Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.10.11
October 11, 2009, 4:03 pm
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Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.10.11

Saw the most beautiful (thing) in the world, and it only exists in my eyes…And it’s also kept deep down inside my heart.If there’s no ELF, SJ wouldn’t be able to breathe nor will (we) be able to sing.I still have many places where I am insufficient but those who still believe in us, and love us.I really thank you from the bottom of my heart and I love love you all, my ELF
SJ+Pearl Blue=1

Hmmm.. I should account for my disappearance..

I probably will start updating less, school is stressing me much plus exams are coming!! *facepalms*.. I hope to make a full return soon, but I will try my best, I’m so sorry D:

And of course, I’ll definitely be back once in a while ^^Thank you all for your support!!


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Comment by kgkkgk

thz for your upload

Comment by supertonior

thanks for the translation!!

aww as expected of Hae, so thoughtful, but I would also be overwhelmed with the pearl sapphire blue sea if I were them, ELF’s support is really the best!

Comment by Mai

a whole stretch of sapphire blue……..
proud ELF here.. ^^

Comment by umekomichelle

OMG!donghae your so sweet
i love u!!

Comment by your fan

Woooow….. Donghae oppa is very nice guy….. ELF love you too…. ^^

Comment by Ichigo

I love you, Lee Donghae Oppa!!!
Zee+Donghae=LOVE! (yeah right!)
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Comment by SuperZee123

ilovejr fighting! ;] Good luck on your exams~

Hae is so nice. (:

Comment by Aste/Sen

Fighting for you exam..besides, your performance on Dream Concert are the best performance..

Comment by miszrain

i love love love u tooo donghae ❤
n love suju forever!!
n keep supporting u guys.. all the way!!

n thanx for translating all d updates.. really appreciate it.. please continue what ur doin now.. 😀

Comment by papperoni666

awwww donghae oppa is so sweet….that is right SJ+Pearl Blue=1

Comment by AnnaSuJu

Sarang Haeyo Super Junior oppas=Super Junior 15 members

Comment by AnnaSuJu

Donghae’s always so sweet ^^

Comment by yinghui

Thanks for the update and good luck on your exams.

Sweet Donghae-sshi. SJ + Pearl Blue = 1 Forever. SJ fighting!!

Comment by Rayneweather

i hope that word, is from the bottom of ur heart..

thank’s become funny..

Comment by DSJ

thank you for everything dear. u’ve done great.
it’s is always 1st 🙂
anyway.. i love SJ always. SJ+pearl blue will always be ONE

Comment by hazel

Thank you for everything and good luck !!!!!! Donghae thank you, thank you all you have done for us, we love you!

Comment by Thida

lee donghae oppa you so cute love you

Comment by rema

we love you too

Comment by rema

happy bday LEE DONGHAE!
saranghae ❤
stay healthy 🙂
i will always support u no matter what:D

Comment by your fan

Donghae oppa! saengilchukahamnida!!
may God Bless U..
hOPE u will happpy alwayzs..

Comment by Qit

Selamat Hari Jadi kepada my beloved ..semoga hari2 yang dilalui sentiasa ditempuhi dgn penuh kesabaran dan keceriaan 🙂

Comment by kim

Happy Birthday!!!
I wish you in good health & may god bless.
I can’t wait for you to come to Malaysia..

Comment by miszrain

I love you so much
happy birthday
E.F.F love Super Junior forever
Super Junior + E.L.F = 1

Comment by fan Suju in viet nam

Happy birthday donghae!!! LOVE U

Comment by val

donghae, i love what you wrote below that picture. Very touching!

Comment by jenny lam

The amount of ELFs there was SUPER KILLER! XD I totally loved it. It was amazing. I wish I was one of them there holding up their signature Peal Blue glowinthedark stick & balloon! T_T

Comment by amasakireyoko

Thnx for the translation~!!
Donghae happy birthday!!

Comment by SaJu

when he said ELFs.. i’m sad. why? for non-ELFs like my friends, she is a fans of Super Junior and Donghae’s post is like thanking the ELF ONLY. she is sad coz her fav is Donghae. And he only thinks and thanks the ELFs. But still, I hope Super Junior will include non-ELFs and ELFs as their fans too. the non-ELFs gave their full support.

Comment by faezzah

belated oppa

Comment by only4sj

saranghaeyo super junior!!~~!

Comment by najahluvsuju

annyong haseyo… donghae sorry for asking.. how to be an ELF?

Comment by Gya Najihah

and… when you and other suju members wanna come to malaysia for the next super show 2?? I’m a malaysian and i really want to pick you up at KLIA… Sepang.. and enjoyfully i live in sepang!!

Comment by Gya Najihah

so sweeeeee………..eet!!!

Comment by Ann_Hash

Donghae oppa!!
your chinese rocks!!

Comment by july


Comment by Super junior Lover

hihiHI! first time here! suju rocks! ahah

Comment by HELLO!

555++ donghae nice to meet you.
i like you and your music very much.
you smart very much.
you look time smart very sing.
love you never die.

Comment by jubjang

Donghae Oppa…

You’re so sweet…

Comment by DongKat

donghae oppa ~~ saranghae ~~~ !!!!

Comment by Fjannah

oppa….you are tooooooo sweet…..i love you forever !!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Fjannah

i like dunghea and your music.

Comment by jub




Comment by mathlover

Saranghae donghae..!!!!:-)

Comment by Hyorin

So cute!!! Super Junior Saranghea

Comment by Super Junior Lover

love this guy DONGHAE~!~!

Comment by cutyamic

hey…if you read this message….i wnat you to see my multiply..

Comment by mathlover

i think we’re considerate as an elf as long as we’re their fan….they call their fans elf right so i am an elf..????? Correct me if i’m wrong..

Comment by angelteuk

ahaha donghae’s so nice.. When will you go back?

Comment by ijat

I’ve been watching all your videos since my fren recommend u guys.. geesh i dun expect u guys to be so damn cool.. from tat day onwards.. ive been in dream everywhere i go.. i think bout u guyss.. how i wish i could have a boyfriend like one of u.. maybe tats wat all your fans wanted right.. can i know.. when will u guys be coming to singapore? i really would love to see u guys perform.. stay cute n cool always ok.. hugssss


pls do email me…

Comment by Shima

wow! where is the concert ?…….
you in thailand . but I happy ^^

All sj so cute

I see on concert sj 28/11/09

Comment by ink

hi super junior

wow. I`m love you much .
thank you
I`m in kuwait

Comment by mona

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