All obey the Kkang King!
January 17, 2009, 11:00 pm
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If not.. this is the fate you’ll suffer xD

Just kidding! But poor Ming..

Today’s Youngwoon’s birthdayyyyy~

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I won’t elaborate more on We Got Married with Yunji, you can check out the subbed videos at gomdorii/ktinsj‘s channel 😀 She rocks for subbing! Kkang’s been so public about his ‘marriage’, announcing it to the whole world and embarrassing Yunji! LMAO. This college couple’s growing on me *-*

Mystery 6 – Kangteuk with Hae and Heenim

OMGAWD. Teukie’s really so pretty 🙂 My favourite Kangteuk video ever, besides the one in Mini Drama. LOL Such a beautiful couple xD

Eunhyuk falling off his chair at Chunji at Kkang ROFL-ing at him

This felt mean, but so hilarious. Sorry Hyukjae!

SexyBack on Chunji

😀 What else is there to say? It’s hot, yo.

With Jaejoong

Cos they just look so adorable together *-* Sorry Leader-sshi!

Kangin’s audition

Because he’s so cute 🙂

♥ Kkang, Kyu and Shindong imitating K.R.Y on Chunji

I posted this video before, but LOL!

YSMM Heechul & Kangin cuts

Sorry I just have a Kang Ho Dong bias. xD And with Junjin too! 😀 A must watch!

Speed English cuts on Star Golden Bell

Lady’s socks.. Panty style.. Short style.. Epic phail but SO ADORABLE. *-* Off the topic but OMGAWD. Geng’s superbly cute in this too, first he says Jjamppong’s friend (Ans: Jjajangmyun).. and then when it’s his turn again it’s Jjampong so he just says Jjajangmyun’s friend!!

Lots more videos but after posting the last one, I got stuck reminiscing all those old Speed English cuts at Star Golden Bell.. Too detrimental to lungs! I’m laughing till backaches come knocking on my door xD

Miss Kkang on Full House.. Especially bickering with Ana and all those name-calling 8D

Anyway, I hope today’s Nanjing con went well~ And of course, 생일축하 영운 오빠!

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ahaha^^ Kanginnie~~!
Happy belated Birthday!
I will always support you! forever~!

Comment by xeraxiah

happy birthday kangin…

Comment by iKka

Aisshhh, how could i forget !
Happy b-day my sweet and strong Kangin (^-^);

Comment by katie

happy birthday kangin!
i’m looking forward on your new drama.. 😀

Comment by icepluscoffee

Mian Kkang~
I couldnt come on yest T__T
Happy Belated Bday!
Poor Min. xD
Panty Style!

Comment by ahwang

kangin :]

Comment by Sunny Ichigo

i really hope he had a really smashing birthday ^^

even if he gets older us ELF will always sarang him 🙂

Comment by kyo

omg, the gif is way adorable! ❤


i love watching t

Comment by mrskwonjiyong

the gif is way too adorable! ❤

i wish he gets plenty of rest.. he’s such a workaholic! 😀

i love watching these old videos. it’s never tiring to see how much childish kangin and other boys are. ❤

those speed english cuts are classic! "PANTY-STYLE" , geng’s "JJAMPPONG’s friend" and donghae’s very cute dinosaur sound.. 😀
super junior + english = RIOT

Comment by mrskwonjiyong

Happy Birthday Kangin oppa!!!!really sorry im a bit late..seriously im almost forgot ur birthday!! 😦

Comment by kim

happy burfday kangin oppa~~!!

Comment by suju13lover

kangin….sarang hea…i love you…you are so cute… are so gorgeous..i like this sentence in yours full house

Comment by princess scha

Kim Young Woon ” SARANGE ” … Kangin ” WE LOVE U ” … ^_^ v

Comment by donnaLOVEkangin

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