Kang Jun Yeong’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.12.23 (Rgding the boys)
December 24, 2009, 1:58 am
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Kang Jun Yeong’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.12.23 20:19

Presently (Publish Date) : 2009.12.23 수 Wednesday 20:19

Merry Christmas .

A very upsetting Christmas..

Why do difficult things happen so often..

Hardships that happen..

Not only to me..No..To everyone..To him….

I want to start from 2010, no..From today

Please not let anything bad happen, if we were able to pass by each day with full of happiness…

It would be great..Sincerely hope that this will come true…

Santa Claus!This is my only wish…

Must…..listen to me, please..Now their situation’s very complicated

Their heads hurt, they’re upset and frustrated.

My head is about to explode too..Very frustrating and

After seeing their news..I felt that it was such a pity and was upset..

Please grant my small wish..Please listen to me..

Continuously receiving bad news.

I was really really upset..I wasn’t able to do anything..

So I was even more angry.Please, please..

If they are able to handsomely stand on the stage smiling once again, please help.

I will constantly be praying.

Perhaps they are presently somewhere feeling frustrated, unable to speak..Are upset..

And no one is able to share their burden and sorrows..

Day by day, all those who love them please quickly stand before them..

Pray sincerely..I shall write till here.

Everyone, no, everyone around you might not know..But I know..

From today onwards, as long as always!(We) are able to spend each day smiling would be great.

It’s getting colder by the day.Everyone, please be careful not to catch a cold.

Anytime, don’t forget about the wish..In your will come true!!

Do not worry.Sincere praying will come true..And so..Cheer up and be strong!

E.L.F-nims.. Are worried if all of them will all be able to return well in person once again..

Anyway..soon after..It’ll be Christmas Eve, December 24th.

Although recently, everything has been hard, upsetting, frustrating, complicated and there’s no mood, but I still wish everyone!

Still..Merry Christmas….

N.B Apparently, Kang Jun Yeong has been the boys’ friend since during trainee days.. And is pretty close to Geng. He was supposed to be the 12th member instead of Ryeowook but got changed..? Anyway if you go to Geng’s Korean CY, you’d be able to see his message and Geng calling him Jun Yeongie.

Hyung, I’ll pray for you and so please be strong~ (Jun Yeongie^^ Kang Jun Yeong)

Source: 강준영’s Minihompy
P.S His words were all stringed together so it’s a little confusing translating them, sorry for any inaccuracies.
Please do not take out, linking back would be fine ^^

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ei, thanks so much for this…
yeah, that’s also my wish for this Christmas…
for now, we can only hope & pray for the best…
first it’s DBSK, and now SuJu…i so want to ask “why those kind of things are happening to them” because it really hurts for a fangirl/supporter like me, but then again i realized i have no right in questioning fate or God with that…so i’m just keeping my faith and praying that everything will be OK soon…i can only hope for the best and let God do the rest…
let’s just be stronger and united as ever to show the boys our love & support…
Merry Christmas everyone! wishing you all a better 2010 for all of us!

Comment by enahh

Hey your comment is really meaningful ^^ Merry Christmas to you too 🙂 and of course, pray hard for the boys. ♥

Comment by ilovejr

this is so heartbreaking .
i guess the management will restrain the boys frm saying anything
so the situation wont get any worser .
media does like to stir things up .
sigh im worrying about the boys situations .
they must be feeling really hard now ><

thanks for the translation .
he gave alil understanding to us 🙂

Comment by yin

Thanks for the trans. This makes me so sad. But it’s always good to see friends stand by you. Hopefully the boys know they are loved and stay strong.

Comment by Heather

It’s just so sad but through this I hope wisdom comes to them through their friends too, about making the right decisions at the right time. ♥ They need to always know that E.L.F. wants the best for them, right? ^-^ Merry Christmas!

Comment by ilovejr

thank u for translating this.

i’m very worried. i hope they have a beautiful christmas. although, it’s hard with situation like this. feel like wanna cry T.T

be strong! hwaiting! 🙂

Comment by niken_neko

You’re welcome 🙂 I know right.. Hmmm, I just hope that love will prevail and they’ll have a happy & blessed Christmas, nonetheless.

Comment by ilovejr

really lovely!
where is hee nim?
he should see this!

Comment by trym

Wow, the 12th member? I wonder what happened to him after and if we’ll ever see him debuting. =o
Even though most ELFs are probably thinking the same thing, it’s… comforting to see the message in words. &&Merry Christmas, everyone~ ❤

Comment by Aste/Sen

That’s what I found searching online xDD It seems like SM didn’t like him very much so he didn’t make it into SJ.
Merry Christmas to you too ♥

Comment by ilovejr

can i take out to put it in my blog ??
thank you ~ ^^

Comment by ShiningBlue

Hi sorry, I’d appreciate it if you could link back instead ^^ thank you!

Comment by ilovejr

I will pray for them!..and I wish Oppa’s and everyone a Merry christmas ❤

Comment by Hollie=D

hey! ah! there is a news, and it says not only Han oppa, but Teukie, Innie, Yesungie, Hyukie and Mr. fish have brougt a suit against SM.

Comment by trym

Yep, I’ve read about this rumour since the day Geng’s news were out, but the Korean news hasn’t reported about it yet so it’s still a mystery. ^^

Comment by ilovejr

what exactly they pursuit against SM?

Comment by sarah

yeah. i know it from my sister d day after news about hangeng. so i search any news about it, but never find one. til now, i keep questioning it’s true or not..

Comment by niken_neko

i love u so much!!!

we wish u a merry xmas

we believe hankyung

Comment by thuyeun

AWWWWW! dis make me very sad. hope they stay strong. keep faith. stand by eachother.

Comment by fishieluuv

oppa your good man by strong in 2010

Comment by neno

This is sad :(.

Comment by Nahby

is geng leaving suju??

Comment by sarah

luv it

Comment by hannah

its broke my heart
and me
i cant bealive this

Comment by pixie

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