Eeteuk’s Cyworld Updates 2009.12.07
December 7, 2009, 2:25 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Updates 2009.12.07



Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.12.07 04:31

2009.12.06 일 Monday (2009.12.07 04:31)

..Even before debut or now..

..Spending the early morning in loneliness is something which is almost inevitable..

..The time when my heart hurts..^^;;ㅋㅋI’m going crazy..ㅋㅋ

+ 1 photo entry..

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.12.07
In the ‘ …Think… ‘ folder..


박정수 2009.12.07 04:26

..I’m right here..

..I’m like a fool right here..

..If I’m right here, would you come?..

..I’m waiting alone and hurting like this..

..Is it alright if I’ll only be here now?..

..I’m waiting..I’ll keep that spot for you..

Credits; BLG


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aww Teukie T_T why are you always sad, sigh, I wish for you to be happy but it’s your choice to feel that way, hope you’ll feel better soon. please don’t say your heart hurts T_T

thanks for the translation!!

Comment by pennylanechic

ckckck..why you always sad?
you always sigh, in every moment i read your cyworld?
don’t hurt yourself with all of your words

Comment by kicha

Does Teukie really have a girl friend…?
Feel sooo happy if he does…
Teukie… Fighting!!

Thank u for sharing, ❤

Comment by heechulicious

omgomgomg is he still talking about his first and only girlfriend??? omgomgomg girl u gotta get back with him seriously!!!!

Comment by dora the explorer

Oh noooo. ><

Comment by Allyssa

oppa, are you waiting for me or… is it someone else? T_T

don’t feel bad… everything happens for a reason!

Comment by nemiXX

he kept thinking about his ex…..
she was two-timing……..
you can watch kang shim jang to find out
i saw his expression on a show where is said that he had a hard time…..even got sick

and now he’s telling the story again…….that hurts also

hope he’ll find someone soon

Comment by Anonymous

teukie oppa…!! I thought you get over her…I dont want you to feel sad…My wish for you is that you can get a great GF…a gf that can replace your ex totally…=(
but again, first love always make you hurt the most….

Comment by merryyuna

I feel soo sad if he is sad and lonely like this…
I wish I could talk to him in cyworld. but I could not understand korean…I am learning though…^^

Comment by merryyuna

oppa please dont crying………. if you cry…….. me to cry

Comment by ayu meilina sari

mr. Leeteuk, i’m advising you to move on, i know it’s hard but life must go on… just think of those people who loves you especially to your fans and family…hehehhe…maybe she’s not the right girl for you but i understand ur situation.huhuhuhh…. I can’t blame you because aas everyone saya, First Love never Dies…


P.S “LOving is not Owning”

~Suju Rocks~

Comment by suju134eva

fight oppaa… ^_^
we always support u…

Comment by meddii

why,why,why! why are you sad

Comment by iqa

ouch i feel hurt too don’t worry teuk…i’m here for
you i will always love you mwuuuaaahhh….figthing

Comment by elena

oppa! even if i tell you not to be sad, i know it wouldn’t help a lot.. people can’t avoid that emotion… i just want you to know that we ELFs will always be here to support you even through hard times…

you can’t force yourself to move on, but time will come when you will meet the one who will deserve your precious love

love from the Philippines,


Comment by Gathrun

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