SJ-M 1st Mini Album Teaser Photos
September 12, 2009, 2:04 am
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Original Source; SJ-M Official Website




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Wait, Super Girl is not an LP? ;___;
Well, I hope it’s a pretty long mini-album then.

Comment by 뽕짝소녀

@ 뽕짝소녀:
Nope it isn’t, it’s only a mini-album. I initially thought it was a full album too.. ):

Comment by ilovejr

cool n smart photos…
cute + handsome oppas…
hehe =)

Comment by aisYah

oh my good god!!!
Henry Lau ❤
i just died and went to fangirl heaven ^^

Comment by plastikxteukie

This isn’t doing any good to my “I cannot choose a favourite”-problem.
I can write about them all but I won’t, just one thing. I’ve rarely seen guys look smoking hot in pink. *points at Siwon* *dies*

Comment by Mara...

OMG Kyuhyun looks so hot here o.o ❤ Super Junior -M Hwaiting! 😀

Comment by Kyuhyunluva

Interesting outfits. xDD

Comment by Aste/Sen

OMG O_O they look so handsome
I got addicted to the teaser xD
I watched it 24/7 after it was published xD

Comment by Meral

OMG Donghae sshi has changed so much! not to mention Ryeowook, Siwon, Hankyung…..okay never mind ALL of them have changed SOSOSOSOSO much!!!! cant wait till their next album!!! SJ M Hwaiting!!!

Comment by Sahar

Other than Wookie’s glasses the stylist did a tremendous job; definitely a different feel – harder edge. Couldn’t breathe myself 🙂 The teaser for the MV is *so* good; the MV itself is probably going to knock our socks off.

Comment by Rayneweather

they hansummmm

Comment by cherbase

kyuhyun looks HOT with ray bans! I love swion and Kyuhyun!

Comment by SuperJuniorLover6666666666

oppa so hot!!

Comment by nAJah

wouhaaaaaaaaaa i love this photos !! You are VERY PRETTY !!

Comment by Thida

wahh they look so COOL!

Comment by your fan

the hotness of hankyung makes wannna shout!! that’s you call “that’s hot!”

Comment by anna_q8

*hyperventilates too*

Comment by Isrien

kyu oppa very smart.

u r so cool.

Comment by ida.chirr

i watched the teaser for like 100000 times and im still not over it.. and its my exams next week.. and i bet the mv’s gana kill me… bigtime!!!@-)

siwon was sooooo smokin hot… HENRYYY!!!

Comment by only4sj

why cant the other members be part of this?:((

Comment by only4sj


Comment by Kat

don’t get me wrong i love my super junior m, but those photos reminded me too much of SHINee as far as the dress style…., but i still love ’em….

Comment by Akimnio

This killed me soo well. I am 220% dead from my brain exploding from the hotness.♥!!!!

Comment by star_shine

oh no….my kyuhyun is so stylish. he is getting more and more manly. first time i feel wookie is cool, fishy is cool too. my kyu kyu still the best. sarang hye kyu kyu ;>

Comment by jazzblue

i just jnow that suju members are leeteuk, heechul, han geng, kang-in, yesung, shindong, kyuhyun, eunhyuk, siwon, ryeowook, sungmin, kibum and dong hae. in total, its will be 13. who is henry? (can email me at

Comment by anna

ops! by having 2 new members.. is thats means suju now are 15?

Comment by anna

no they arent part of the actual super junior ^^

Comment by ilovejr

its means they just suju m and not suju?
(just for mandrin market only?)

Comment by anna

they’re super hoooooooooooooooooot……..

Comment by sujuforever

kyuhyun 100 pure hotness! XDDD

Comment by syima

Yesung oppa!
Happy Birthday to you!
Our Super Junior Yesung!
Our Kim Jong Woon!
Our Cloud Prince!
We are V-E.L.F!

Comment by Phucmilan Nguyen

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