Hankyung’s Cyworld Entry 2009.12.21
December 21, 2009, 11:30 pm
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Hankyung’s Cyworld Entry 2009.12.21 22:11

Date: 2009-12-21 22:11 Weather: Mood: *


I am very good right now,I know that you all have been always there!

I love you all~~~

Original Source; Geng’s CY.

N.B* Geng’s fans always say “我们一直都在” (we are always here) and he replied “I know that 你们一直都在” (I know that you all are always here).
N.B 2* The tulip is supposed to represent the mood “blessed” but it’s the default mood when you write an entry so it doesn’t mean it’s his real mood.


I have no idea what this implies. D:

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I hope this is an indication that everything’s resolved…

Comment by Luokeshan

Maybe he’sfine alright because of doing something he really wanted to?
dunno.. =/

Comment by Debbie

haknyung a…


please dont leave suju but if that it the best for u i will always support u…

Comment by she0210

oppa please don’t leave us 😦

Comment by debby

oh gosh, he sounds really happy that I’m starting to get even more worried!!

Comment by monica

idk ah! dizzy

Comment by hee123hee

What is his cyworld address? Is this one from his Chinese cy?

Comment by Choonit

Yep his Chinese cy. ^^ you need a cyworld cn account to view it though.

Comment by ilovejr

that site is written in korean right?hahahha…having a hard time to understand those words…’z

Comment by suju134eva

thank you so much for posting these blogs…
i love yah…more power to ur posts and to u…God bless

Comment by suju134eva

his mood is flower??? is he fine. i’m confuse and hope that everything is alright

Comment by nc

@nc: the tulip is supposed to signify the mood ‘blessed’ on cyworld but it’s the default mood so it might not imply his actual/real mood. D:

Comment by ilovejr

oh sounds like he’s happy and doing great…
we’re happy for you….
we love u and we’ll always support you…..

~suju rocks~

Comment by suju134eva
that site is written in korean right?hahahha…having a hard time to understand those words…’z

Comment by suju134eva

please update leeteuk cy!
god. this is thrilling.

Comment by nc

He hasn’t made any cy entry about the current issue. His most recent one was about SNSD.

Comment by ilovejr

how do i make a cyworld account?? :'(((((((((( help me please T^T this made my day x) although im still scared. scared. tremblin’ maybe this is just becoz he wanted to cheer his fans up so they dont feel bad!? AHH still praying~~

Comment by Hiroko

i hope he’s alright ..
i’m really worried 😦

we can through this hardship time together gege,
love u always ❤

Comment by aqee.

hankyung gege, i will still with you!!


Comment by chi♥조규현

pls dont leave hankyung…. dont go mr. beijing rice

Comment by lalala

u know?? do u know we are always here? I’m glad if he’s really in good mood^^^^ hankyung oppa!!fighting~~
P.S..I will always support u whatever u do.

Comment by victoria

oppa.. please dont leave us.. huhu..
super junior will not be the same without u..huhu..

Comment by im elf

Hankyung ah~
I hope you’re really really fine.
Dont worry, we’ll always be there for you. Forever. Please dont leave SuperJunior.
Without you, it isnt SuperJunior anymore.

Comment by RACHEL

Hope you’re really feel good.
Don’t leave please…

Comment by yohan_na

I’m really scared i heard kyuhyun want to leave suju,too.

I’m so scared! Suju would change to far, the good news the last days was that kibum want to work more on the 4.Album and now coming so bad and scaring news.


I wanna cry

Comment by Shana

ouh,kibum,kangin and hankyung..i want them back!

Comment by malaysian ELF

… ;-; We love you too.

Comment by Aste/Sen

well at least he’s ok, meanwhile the whole ELF world is freaking out! i hope he doesn’t leave suju, i’ll support hangeng no matter what but without all thirteen it’s not Super Junior, especially without hangeng!

Comment by Ami

i can’t help but express my love and support for him!

honestly because of this whole thing I didn’t get to sleep…
I only ended up surfing.

HanGeng~oppa…we’ll wait!

Comment by leezsha

please dont leave suju!! theres no 13 anymore!!!! we your fans loves you very much! pls dont go!!!

Comment by Ira

kan geng ah! Please don’t leave suju!
We always want the best thing in the world for u!

Comment by trym

Be strong everyone!!!!!!!!! This is not the end so keep unity, everything will be fine.

Even if outcome is not the way we want, please give your blessing to him.

PS: Contiune to trust him and believe him as he is just following his passion toward success.

Comment by Ivy

13-forever.이특 Leeteuk | 희철 Heechul | 한긍 Han Geng (한경 Hankyung) | 예성 Yesung | 강인 Kangin | 신동 Shindong |-성민 Sungmin | 은혁 Eunhyuk | 시원 Siwon | 동해 Donghae | 려욱 Ryeowook | 기범 Kibum | 규현 Kyuhyun

Comment by wnter9011

i cant stop thinking bout this,i hope hankyung is really doing fine.hankyung oppa,please dont leave! I love you! ELF love you!

