SJ-M’s Comeback Teaser Photo 09.09.09
September 9, 2009, 3:00 pm
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Sorry for my SJ-M bias but.. T___T


and some eye candy for your hungry soul 🙂

I am loving Mimi’s style so much his hair is awesome and omgosh those striped pants elongate his legs even further i am so wowed and and Henry still has his cute boyish look ajjdhsjhdjshdjhsjdh Siwon looks amajing with his whole image and Kyu’s hair is one of my favourites and Geng just exudes that Leader aura all around him sjhfdjdhfjdhfjdhfjdhjkjsjfkds

okay I apologize for the lack of punctuation but that’s all my mind can think about now ;D I can’t wait.

Extra Info

  1. Release of SJ-M 2Jib promotional/teaser video – Sept 11 (Friday)
  2. Release of SJ-M’s latest MV – Sept 14 (Monday)
  3. Sohu Talk Show – Sept 18 (next Friday)


Found this pic on Baidu of them filming the MV with SNSD’s Jessica.. (clickable)

I can’t wait, dammit xD

P.S I am gonna try to start posting as frequently from today onwards since it’s such a special date! But.. I’m still sick so please bear with me xD





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OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!! I can hardly wait for their comeback it’s gonna be wicked~ Oh man I can’t believe we’ll be hearing from ZhouMi and Henry again I’m so happy!!

Comment by 뽕짝소녀

aaaaaaaaaaaaa! cant wait!!!!!
suju oppas fighting!

Comment by shiqa

SJ 加油!!!!!i love this picture 🙂
wow; my biases look so good ^^
(teehee; hae and kyu ^^)

Comment by sjlove

get better soon!!

Comment by krystal_tearz

when i first saw that pic, i thought mimi was hyukie.. LOL!!!
they all look soooo gorgeous!!!
can’t wait for their comeback!

Comment by pasaway julz

Same here!! I had to do a double take.

Comment by Rayneweather

OMG!i cant wait
they look so cute and hot and and OMG!

Comment by your fan

Thanks for posting this picture and the updated schedule. Please, please feel better soon. Take care of yourself – drink lots of water & rest as much as you can.

All of the guys look *amazing* in this picture; their stylist(s) & photographer were perfect. Wookie looks angry/serious but it works for him (although the glasses are a little too close to the ‘Harry Potter’ ones he wore in Super Show). Nonetheless a fantastic picture through and through; I can’t wait for the new MV and album.

Comment by Rayneweather

you are very CUTE !!Especially Henry !! knyaaaaaaaa<3

Comment by Thida

hwaiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!

kyu oppa .

Comment by ida.chirr

Wookie doesn’t look like Wookie anymore ;A;

Can’t wait for the new MV though!!

Geng looks fantastic as always kekeke~

Comment by SuYeon

Aww, get well soon! o3o
Yay, Suju-M~~ Zhou Mi looks very nice; I think the brown hair suits him. Henry and Ryeowook look cute in a funny way, Hankyung and Siwon are as dashing as usual, and I think Donghae is especially handsome in the photo. As for Kyuhyun, he seems… skinnier? xD;;
I hope they’re doing well.<3 Fighting!
And yay, Jessica~

Comment by Aste/Sen

They’re filming the MV with SNSD’s Jess? ==
I don’t want it !== Really!!!
But i still love them….Suju M~!!
And Hae still has a hat on his head :))=))

Comment by lovesuju1997

love this photo!!!
siwon oppa!!

Comment by nAJah

woah, they all look really good 😀 (especially Zhoumi ^^)

Comment by weeee

haha. i never though henry was that cute till now
he looks too adorable, donghae, my fav of sjm looks nice :]
hmm. ryeowookk. a bit harry potter ish? i must say.
and zhoumi’s hair looks like eunhyuks its you hair O_O especially on the first its you stage.
loll hmm siwon and hankyung same as usual =]

Comment by patty

kyuhyun. same as usual also 😛

Comment by patty

oww my super girl…. hahaha… coooolll…. nice dancing…

Comment by zai

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