Eunhyuk’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.12.17
December 17, 2009, 10:34 pm
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Hyukjae’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.12.17 04:50
In the ‘1’ folder..

Title of pic: daesang.jpg


이혁재 2009.12.17 04:50

Just….that I don’t know what else to say..

Really very thankful…

It’s what we have done…Right?

I really shouldn’t have cried this time…Although I said I wouldn’t cry…

Crying non-stop in 30 minutes…

Thank you…

Credits; BLG


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aww! so sweet! its ok, we(fans) still here!!! as long as you happy that fine!^^ even you cry, its a cry of happinese.. not sadness.. make sure you always cry of happinese not sadness. stay healthy!

fighting eunhyuk oppa!! saranghae!!
super junior fighting! saranghae!

Comment by Ira

this is so

Comment by fuxy

crying non stop 3o minutes??
wahh oppa…

Comment by aj

Psh, Hyuk always cries. =P He looks so young and childlike in the picture, especially with that spiffy crown.
Oh wow, all 13 members are in the photo… it’s been awhile.

Comment by Aste/Sen

eunhyuk he is my hero
Arib .. like suju ..

Comment by nin


don't cry ♥

you've got all those boys with you 😉

thank you for the translations! 🙂

Comment by Angela~♥

aww!!! so sweet!!! eunhyuk oppa, even u cry, its a cry of happiness not sadness. so make sure to cry of happiness always^^

love you! daisuki! saranghae! fighting!

-malaysian fan.

Comment by Ira

yaaa… it’s really nice pic with 13 of them together, even if it’s photoshopped^^.
I miss 13 of them like that.. Hyuk jae… saranghae^^

Comment by heechulicious

what is the occassion???

Comment by Bunny Ana

Super Junior won the Disk Daesang Award at the 2009 Golden Disk Awards.

Comment by Aste/Sen

oh hyukkie,it’s okay if you cry, just remember we’re(fans)here to wipe those tears and cheer u up again…heheheh..FIGHT!!!!!!!

Comment by sujuforever

Aw, it’s okay to cry ^^
Kibum is finally there!

Comment by Julia

shiwon I Love u
hwiting ,,^.<o

Comment by jaysea

O_O A picture with all 13?! Do my eyes betray me?
Awhh, Eunhyuk is so cute, reallu congrats to the boys ^_^

Comment by Stars

stay happy eunhyukshiii… u deserve it.. and you’re doing really great in let’s go dream team 2.. keep it up… fighting!!!!
….. saranghaeyo …..

Comment by taryn,( philippines)

eun hyuk oppa!!
i m glad that u cry becos i m also easy to cry
so u and i have same habit
i like u n i’ll always support u
hope u can read my comment

Comment by peyton

for the 13 amazing boys specialy the re famous even in the arabian maghreb(west).i loove your work &performance *keep on that.saranghae suju.

Comment by arabian eyes

Eunhyukkie, saranghaeyo!!

Comment by ZFC.Fighting!!

It is my first time writting a comment.You are a very good dancer, i am impressed when see you dance. 🙂 :O =) =¤ :#)

Comment by Angela

I guess you are very afraid yesterday night because of Peter…..Peter, he will not come to you

Comment by Angela

i love super junior im a fan of super junior since they debut more blessings will come to all the members of super junior

Comment by bluexah

i alomst cry cuz iam happy
you boys r happy
wish u all gd luck
love you all
for each one of you

Comment by pixie oppa…don’t cry..if you cry we all your fans want cry too..:(…but e.l.f always pray for suju for the future always bright and sucess..don”t give up ok???love u my oppa…

Comment by eunhyuklovers

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by e u n h y u k, eternalsjelf, Roxanne Uy Lee, Loh Jermin, MingJia' :B and others. MingJia' :B said: Wtheck! Eunhyuk really… Zilian pls. RT @EunhyukFacts This STILL makes me kinda sad. :/ […]

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Hyukjae really touch my heart huaaa remind me again with GDA T^T and until now I can’t believe that!!! Huhu

Comment by silverhae

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