Kangin’s Fancafe Message 2008.12.17
December 17, 2008, 11:57 pm
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Another one^^;;;

Kangin’s Fancafe Message 2008.12.17 05:27

Left this message too late T T

Been seriously filming until now, and I’ve immediately returned to my hiding place
The weather’s also very cold, all must be careful not to catch a cold.
Everyone should be sleeping right?
Fighting fighting, and, I don’t need to say much but everyone should know right?
Because everyone’s clever, you’ll all know.
I cherish and am very thankful to all our smart fellas, just what I anticipated
Everyone will believe in me too right? Not only myself
For the sake of Super Junior, the members I love and with E.L.F. to be as one,
I will work hard. Please pay attention to me. I’m going to sleep now
Aigo, jealous lovers, where else can I go.
I’ll always be at that same old place~~

Original Source; 김영운(강인) 팬카페 : CAMOMILE *
Please do not take out!


Mixed feelings about Kang King being in WGM.. Hmmm.. I’m just hoping that everything will work out fine for him ;;;


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yeah me too.
when i got the news, i don’t know how should i react.
he is already busy WITHOUT WGM.
he left this maybe with the thought ELF might worry.
he loves us, to return the favor, i’m will support his career no matter what.
but then i want him to look after his own health.
i don’t know….

Comment by love~eastsea~


His message is so sweet. It made my heart melt. *sniff* *sniff* We Love you too Kangin and we always believe you. <<<33333 Don’t forget that.


Comment by Angel

BTW, about kangin being on WGM I have mixed feelings. I feel sad and happy at the same time. TT^TT
I’m going to support him in this even though I didn’t like the idea.:)

Comment by Angel

Thank you Thank you.

Glad to hear from him today, even he’s not really answer the question but as he ask us to believe in him so, I believe in you KangIn .

love you as always, Thank you for the message.

Comment by Peach

After read Kangin message repeat again and again, i found his answer that i’ve been waiting for .

Thanks again kangin naa .

I kept asking myself why he agreed to join WGM??

Thank you for answered my question . I promised to pay attention to WGM for the sake of SuJu, please stay where you are , stay at the same old place like you promised .

Comment by Peach

kangin oppa works soooo hard to uphold super junior’s fame. I’m very proud of oppa. do ur very best in WGM oppa. we’ll definitely support u!

Comment by cinderziera

what is he doing up so late? he should take good care of himself -*- fighting!

i think he should put some kind of message so that fans won’t hate his wife.. hehe^^ just like what heechul did..

Comment by natngnear

i guess he’s talking about filming we got married right?

Comment by !main

oooof courrsseee wi will believe in you oppa..^^
just do your best, but still take care of yourself..
Saranghae kangin oppa..<333333333


Comment by Northern_suju

Thanks for your translation :”) I guess our KangIn also have a mixed feeling like us too… I love him more when he cares ’bout us feeling too. He’s sure know our jealousy hehe… But we’ll keep our manner and support him right? I hope he’ll be fine and it’s also interesting to see a “husband” imgage of our KangIn.

I also post this to let you know that I want to ask you for the permission to translate this into Vietnamese. Our Website is ( Sapphire Junior).We’ve already known each other from YTB xD Thanks for your hard work :*)

Comment by Jess

i have mixed feelings too with the whole WGM thing. But many is actually in favor of the KangIn and Yoon Ji pairing. But we’ll see. Ever since the last episode of Joongbo couple, it seemed that many viewers said they will stop watching WGM. But with the news of our raccoon coming in the show, I hope this is enough to increase the interest of viewers.

Comment by gara

tho he’s trying to tell us not to worry ..
his message felt so rushed it is kinda worrying.
gosh. just hopes he have sleep..

Comment by yin

“Aigo, jealous lovers, where else can I go.
I’ll always be at that same old place~~”

I love this part. Yes, Im jealous and I love him but Im also going to support him.

Comment by blue

@ Peach December 18, 2008 at 9:57 am
I totally agree!!

Work hard oppa!! Be the best “husband” out there! Make us proud! Make people wonder if all of you are like that! Make people be interested in Super Junior!

“Aigo, jealous lovers, where else can I go.
I’ll always be at that same old place~~”
Super Junior and our jealous hearts, the places you’ll always belong, oppa! E.L.F. believes in you!!

“Fighting fighting, and, I don’t need to say much but everyone should know right?”
He also knows very well this is painful for us. He just can’t say the exact words!

Comment by nicoleta

Even if I am against his going on WGM, I will support him~ <33

ilovejr! I read somewhere that Youngwoon oppa uses big words- is that true? Just curious. XD Thanks for all your translations!

Comment by rawrcarebear

Kangin oppa yah! Rest and eat well! Take care okay!!!
I was quite happy that he’s gonna be on WGM cos I’m watching it and all. But then again, i was afraid he will be over exhausted. Tsk.
Oppa, take care! And hopefully, his partner in WGM will take good care of him too! :3

Comment by SJ-Love

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