Fan Account: MTV Asia Awards Aug 2 2008 Part 2

I guess that will be all~ Since it was a short-lived adventure, lol, but very enjoyable nevertheless! 1 week ago and still suffering from withdrawal symptoms! Bah! 😦

Aug 2 Saturday

So after Suju went for rehearsals, we left to check in to our hotel and freshen up before going down to the Arena of Stars. And we didn’t expect them to come out that fast cos I’ve seen some pictures when they came out and HAE’S MUSCLES!! OMG! TO DIE FOR~~ ♥___♥ And some Kangteuk in the van as well! Awww.

Later they kinda started the queue for certain gates of entrance so we decided to queue up anyway, since there was nothing else to do and the boys eventually left the hotel in cars later on and the fans had to be shoo-ed into this waiting area outside of the hotel instead of the lobby.

There we met more fans of the other artistes, TC5, Panic at the Disco etc.. Luckily we did, if not it’ll be so boring to kill time.. Finally at around 4/5pm they opened the gates and yes, it was a mad rush in. There were security checks for cameras but we managed to smuggle ours in ^^ Haha~ It wasn’t that strict to the extent of passing through computerised bag checks and all, so I guess we were really fortunate ^-^*

And then we were ushered into another waiting area outside some doors~ So it was waiting again! After some time, we spotted the Man in Love costumes that the coordi-noonas brought in on trolleys, lol!! So we guessed that the boys would probably have arrived to walk the red carpet in another set of clothes~ We saw Manager Seunghwan walking past too and I must say, I’m pretty sure he has a fan club ongoing right now.. lmao!

+ lots of Suju pictures under the cut..

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Fan Account: MTV Asia Awards Aug 2 2008 Part 1
August 6, 2008, 11:57 pm
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Alright, it won’t be purely a Suju post.. I’ll add in some stuff about the other artistes as well.. So, my fan account ain’t that fantastic but it’s still good memories to reflect and reminisce on~ And I really can’t wait till the next time I meet Suju again!! I guess I’ll post up the account first, as I’m still touching up on the pictures plus fancam! Mianhae~

Aug 2 Saturday

The 3 of us, SJBThirteen.. arrived in Genting at about 5/6am? And so we decided to wander around before we could check into our hotel.. Since it was pretty early and we thought that no one would have been awoke at that awkward hour so we went to this cyber cafe to check if there were any other news online.. So after that, there wasn’t anything much so we left and ended up wandering around again, outside The Coffee Terrace, Bakery and Olive Restaurant where Suju frequented the past 2 days they were there.

Lo & behold! We saw Kyle from the Click Five, truthfully, we weren’t sure if he was Kyle.. Cos our devotion to Suju has robbed us of taking interest to the American and European musicians XD Ah HAH. *sheepish* So we followed him and decided to ask for a picture!! 😀

He obliged!!~ Ahh so sweet. It was really funny ‘cos he knew we were ‘following’ him and he said something like, “You can’t follow me” HAHA! XD He’s so nice~ And according to other fans of the Click Five, Ben said something like Kyle wakes up early in the morning to search for Starbucks?? So Starbucks was OUT of Genting Hotel and not easily accessible within it and perhaps he couldn’t find it.. at 6am in the morning! HAHA too cute.

After that, we had some breakfast at the Bakery which had full view of the lobby at Genting Hotel. And looking at fan pix from the past 2 days, I think I saw Suju inside eating too? With Manager Seunghwan? Utt was inside in other pic as well..

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Mod Post: M for MTV!
July 30, 2008, 2:47 pm
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Alright… So…


zomg. Hyukjae and K.R.Y’s enough to know that… I should be jumping all around and tearing my hair apart and losing my voice and breaking my vocal cords to know… that I’M GONNA SEE THEM THIS WEEKEND!!!


Okay. I will try to post a fan account then. And stalk the lifts. But I don’t think they’re gonna be staying for the night cos they have Inga on Sunday? 😦 Sob.

Do I sound calm? Because in truth, I’m not… XD I know I’m getting incoherent though..

Protected: Dream #2: Whirlwind
April 20, 2008, 1:51 pm
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Protected: Dream #1: You’re My Sugar Rush!
April 20, 2008, 5:34 am
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Welcome Post
April 20, 2008, 5:21 am
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hello world, since my blog’s pretty much congested with SJ stuff i decided to open a sub-blog just so that i wont end up spamming too much on my own blog. and since wordpress supports password-protected posts, yay i can post secret stuff about whatever here.