We Got Married – Kangin & Yunji Cut Ep 41 (Eng Subs)
January 28, 2009, 11:00 pm
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I finally managed to sub this.. After a long hiatus.. And mourning after my crashed HDD which contained all my previously subbed files. I had some time over the past holiday to sub this, not sure when I can do it again cos I’ll be moving to another country in a few weeks time and I might not get internet so soon.. T.T

So when that time comes, I won’t be updating this place daily but I’ll try to check back as much as I can.. cos I can’t live without the boys, they’re my oxgen!! Lol. I fail at life xD

Anyhow, enjoy this in the meantime!

We Got Married – Kangin & Yunji Cut Ep 41 (Eng Subs)

Note: Please click on the links and go to YT to watch it in the 16:9 aspect!~

Part 1

LOL at their married life.. Kangin’s being a little naughty at the end of Part 3, and it’s so funny about what happens then! xD


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yay! Have been waiting for this….have no life as well. But Thanks!

Comment by mimi

wow…………happy, happy ^^

Comment by smile

wooo hoo thanks for the upload & subbing!
I’m most grateful for all of it! 😀

Comment by yeah

Thank you sooo much!! <333333
Have been waiting this for an ages!!

Saranghae!!!! XD

Comment by Aricintasuju

Oh yeah, by the way, where will you moving?
Don’t say you’ll moving to korea…

Comment by Aricintasuju

@ Aricintasuju:
I wish I was.. But I’m not xD

Comment by ilovejr

kangin :” do you know how many member in super junior?”

how can she not know that???
but it’s ok…

Comment by xuan duy dinh

i soooooooooooo understand how a crashed hdd
losing aaaaaall files feeling .
i just had that recently . LOL !
coooolio !~

Comment by yin

thank you very much for the sub

Comment by nda

omg! you don’t know how much this mean to me! I’ve been waiting for this forever! ^^

(but since school has started for me… can’t watch it T__T)

Comment by min_is_mine

thank you so much !
you’re so kind !
i’ve been waiting this !

Comment by sparkling

woww… thank you so much for subbing and uploading. i thought nobody would sub it, because of claim from mbc. because of your existence, we ( outside korea ) could enjoy the boys so much and love them more. i wish you will continue subbing Kangin + Yunji. i will be patient waiting for it.
thank you again for your hardworking and kindness

Comment by babega

OMG ilovejr!!! Why are you moving!!!
Are you leaving sg for good??
And thank you for all you have done! Sorry for not coming and commenting often now. School kills me D:
ilu ilovejr!
haha ❤

Comment by SJ-Love

is anybody going to sub episode 43 and 44
it looks great but need english translation please

Comment by brystace

kang in uppa! cheer or offline! I always believe in him … laugh a lot because I’ll always be beside you.

Comment by kimsumin

dying to watch the eng subs for the 44 and so on. cud u sub it? 😥

Comment by Anonymous

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