안녕하세요! ♥

My name is ilovejr, you can call me ilovejr, cos I prefer to be anonymous in the cyber world, lol ^-^*

I type entries here basically to stay sane,
away from all the mishaps of the cruel world!
Muahahahaah XD

So everything here is solely authored by me unless I credit from the original source.

Weird ramblings and Super Junior news, translations, pictures are what you’ll find, well mostly translations of their cyworld/minihompy entries and etc for now.

All related to Super Junior (and perhaps some of my other fangirling fandoms, but seldom), so if you’re an E.L.F. you’ve come to the right place! Do leave a comment if possible! Much appreciated! 🙂

P.S. If you wish to exchange links, drop me a comment and I’ll link you up!
& if you’re taking out my translations etc (for those I allow), please credit me (ilovejr@superduperlove) or ( and link back too! I’d greatly appreciate that! <333 Thank you so much! Of course, I’m up for anyone who spreads the Suju ♥!

Feel free to email me;!

SJ for eternity



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Hey there =) i love your blog…as im also a fan of suju. Can you send me their Cyworld website and the fancafe link to my email? I would appreciate that…Pleasee…Thanks.

Comment by Illuze

@ Illuze:

Annyeong~ 🙂 Thank you so much <3333
Their cyworld adds and fancafe links are available at soompi here!

I don’t have a Daum account so I don’t usually go their fancafes! 🙂

Comment by ilovejr your blog..hmm..mind if i take some of the translation out?? i’ll credit you.. (:

Comment by junna

@ junna:

Hi there! Thank you very much! ♥

Sure, just link back and I’ll be grateful! 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

hey ilovejr, i totally love your blog! it rocks! its nice to have a place to vent… i totally agree with you when you say ” i type entries here basically to stay sane, away from all the mishaps of the cruel word outside!” hahaha 🙂 thanks for this blog and all your updates!

Comment by hana

I LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEE this site. I agree with most everything that you say. And I love how you give me the heads up on what to watch. Suju FOREEVVVEERRRRRRRR.

Comment by mamma mia

@ mamma mia:

I love you for loving this wp too! <333 Thank you so much!! 😀 😀

Suju yongwonhi!

Comment by ilovejr

Hi, ilovejr. I love your blog so much. Thank you for translate a news about Super Junior especially Lee Teuk cyworld entries because i can’t read Korean. Thank you so much to you. 🙂 Do you have a friendster account? Maybe you can add me up.
Goodluck ilovejr. Super Junior hwaiting & love all of Suju members. ^o^

Comment by sakuralove

Annyeong ilovejr. I love your blog so much. Thank you for all Suju’s update. I feel so sad because Lee Teuk close his CY. 😦 I hope he comeback & write an entries again. Lee Teuk oppa hwaiting. Thanks a lot ilovejr. 🙂

Comment by sakuralove

May i trans ur translation to thai???
I will do with full credit

i left this messange for permission

Please reply

thanks a lot^^

Comment by Wawa ^^

annieyohaseyoo…i love your blog soooo much…
i’ve tried searching many blog about suju…
i can’t admit that you’re the best….haha ^__^
i’ll be your most people who open your blog..
anyway…kamsahammida for your effort…

Comment by sofya

im back, but uh, can you post this link for bravely going forward instead of linking to my LJ itself? ^^;;;
thanks (=

Comment by Furura

hi ilovejr.. i knew sayuu at ym and she told me that you two are friends.. i hope we would be friends also..
i thank you so much for your blog bec. im always updated with super junior!!

Comment by wenela

@ sakuralove:
Lol, my friendster’s dead. XD HAHA.

@ Wawa^:
I’m so so sorry for this late reply! Yes, it’s not a problem if you credit me fully ^^ That’s all I ask for~ 😀

@ sofya:
Thank you so much <333

@ Furura:
Edited 😀

@ wenela:
Ahhh coolio moolio! Thank you so much for coming here and keeping this place alive too <333

Comment by ilovejr

can I translate to polish your translation of suju cyworld entries? of course with full credit, link. I’ll give link to my translation. I won’t post them befor U’ll allowed me to do this.

Comment by pink_kafka

@ pink_kafka:
Sure, you can! 😀

Comment by ilovejr

hi i linked u at my site, hope you dont mind 🙂 if you could, link me too ya!

Comment by Apple

1st time that i will comment in wordpress.
as i didn’t join wordpress, i wonder that can i post a comment ? ^^”
However, i just want to say that your blog and all the entries are great !! ^^
especially for me who can’t understand korean and really want the translation ^^”
(so great that i found you blog ^^)
and it’s ok if i translate you translation to post on my website with full credits to you, right? ^^
(i will wait for your reply)
Last, if you don’t mind, i wanna talk to you ^^”
Thanks a lots for all of your trans. THANKS ^^

Comment by kisuki_gift

where are you from?

Comment by Frktooz

because of urblog…i be able to understand suju’s cy entries…thnxs alot!!!
hope u keep on doing it…
it helps alot for those who dont understand korean…
u rock !!!

Comment by arena

addicted to your blog~
*Thanks so much for your translation!!
may i have MORE UFO replies???

Comment by kanginnk

hello there..I’m really a subscriber in ur I’m looking forward to more..:) More Power!

Comment by Elaine

hello…i like your blog about super junior and i am indeed a super junior fan and you’ve done a pretty good job on translating stuff..Thanks!!

Comment by Fizz

hey so I’ve been reading your blog forever, and I just wanna say thank you for all your hard work^^. I know it takes a lot of time and effort to translate stuff, yet you are always so up to date. SuJu is totally lucky to have a fan like you ; ). Thanks so much!

