[Breaking!] Interview Transcript with Hankyung’s lawyer about his termination of contract
December 21, 2009, 11:03 pm
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Interview Transcript with Kim Jinwook, Hankyung’s lawyer on his request to terminate his contract 2009.12.21

Super Junior’s Chinese Member Hankyung has filed a litigation at the Seoul District Court on the 21st at 1pm about the effect of his exclusive contract.

Reporters are currently on a phone interview with Hankyung’s (who is in China) lawyer, Kim Jinwook. Lawyer Kim said, indeed he has filed a litigation about terminating the contract with SM, but to whether Hankyung will continue Super Junior’s activities, it has been undecided.

  • -It has been heard 2 types of litigation were filed today.
    “It is confirmed that 2 litigations have been filed against the exclusive contract to not be valid and to terminate the contract. Simply put, the former says to terminate the exclusive contract and the latter is saying that until the exclusive contract is terminated, and until legal effect of the termination has taken place, (he) will be able to act in accordance of temporary activities at (his) own will.”
  • -When did Hankyung prepare for this litigation?
    “This is hard to answer. When the statement is released, it will be answered.”
  • -The main point of this litigation is similar to Dong Bang Shin Ki 3 member’s exclusive contract?
    “Majority speaking, it is almost similar. Hankyung’s contract is valid for 13 years, there are indeed many unfair clauses, so (he) decided to file the litigation.”
  • -Has he been contacting the 3 members of DBSK?
    “I am not very sure. Hankyung will state his own stand as soon as possible.”
  • -Has the first date of the trial been decided?
    “At the moment, not yet. The full situation has been sorted out properly. DBSK’s sequestration contract has been terminated, and the process of applying it to finishing the statement, takes about 2 months. Hankyung does not want to spend such a long time. DBSK’s situation has mediation in between, and has undergone trial a few times, so the time spent has been pretty long, we hope that Hankyung’s litigation will be solved as soon as possible.”
  • -Did Hankyung think of continuing activities as part of Super Junior or will he leave the group?”
    “That I am not too sure. As for Super Junior’s activities, up till now, there has been no decision made.”
  • -It has been heard that (he) plans to have solo activities in China?
    “I have not heard of that.”

Source: here /here
Please do not take out. Email me if you want to. ;_;

N.B; Translated mainly from Chinese but checked against the original Korean transcript. May contain inaccuracies, and I apologize for that.
N.B 2; I cannot guarantee that this is fully true, but I just wanted to translate it so that everyone can understand more about the situation.

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thank you so much for the translation, everything’s still unclear *sigh* hope to hear from Geng T_T

Comment by pennylanechic

so basically, it’s like the same problem with dbsk. 13 years worth of contract is hard!!!! 😦

Comment by readysetdrool

[Breaking!] <– HEART Breaking? ;-;
I guess that's as far as we can hear about this issue… I am hoping for the best. 😦 Thank you, dear.

Comment by starxsea

breaking and heart-breaking Y_Y

Comment by ilovejr

same here..T_T..why super junior also have to go through all this…

Comment by kyurin

True or not… it’s a delicate situation ><
Let's wait and pray for this to end up good…

Comment by Debbie

can i take it out to put it in my blog ??

Comment by ShiningBlue

can i take this out? gonna post at daily kpop news?

Comment by sukira

Hi there, please link back instead. thank you =)

Comment by ilovejr

thanks~ 😀 i will

Comment by sukira

hope everything will be okay..

Comment by liasiwon

cry really hard! oppa..u must thnk of sj mmbrs and elfs!dnt disappointed us…pls:(

Comment by Choihyuk

please… please…

Comment by sukira

oh no!!!!
GO and FIGHT hangeng!!
we’re here to support…
we love you..

~suju rocks~
btw, thanks for the translation…heheh
God Bless you!!

Comment by suju134eva

can you hear the crack ? ><
sigh . what the heck is happening this year !!!
i hate this – -||
hangeng aahhhss ~~~~
im speechless .

thanks for translating !

Comment by yin

i still dont get it T^T huhuuuhu… HANGENG OPPA CANNOT LEAVE SJ TTTTTTT

Comment by Hiroko

I’m so scared
13 forever
plz! Let’s not…

Comment by lovesuju1997

Thank a lot for translation..
Arggh… I still worried..

Comment by Rara_teuki

Is this the stage every SM artists need to go thru after they reached a certain popularity? T.T Keep the faith!

Comment by Steph

that’s an intriguing question.. I wonder if that’s true too..

Comment by ilovejr

(sigh)** still not sure. hankyung-shi!! Plz wipe the tear of elfs.