Comment by malaysian ELF

It’s really going over after Kyu, Heenim, and Teukie deactivate their cyworld, right? Gawdh… I hope Geng’s okay now, must have lots of pressure cause he’s against everything now… Please keep everything update, thank you Sherlene (so I know you’re the right Sherlene^^)

Comment by heechulicious strong…love u 4ever..dont leave suju coz im still love you

Comment by hankyu

i’ve just heard the news that the reason why han oppa did that was he wanted to stop the scandal in china. They said that in some show, Zhou mi was always rude and said bad words or sometimes lied. So han oppa…

Comment by trym

That is absolutely not true. Even so, he wouldn’t use such a serious thing as a lawsuit to cover up for Zhoumi. ^^

Comment by ilovejr

han geng oppa pliz don’t leave suju…
suju is nothin without u’
we’re sad if u leave us…..
please oopa….
we take care of you…..
we are always supporting u…

Comment by Gee Galz Junior Crew

we are suju fans from indonesia…
and we won’t if han geng get out or leave suju…
han geng is the best dancer and singer…
if han geng leave’s suju we can cry all night long…

Comment by Gee Galz Junior Crew

strongly agree ! if one of them leave’s suju, we can cry all night long ..

Comment by mrsSUJU

i definitely agree with you…

SUJU13 4eVa

Comment by sujuforever

han geng can’t leave this group!

Comment by Anonymous

yupz. . . .
SUJU13 4eva . . . ..

Han geng oppa,,

Comment by Jessehime

Yeah . . .

Comment by Jessehime

pls don’t break everything that you’ve done this time n try to think your brotherhood in suju every moment that you created with suju…:-(

Comment by fenny

pls don’t break everything that you’ve done this time n try to think your brotherhood in suju every moments that you created with suju…:-(

Comment by fenny

yah…ur right…
we’re always here to support you hangeng and to suju….hehehehehhe

Comment by sujuforever

Hankyung, keep going,we always support to SuperJunior, especially to u. love u as the way u do.

Comment by LuckyHarmony

so sad :((
How can i do ?
13elieve 😦

Comment by lovesuju1997

I don’t know waht must i say. . . .

I was sad when I heard it. . .

oppa. . .

Comment by Jessehime

hangeng can’t leave SJ. we always love SJ, especially to u, i luv u so much !!!!!!!!!

Comment by iris ngo

Oppa please do not stay a suju. . . do you know I cry knowing you will die a suju. . . I was crying. . . if I have a lot of money I would go to the Korean begged and knelt in front of you so you do not leave and leave ELF suju. . . when I’m sad, I just need to look at your face, then I’ll smile again. . . Oppa I really love you … I love you ………. I beg you not to go. . . Oppa I’ll soon be a test. . . I studied with a sick heart condition, because you’ll get out of suju. . . for the ELF in the world helped to persuade me not to go Oppa from suju ……… Oppa I’m writing this with tears in my eyes could not stop flowing. . . I really love you. . . Oppa you my life. . . how can I live without my life …. Oppa you my soul … how to live my life without my soul. . . Oppa you my smile …. and how I live in this world if my smile is gone ……….

Comment by ayu meilina sari

OMG ! reading your comment is making me cry .. i felt this way also .. just pray for him ..

Comment by mrsSUJU

leave that company but stays with suju 😀 ? open ur own company den! haha ❤ woaini!

Comment by DIONNA

i definitely agree with you girl…

Comment by sujuforever

haha thanks!

Comment by DIONNA

Pls don’t leave suju…
There is no more suju wthout u…
Pls3x… I luv u so much… Suju would be weird wthout 13 mmber…

Comment by aqilah from malaysia

hankyung oppa!!!
plizz don’t leave Super junior

Comment by luluk aulia tachibana

we r here to support u…
this is becoz all my family member and i r love u so much..
don’t u ever think that u r alone..
u still have u family,friends,your dongsaeng and your fans…

Comment by Mira Ervina

hankyung oppa ! please don’t leave us .. i heard that if hankyung really leave’s suju, then hee chul will do the same thing .. hell no! super junior, fighting !!!

Comment by mrsSUJU


Comment by PIKO

there is not much fun seeing suju without hankyung..they would be always great eventhough hankyung is not there..but can’t u imagine their dance without hankyung? and who will cook the beijing fried rice for them..

Comment by misz syamim

hankyung oppa, if you want to quit from suju i’ll encourage you….

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Hangeng oppa!!!! I really really love you and hope everything goes greatly for you and that I’ll always support you on decisions you make!!!! Saranghaeyo!!!!!

Comment by Stephanie

don’t go

Comment by xiu

yeah!!~ we also love u!!~ hope u in a good day !!~

Comment by najahluvsuju

Please leave… We love you very much….

Comment by merve


Comment by jieun

we can need you ,oppa hangeng and i love you 4ever ,see you later

Comment by han soo joong

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