Yamaha ‘Fino is More’ Press Conference in Bangkok 080924
September 24, 2008, 11:55 pm
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Fresh out of the oven!

OHMYTEUK. YOU GOT ME MURDERED & DECAPITATED (Okay, I’m exaggerating I know.. XD) !!!! ♥___♥
It’s so cute hearing about Teuk giving back this fan her wallet which she left in a gift for them since the previous time (Did I get it right?).. Bringing it back all the way from Korea AND looking for the owner on stage. AHHH LEADER-SSHI, YOU’RE SUCH A SWEETIE *___* ilusm!

*edited with more*

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Yamaha Fino CF Wallpapers
September 22, 2008, 10:26 pm
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Well okai, they aren’t really wallpapers but the resolution’s almost big enough to be one ^^;;;

Suju-T + Suju-M =

The brown Fino Hyukjae’s on looks really hot.. *__*

Yamaha Fino CF
September 21, 2008, 7:21 pm
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The combined version!!


credits; sushimadness@youtube

1. Fino Teaser

LOLLLLLLLLL Donghee-ya!!!!!! Too cute! Hae’s 0__0 expression is just priceless.

2. Fino Can Speak

Heechul’s 5 (ha) is SO HOT. *___* And Ming’s pronunciation really sounds so Thai.. Does it? Any Thai E.L.F care to share who has the best pronunciation? ^^ It’s so good to see Geng with Happy 😉

3. Fino Fitness

Dongheee. You’re growing on me much. ♥___♥ That scream at the end.. FULL OF WIN!!!

4. Fino Fashion

This is kinda like Hae’s solo CF at the beginning. AKJSKJDKJSDKJSKDJSD.

5. Fino Music

ROFLOLMAO at Hae banging at the Fino. And Siwon. WHY ARE YOU SO INCREDIBLE AT ALMOST EVERY SINGLE ASIAN LANGUAGE. Please bless me with your ability!!!!!!! And Kyu hitting the tires!!!!! HOTNESS!

My favourite.. Has got to be ‘Fino Music’.. Kyu’s so adorable inside!!! 😀 Aish, if only there was another one with all of them but I guess that’s too many people to have the focus remain on the Fino. XD