Kangin’s Fancafe Message 2008.12.31
December 31, 2008, 3:09 pm
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Kangin’s Fancafe Message 2008.12.31 01:47


The weather’s getting colder, you must be careful not to catch a cold~
Today I received the Best DJ award, and because I was too nervous I forgot to thank E.L.F, I’m so sorry~
I even forgot about my parents T T
Also, don’t worry about others saying bad things about our E.L.F
Because I believe
Don’t we have mutual trust in each other
I’m going to sleep now~~
Darlings, you must sleep well too~
This year, for the sake of protecting us, it has been hard on all of you
In the new year, we will protect you all instead~~

Original Source; 김영운(강인) 팬카페 : CAMOMILE *
Please do not take out!
Congrats to Kangin for winning the MBC Drama Award for Best DJ!! Here‘s the yt link for the vid!


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yeah goo kangin oppa~~~!!!!

Comment by kiixiah

aww.. Thank you Kangin!
E.L.F will continue to protect you guys, still~

Comment by !main

it kinda touching..
even if you dont mention us, we still know you love us 🙂 and your parents too
you sleep well too oppa♥♥
we protect each other, ok?
chulkahae for your award (^∇^)

Comment by ahwang

kangin oppa~~ fighting

Comment by Xuan Duy Dinh

🙂 you too, Kangin oppa
take care of your health
don’t push yourself too hard….

Happy New Year! wish you all the best in this year XD
ajja ajja hwaiting! X3

Comment by cP

congratulations, kangin oppa !
hope you always be the best !

Comment by skyscrapper

congrats for the award to kangin *-*!!!!

i saw the video yesterday and i was LOL at the random appereance of Heechul xDDD

thanx a lot for the translation, i’m putting this in spanish :3

Comment by ALI

the best DJ?? wooooaaa..kangin oppa, you don’t know how much i proud of you..i proud of all of suju members!!!
it’s a perfect gift for the new year.. ^^
hwaiting suju oppas!!!!!!!


Comment by aricintasuju

congrats Kangin!!
aww the message is so sweet~~ ^_^

Comment by fitri

Thank you for translating. Hearing from him again is such a great gift for Year end .

Kangin naa, Thank you for acknowledge my feeling and saying this.

Comment by Peach

I love him so much.
I knew he was nervous and I wasnt sad at all. We should understand each other sometimes shouldnt we?
♥I love you Youngwoon♥

Comment by Angel


Comment by rawrcarebear

awww.such a gentle heart.thank you very much…..!for translating this…welcome 2009!i’m e.l.f from ireland…hehheee!

Comment by divina

He did look nervous. He kept on apologizing to Taeyeon on Chinchin radio today because he forget to thank her too. LOL

Comment by asdfg

NO oppa e.l.f will always protect u guys <333333333

Comment by nemo_lovey2002

ahh.. kangin oppa is so sweettt~
im wanna cryy, he said he will protect u, ELF. ❤

Comment by littlegenie

congrats oppa….
even u didn’t mention E.L.Fs still we know u remember us in ur heart..~~

Comment by SuJu13lover

that’s so sweet
it’s great when somebody remember u
and feel sad to forget u

Comment by olivia

ooooo so sweeeetttt!!!!!
congratulation oppa!!!
my this year be ur!!!

Comment by AirA


Comment by meHEARTsuju

congra Oppa~
“This year, for the sake of protecting us, it has been hard on all of you
In the new year, we will protect you all instead~~”
i’m gonna cry :((
i couldnt sleep well any more even i though about your words…
my feeling was really joyful

Comment by dollnotlove

is that really kangin who wrote that??
i mean after translation..
i wish kangin oppa read my comment and reply it :DD

Comment by dinadinadina

kangin oppa
i can die for u, u know?
i’ll always love u
4ever ever after

Comment by vyn

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