Eeteuk’s Cyworld Updates 2009.10.05
October 5, 2009, 3:42 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.10.05 02:57

..Conditions for a baby face..

박정수 2009.10.05 02:57

..I also want myself to have..a baby face..

..Maintain that baby face!!!!..

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.10.05 02:58

2009.10.04 일(2009.10.05 02:58)

..Closing (your) eyes to feel the happiness..

..Thank you..Thank you..

..It seems like there are still many good people around..

..I’ll become an even more cooler even better person..

Credits; SJBluecn


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awww so cute oppa.. i wanna meet you soon ^^

Comment by jayne

Leeteuk oopa, Fighting^^v
eeteuk oppa r the most Q person in ths world^^

Comment by Puilin

u always have that baby face,oppa…
u r the cutest person in da world…

Comment by aisYah

i love u Oppa..
I Love U like this…

Always Happy…Oppa..
just always being your self
rigth now….

Comment by DSJ

eeteuk oppa ! i love ur baby face .. so cute for u!
stay cute ah .. LOVE SJ FOREVER!

Comment by GuiiWeii

Stay happy, Teukie-sshi!! There are lots of good people around, supporting you.

Comment by Rayneweather

eeteuk!!..i can stop thinking of you..i really really wish that i can meet you forever and ever..saranghae<3

Comment by loveeeteuk

Hurray for non-emoness~

Comment by Aste/Sen

For some reason he never looks the same everytime i see a picture of him

Comment by Amanda

well u can’t change time… ur the oldest out of sj and want a baby face… ha ha… be proud of who u are… u r already cool…

Comment by SuperJuniorLover6666666666

Vous êtes déjà à cette personne si frais et si merveilleux!! More vous disposez d’un baby face so cute!
Leeteuki angel !!!even if you want to become even colder it is even cooler !!
i love it !! I Love U Forever !!

Comment by Thida

oppa fighting!!

Comment by naesaranghaejungsu oppa

awww~~ teukie, you will always have that cute adorable baby face of yours we ELFs love…

i notice mr dimple is back..hehe ^^

Comment by umekomichelle

yay! oppa is happy now! that makes me happy too!

Comment by Catherine ^^

You’re the best in bao yang-ing! 😉

Comment by yinghui

kwechana??God bless you teuk oppa!!!! stay clean and fresh kekeke!!!!! sarangheang!!

Comment by teukielei

love teuk oppa..
cant w8 to see you soon..
i really hope to graduate now and earn my own money so that i can go to korea..

w8 4 me suju…

Comment by rockyged


Comment by peacock

leeteukie teukie tuekie what is this ? suju is amazing and eeteuk is really like a big bro to them he’s the best leader i’ve ever seen he’s doing his job perfecty although from the way he acts he doesn’t consider it as a job but as a family life i really envy suju member they’re 13 member but stil close and teuie is gathering them thank u and take care of oppa yesung

Comment by dinajma

even u don’t maintain that baby face..
u are alwas cute, hahah..
saranghae oppa.. :p ..

Comment by EeteUkiiE_anGeL


Comment by hee zai

oppa so cute!!!
i wanna meet you!!!


Comment by najahluvsuju

You are a baby face already, you can even pass as the maknae..hehe I LOVE YOU PARK JUNGSOO.. I want to go to Thailand on the 28th or 29th..!

Comment by Rosette

eeteuk oppa!!!
so cute!!!~
hope can meet you soon!!!~

Comment by najahluvsuju

just be your self,i love you

Comment by chanhee

teukkie oppa..
would you marry me ?

Comment by mrs. leeteuk

oppa ….. you so cute like baby face …..hahhahahahahhaha,,,,,,

Comment by mimi

Cause I can’t stop thinking about you. You….so…handsome. And Fighting!!!!

Comment by ELFs_VietNam

Teukie!!!!! tôi không thể không nghĩ về bạn. Bạn luôn đẹp trai và baby. Không cần phải giữ đâu vì nó là của bạn

Comment by ELFs_VietNam

teukie oppa!!

Comment by teukie4ever

teukie opaa,sarangahe…keep it up!fighthing!

Comment by vivi

eeteuk oppa always smile 🙂
Fighting !
em se mai cho anh,yeu anh va nhjn ngam anh tu cuoi rang ro cua anh that tuyet!

Comment by Hien_Xoi

hai leeteuk super junior ,you are so cute

Comment by syamimi

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