Eeteuk’s Cyworld Updates 2009.12.09
December 10, 2009, 12:35 am
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Updates 2009.12.09




Call heaven to witness

..Thank you..

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 20:13

2009.12.08 화 Tuesday(2009.12.09 20:13)

..I think it’s alright now..

..I think I can let my mind rest now..^^

..I think I’m the only one who’s feeling like this now..ㅋㅋ


Credits; BLG


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my langguage is broken.. sory if you all not understand, but what would i like want to speak here.. i always support super junior. i not have time want to wait.. because im not a patient. anyway i still wait how long the time..until waste my time hehe.. very funny! very broken! dont laugh if you read my coment.. k just that ganbattedeyyo!

Comment by bob


Comment by kheybae

T-T i wealy wan to meat them (kyuhyun is the first) i wan to go to korea but good for them ther being 1place
P.S:ho can open for me a cyworld adresse? ppelaeseeee!!! i try’d but i don’t live in south korea and i am to young to send them perssonle informashion

Comment by fifi

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