Heechul’s Cyworld Entries 2009.04.17
April 17, 2009, 9:28 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.17 01:07
In the ‘上’ folder..

썬 그 라 스 / Sunglasses

김희철 2009.04.17 01:07

My hair is too short for any hairstyle

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.17 01:01
In the ‘澈’ folder..

미 쓰 김

김희철 2009.04.17 01:01

Annyeonghaseyo I am Miss Kim

Credits; LoveChul


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I really miss that idiot’s hairrrrrr

Comment by yinghui

AH but i love his new hairstyle!! >.<
I like his old one too HEHE

Comment by diyana

i live his short hair!

Comment by Tina

love i mean 🙂

Comment by Tina

LOL !!! the dork at work . XD

Comment by yin

hahaa.. Miss Kim.. u re my emperor as well… ^^ ur hair style looks alot like Hankyung one… it suits u well… ^^
thanks soooOOoooo much 4 uploading.. u’re such a real connection ( between us n our angels)

Comment by Boorin

thanks for posting. heechul oppa is so cute, he seems regret for cutting his hair d. haha~ cute cute characteristics!

Comment by Michelle

haha xD poor Heenim :3

Miss Kim~…… ^-^ so cute XD ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Comment by Sora~

Oppaaaaaaaa, are you want to change your hair again?
Your hair is good now so don’t change it again.
But I love your hair in “Full House” or Dream Concert.
So beautiful oppa. XD.

Thx for share ilovejr. 🙂

Comment by Caroline

Aww. Poor Heenim~
It will grow back. He is the man of many hairstyles and now he has tried short hair and will go back to long locks ^^

Comment by allyssa.

hahahahah heechul feels so stressed because of his hair XDD XDD
yeah…he’ll always be the insane one who always do weird things with his hair… ^^’ he won’t feel satisfied enough with this kind of hair.

Comment by morinchan

hee will always be hee. even when he feels sad,lonely and stressed he will always be this missy person ^^’
nice to know that he’ll never changed.

Comment by morinchan

Shouldn’t it be “Mith Kim” rather than “Miss Kim” ???

Comment by Yoo Mi

@ Yoo Mi:
Actually it can mean both.. I think.. xD

Comment by ilovejr

Ya…By seeing the picture, meant lots of things….:)

Comment by Yoo Mi

I like your short hair.:D

Comment by Jane

Awww the Heenim and Mithra friendship,,
and and I SPOT Blurry KIBUM!! LOL

thanks for posting!! keep up the good job~

Comment by evile-hyung

Oh u too? thot just me… doesn’t he look jealous? hehe

Comment by heechulskitty510

ah, what d0es he write 0n his cyw0rld? 0.o…hell0, i’m miss kim! xD! 0ppa, why d0n’t y0u write, hell0, i’m miss han! xD! just like hanchul c0uple! fighting 0ppa!

Comment by superkids

I love his hair now, but I love his long hair more

Comment by diara

however,he always beutiful,very beutiful,very handsome.hanchul no.1

Comment by Anonymous







i miss u

Comment by cHoPaNgtaekuk

He misses his long hair, Awwwww….Heenim Oppa.

Comment by Ann

Why is that heechul using eye-glasses DX

Comment by Chulie ~

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