Comment by victoria

I feel like crying now.
I hope he won’t end like jaechunsu.

Comment by yohan_na

I feel like I got into Kpop at the wrong time.

Comment by Gnauma

oh, God. I can’t believe this. I hope everything gonna be okay.
Thanks for translate and share.

Comment by wulan

It almost seems like Super Junior is slowly falling apart… first Kibum, then Kangin, and now Hankyung?
Who will be Heechul’s prince?
I really hope that SME and Hankyung can figure this out… gawd, I’m dying on the inside.

Comment by Aste/Sen

why terminate?
it’s breaking my heart…
but ~oppa we will always love you!
please don’t go!

Comment by leezsha

without hangeng superjunior isnt the same ]: i hope everything turns out okay.<3

Comment by sunny

i hopr han oppa í fine.
y đi he do that?
sm, i know they r very cruel.
but đi this thing worth?
I only want to see SuJu 13.

Comment by trym

Owh .. God !!
I cant believe this i hope hankyung will be strong !!
No matter what i still love u !!

Comment by HaNnie

ahhh! nononononono!! hangeng nooo!!

when dbsk went through the dispute i was so relieved and happy that super junior is not going thru any of that because suju is my one and only bu tnow I’M GOIN INSANE.

i wish they’d let us know what exactly is SMent doin…if more than one artist complains that means there must be a problem…

suju please be strong and stay together!!

Comment by hanchul4eva

Hankyung.. please dont make this a point where SUJU will split apart… u guys are the only one tat makes me smile and happy everytime i see u guys on shows, concerts, music shows.. everywhere… please dun leave… and suju members.. no matter wat.. dun turn away from hankyung oppa.. understand him n support.. suju ftw!!!

Comment by Xion

[…] [Breaking!] Interview Transcript with Hankyung’s lawyer about his termination of contract Interview Transcript with Kim Jinwook, Hankyung’s lawyer on his request to terminate his contract […] […]

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omg Hankyung better not leave Super Junior T^T He MUST STAY!

Comment by Sunny Ichigo

waaa~! i don’t understand why hankyung has to terminate his contraact. why why why!! :((
super junior wouldn’t be super junior if hankyung will leave!! it wouldn’t be 13 anymore!!! waaa hankyung oppa!! please stay!!!!!!! ://

Comment by monsterr13

E.L.F. keep strong! Though I am a Cassiopeian, I will support you guys & SuJu! We will all get through this! SUJU & E.L.F. FIGHTING~~

Always Keep the Faith. ❤

Comment by Edah :]

Thank you so much ♥ E.L.Fs and Cassies need to stand by each other ❤

Comment by ilovejr

T.T i hope everything will turn good!!!! ^^
i hope suju will 13 4ever!!!

Comment by xiaobear0809

Because of SJ, I become stronger…
Because of SJ, I become braver…
Because of SJ, I become ambitious…
Because of SJ, I feel like moving foward…
Because of SJ, I become happier…

SJ (슈퍼주니아), have change 45% of myself…
I hope SJ can stay as that forever. I dont know whether it is okay for me to request that they will reamain like those SJ that I knew since they dibute. Maybe there’s certain thing that we cant persuade.

However…it is my wish that they will be better soon…

Comment by Bunny Ana

grrrr!!! i hope hankyung will be good…
and i also hope that he would be back to his Suju members.. 😦

Comment by rhej

hangeng gege… meiyo shida.. please fight for your own right!!!!

Comment by munira

everyone, please pray that hangeng gege.. we all will always support him no matter what it takes…

Comment by munira

daaarn it. han kyung will not be joining the other SuJu member in visiting the philippines :(( as well as Kang in and kibum. AHAAAAY :<

Comment by monsterr13

Please dont go hankyung!!!?
(-.-)SuJu isn’t suju without hankyung or other members

Comment by V.I.P

it’s still not sure yet if hankyung is really out in superjunior..if the case was clarified and hankyung cleared all of it for elf…please continue loving our beloved hankyung…and never say he’s not a superjunior member anymore..because w/o him…there’s no super junior..suju hwaiting!

Comment by

han kyung oppa, don’t worry we will wait for you! hwaiting

Comment by iqa

I am sure han kyung has thought it through, weighing all the possibilities and consequences. For him to give such an ultimatum, it must be hurting in his heart more then any of us could understand. Isn’t his overall well-being are of the main concern of fans out there and not if he stays or not?

Comment by Tori

Hankyung 형제 싸움 싸우기!!! AJA AJA!! 사랑!

Comment by kazang

Wish for your comeback. Good luck hangeng. Keep a smile on your face and a lways remember suju. You are still a family.

Comment by Moe

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