Comment by windowwatcher

@ kisuki_gift:
Yes, it’s okay if you translate into your own language~ Just drop me a comment if you are“ Sure, what’s your email? I’ll add you on msn!

@ arena:
You’re welcome~ I’ll do it for as long as I’m an ELF 😀

@ kanginnk:
I’ll try to translate them when they come out as and when ^-^

@ Elaine:
Thank you so much ♥

@ Fizz:
Thank you~~

@ windowwatcher:
You comment made me smile 😀 ILU! I’m ever so appreciative of appreciative people like you XD (Lol, the world is round) I try to be as up to date as ever, it gets hard sometimes when I’m busy but Suju’s always so worth it, no matter what 😀

Ahh, thank you ♥♥♥

Comment by ilovejr

thanks a lot for your translations. *HUGS* ❤
i feel like i’m getting to know more about the boys through you. ^^
hope you continue to do this.

thanks again!
(btw, i think i’m gonna send you SJ banners for your site sometime soon. just sort of token of appreciation from me. )

Comment by mrskwonjiyong

@ mrskwonjiyong:
I see you like GD! xD He’s my fave BB member too! Lol.. Thank you so much!! ♥


Comment by ilovejr

Hi~ I’ve been taking out your cyworld’s translations for our local English SJ forum~ Thanks to you, we had regular updates on the cyworld and fancafe section ^^

Your site is where I came like,everyday? Haha~ and I found your hardworks are impressive! Esp when I read ur messages saying ur sick and so. Keep up the good job!!

Happy Xmas shopping, I wish u gud health and happy always ^^

Comment by Majestic_Heaven

hai,,thank you so much for your information about sujuuu:)
I’m still at the gate to enter suju world,,you help me he3x
I need more,,
thank u
thank u
thank u
may I know where are u from??
I can’t speak english well:)

Comment by penz

Your blog totally rocks!
Keep up the good work!

Comment by lovekb

@ lovekb:
Hiiii ♥ Thank you so much!!

Comment by ilovejr

I love your website! Thank you so much for all that you do. I added it to my favorites on my internet browser and even added your link to my livejournal 😀

Thank you again! *SUPER HUG!* ♥

Comment by Niko

@ Niko:

Hey there *SUPER HUGS BACK* Thank you so much 😀

You brightened up my day ❤

Comment by ilovejr


i came across your blog & i’m hooked on it already…

thanks for all those sj updates & their cyworlds entries… ^__^

izit ok for me to link ur blog to mine?? so i can keep up..hehe…

thanks ya~~~

Comment by Umeko Michelle

@ Umeko Michelle:
Hi there ^^

Thank you ♥ Sure you can link me up! I’d appreciate it a lot 😀
You’re welcome!

Comment by ilovejr

i loveee this site. 🙂
may i take the translations out?
OF COURSE FULL 100% credits give to you 🙂
u made my day
pls keep up the good work!

Comment by krissy

@ krissy:
Hi there^^ thank you for your compliment! =)
You can take those out which doesn’t say “Please do not take out!”
Please remember to credit and link back though! ♥ thank you!

Comment by ilovejr

Hi, I definitely love your site..
and it’s awesome that I could find all the latest translated cyworld entries of the boys in one place. You’ve definitely done a good work. Keep it up! And, i’d also like to be affiliated with your blog.. if taht would be okay.

Comment by icepluscoffee

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I’m writing to you in the name of the SM Town Europe Project Team. Next week (July 15.) we’ll start the first European project for all the fans of SM Entertainment artists.

We hope to convince SM Entertainment that the European market has a huge fanbase, so the artists will maybe hold a concert in Europe someday.

SM Entertainment will get an envelope with a book full of SM Town Fans from all over Europe. How exactly it works you’ll see on the project website, that will be online next wednesday, the address we’ll give you after your answer when you`ve applyed to the project.

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Comment by SM Town Europe Project

@ SM Town Europe Project:
Hi, sorry to tell you but I’m not based in Europe, if you do need my help in spreading the word, I sure wouldn’t mind!

Please tell me more about how I can help ^^

Comment by ilovejr

i love ur blog.
but still i got confused sometime.
is this super junior official website?
all the entries@diaries are theirs??
they wrote it themselves or wat??

hope u can explain…
kamsaneeda(trying to learn korean.l)

Comment by aina

@ aina:
Hi.. Yes they write their entries in Korean on their cyworlds/minihompies.. And I translate them into English for international fans.. 🙂
And no.. it’s not official ^^

Comment by ilovejr

can u give me their cyworlds link??

anyway, i love ur site..
keep it up!!

Comment by aina

erm…i love ur blog sooooooo much….

can u pls give me the real sj cyworld……

i appreciate it ….

Comment by donghaelover

u’r blog is perfect ~

i thx u very much

about every sj’s news : )

Comment by ida.chirr

hi1there!!! im Princess from philippines…i am really a fan of super junior…i am wishing and hoping that near in the future..hope you guyzz..can come here in the philippines and have a concert here…waiting for u..SUJU!!love u…

Comment by princess

your blog is really cool 🙂
keep sharing^^

Comment by rifni

My MSN need to add me = v =

Comment by chinese-ELF

I don’t know, when will you reply. I very not easy to find TAT ELF’s overseas
I am from China’s the ELF. To add my MSN = v = if can of words, this is my cell phone (– +) 15993789091


Comment by chinese-ELF

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