(Eng Subs) SJ-M’s Super Girl MV!
September 15, 2009, 11:19 am
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Subbed and translated by me, please take out with credits.

Do I need to say anything more?

I am absolutely in love with the QMi bridge andddddddddddddd magnae Henry has improved so muchhhhhhh love it when he’s in front dancing ;D


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I’m so in love with this video, song, AND the dance. XDD
It’s all so cute & sexy. 😛
NerdGeng is way adorkable~

I love it!!

Comment by Allyssa

i watch this mv again n again…
i really like it…
very handsome dance and handsome oppas…

Comment by aisYah

OMG!! Love it!!! The song, video, their looks, everything.
Thank you for translating!!
You’ve made my day 😀

Comment by Lugu

oh ma superman 55555

hangyung oppa very handsome 5555555

Comment by ida.chirr

i so love this song.. everything is perfect.. the looks, the clothes, the dance step, the wordings! haaaayy!!! i so love suju-m and suju ofcourse!!!

Comment by anna_q8

Good Stuff.. Thanx ^x^

Comment by Jester

Hankyung’s rejection was amazing.
SJ-M fighting!

Comment by Aste/Sen

this is just pure love
I fell in love with the teaser but
this is just awesome and hot 😀
they all look really really handsome in
this vid….and I thought that hangeng looked
cute as a nerd xD [I kept staring at Donghae and Zhoumi xD]
thx for translating keep the work up 🙂

Comment by Meral

can u add download links!!pLz

Comment by lamo

thanks for translating and subbing!
i love it! ^^
the lyrics were awesome!
siwon is just sooo charming!♥♥♥~

Comment by cinnamon

AHHHH LUV THE MUSIC VID!!!! i luv how Donghae made his fingers into guns and just stared at the camera blankley, also Hankyung makes an ADORABLE geek lol. and i didn’t knw SNSD Jessica was in here lol.

Comment by Sahar

Ha ha.. Hangeng is a nerd… ha ha… All look soooo HOT!

Comment by SuperJuniorLover6666666666

super junior m are very best!!
like them so much…
this song very hot!!!
like it!!

love this music video!!!~

Comment by nAJah

Is it just me or does zhou mi look an aweful lot like tuekie O_o

Comment by jEnN@

Oh my Han ~!!!!
Đẹp zai quá
Cái đoạn ổng thay quần áo..Làm phép thuật~!!

Comment by lovesuju1997

henry!!!! ❤ ❤
i love the HanRy dancing parts!!!

Comment by plastikxteukie

omg…zhoumi looked so much like teukie…. i had to do a double take. this video is mad cool…gotta add it to my collection.

Comment by Akimnio

wow!!!!..thanx 4 the sub….
i really addicted with that song fall in love with the the dance…

Comment by afie

thanks for the sub!!!xD

Comment by kazuha

The dance moves are awesome!

Comment by SuperJuniorLover6666666666

all so handsome .. suju so cute

Comment by rema

wow..hangeng is fucking hot..I love his character in this song;;

Comment by missaway

wow I`m love you much song super junior m now
thank you
girl in kuwait

Comment by mona

kyuhyun ur damn hot!!! XDD

Comment by syima

are u gay?????

Comment by owen

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