Zhoumi’s iFensi Message 2009.04.20
April 21, 2009, 10:15 pm
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Zhoumi’s iFensi Message 2009.04.20 23:21

Thank you all for your birthday wishes~ I am very blessed to have everyone~

Hi everyone~
I am Zhou Mi.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes, I saw them all. The messages from iFensi and elsewhere…. Thank you all!

My birthday last year was not too long after we made our debut, that time, I only knew a few Honeys… This let me realize that having all your love is such as blissful thing~

Later on, M had (our) activities in China for a year… What a busy year~

It seems like I suddenly realized I am a year older……I was able to learn a lot in this one-year period, I realized a lot, I matured a lot.. And I received a lot of love from many people! It made me realize that sometimes I wasn’t fighting alone…I wasn’t facing everything alone, every single detail of your actions has brought me even more courage and confidence… It made me learn how to cherish even more…

Although I am now in Korea, I received pretty many wishes~ I never would have thought I would receive so many blessings~ Looking at your messages it feels like I am close to everyone…Please stop calling me a big coral!!!…. Lolo~

I hope that I will be able to spend many more days like this with everyone!
With you all!! I am very blessed~

I will continue singing songs with my heart for you all to listen… Always~~ Even if it’s there’s only one person………This is our promise 🙂

Original Source; SJ-M iFensi
Please do not take out~ =)


Grateful Mimi always makes me realize everything is so worth it ^^


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Ah, Mimi oppa..
Your height is my dream height.. I envy you much..
I couldn’t participate on your bday project..*hukz*
It’s good that he’s in korea now.. That means Henry has friend to go out when other hyungs have schedule..

Comment by cynicalmadhatter

He is so precious I can’t even believe it omg. ♥

Comment by Mel

Happy Birthday to U
I hope all the best and lucky things for you ^^
Sometimes, U feel sad but Don’t worry, there are still many things for U 😀
Always Smile 🙂

Comment by amy

Happy Birthday ZhouMi~~ 😀 Please continue singing forever~ Your voice is pretty ^^

Comment by DontEatChalk

i hope you happy everyday

Comment by princess scha

happy late oppa zhoumi =[
luv ya !<3

Comment by zhou mi killing meh

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