Kangin’s Fancafe Message 2008.11.10
November 11, 2008, 8:56 pm
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Kangin’s Fancafe Message 2008.11.10 17:41

Title: Very hurt…

Idol singers getting defeated in musicals?
It’s really an article which makes people feel sad
Compared to having many praises.. It’s more of criticisms…
My fans who have seen the article must have been very upset…
Not long ago, a kid said he went with his mother to the performance
He let me see the world’s broadest grin
Is that smile fake too?
Is our public performance really just like trash?
Being a strong person* yet it seems like a person being disliked (?)
Just because of a few words, I’ve become someone timid
During the rehearsal of the first performance, I tore my ankle ligament
Heechul hyung had his leg operation
But we didn’t give up on the performance
But we’re still very timid…
I really can’t understand…
Because of those writings, all my efforts have turned into foam ㅜㅜ
Although it’s like that, but I’m okay, I will smile for everyone…
I hope that you will also not let anyone cry because of you~~
It hurts~

N.B *Kangin = Strong person

Credits; (∞.long-suffering.Kangin Family}
Original Source; camomileyw
Please do not take out!
ELF unite! T__T
Go Kang King! Hwaiting ♥♥♥


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oh kangin dont feel sad!!! its okey!!! FIGHTING!!!

Comment by marianne arevalo

what happen to him?what was the paper says about them?

Comment by pikahcun

don’t worry kangin oppa..great people must first fall to succeed!!!
this is a test for you, just remember that ELF is here supporting you always so try your best and don’t forget that the best performance is done with the heart
kangin oppa hwaiting!!!

Comment by kiixiah

Is it ok , i’d like to translate this to Thai.

Please advise, Thank you.

Comment by Peach

oh kangin oppa!
you’ve done your very best.
dont be sad..

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

Thanks for the translation.. I have heard about this in Soompi.. I hope KangIn will feel better, ELF plz unite and send him our support !
Stay strong oppa… KangIn hwaiting~

P/s: I’m Jess from SaJu ( Would you mind that I translate this into Vietnamese to share with my friends ELF in VN? I promise to credit properly and give the link back here.
I hope that you’ll give me the permission 😡
Thank you.

Comment by 13Gem

TT TT I use the wrong icon, plz forgive me T T

Comment by 13Gem

Kangin Oppa Fighting Fighting!!!
I will always smile for you and those smiles truly come from my heart.Don’t let those words bring you down.I’ve faith in you, I believe that you always do your best.Fighting~Oppa

Comment by nefernoon

KangIn oppa, Always remember that you have E.L.Fs who are supporting you always and forever!!
Dont give up!! practice makes perfect ^^
If only i can go to your performance, then i’ll support you like crazy!!!
KangIn oppa, be strong!! Hwaiting!!!
We Love You!!! <3<3

Comment by ilovesuju94

go kangin!!!!!

Comment by chika

Go Youngwoon!

Comment by koncettina

i think is for articles like this ones : pffff -___-

kangin fighting! we know you two made a great effort so we’ll be here supporting you.

thanx for the translation, i’m putting this in spanish

Comment by ALI

KAAAAAAAAANNNNNNGGGGGGGIIIIIIIIIIIN! dont worry dont worry… those heartless people are just … mean, okay? everysingle elf in the world appreciates yours and heenim oppa’s hard work (: HWAITING HWAITING HWAIIIITIIING !

Comment by lovemixin

Dun worry Kangin oppa! You all did great!
And the smiles of an innocent young child can never be fake.
What is most important isn’t the end result, its the process anyway. I’m sure Kangin oppa and Heechul oppa have learnt something along the way and gave all your best! ^^
ELFs and SuJu will nvr fall because of that, right?
Fighting! ❤

*thank you for translating. 😀

Comment by SJ-Love

aw… why why why?? Thy have worked so hard!!! So angry at the paper >.<“

Comment by min_is_mine

X worry Kangin Oppa.. you will always be great x matter what!! ^-^
we ELF will support you all the way.. keep on being strong!

Comment by kyo


Comment by Nari_Rina

Kangin oppa!! Plz don’t fell sad!!
They r soo mean!!
How dare they,to wrote bad things about kangin and suju oppas..
Don’t worry kangin oppa,u’ll always perfect in my sight,,don’t even hear stuff like tht,,just do ur best,

Comment by ariluvsuju91

kangin…..don’t worry dear ^__-
we love yOu!!!

Comment by cheflab

OPPA!! ♥
Don’t be hurt~ just do your best and that’s all that matters.
Saranghaeyo Youngwoon oppa! ♥♥♥

Comment by rawrcarebear

Kangin oppa hwaiting!~

Comment by sarakieur

Thank you for translating. 🙂

Kangin oppa, people sometimes judge on the surface. Please don’t be affected again by those writings. Those people might not have seen the effort that you and Heechul put for that performance. Remember, even though a lot of people criticize you, there are a LOT MORE people who loves you. A lot of people might not appreciate you but a LOT MORE appreciate you. A lot of people might not understand what hardwork means, but a LOT MORE understands it.


Comment by sallysync

don’t be sad.
OMG!! i feel like i’m going to cry also.

Comment by pam-mon pamii

wat wat happened?? kangin oppa plz don’t be sad and get better!!!

Comment by nya95dbsj

argh dang it. i was wishing they wouldnt read any of this crap. im gonna effing kill those mean people. ARGH now he’s hurt. hes hurt. noooo

Comment by EternalELF

Kangin oppa!! just continue what you are doing, cuz no matter what, ELF will always be there to support you! we believe in everything you do especially all the hardwork and trials you’ve been through!!!

you are the greatest and the best!
super junior is the greatest and the best!!

Keep Fighting!!!

Comment by yan

kangin! aww.. dont feel sad.. you still have us! fighting! we love you!

Comment by may

i think they are real stress now! anyway, kangin fighting ! we know you guys can do a great job. we’re waiting for that !

Comment by choco

omooo~ kanginie oppa!!!! ><
u still have us,, true,, xD

Comment by liephe_mintz

What the hell is wrong with these people???
So annoying…
Don’t be sad, oppa! ELF so proud of you!

Comment by mirue

Kangin oppa..
Don’t feel sad!
I’m here to support you every time,every hour&every minute..
I’m here to love you until the end of the time..
Me and elf will always beside you,to love and protect you!
If you feel sad,come to elf!
We will make you smile again!
Bcoz we love you..
Saranghaeyo oppa..

Comment by renzz_luph_kangin

Kangin oppa TTATT
don’t be that desperate…
you’re not being disliked,
we trust you… we believe in you and we love you >AA<

Comment by cP

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