You’re welcome to patronize “音乐集结号” ^^

Translated by me, please do not take out!
Original source, Gino’s Blog

+ Ma Song’s blog entry filled with so much Hankyung love!

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