Heechul’s Cyworld Entry II 2009.09.21
September 21, 2009, 4:29 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.09.21 00:26
In the 2nd ‘天’ folder..

선 물/ Present

김희철 2009.09.21 00:26

Title on pic: 선물.jpg (Present.jpg)

You with me love, I only leave scars

Now, even sad memories are like presents to me

Listen to my story to my story

This song.. This song.. My song..

Credits; SJBluecn


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what does it mean :c aww heechul ~

Now, even sad memories are like presents to me


Comment by minjeee

awww another emoHeechul

Comment by Elmas

heecul oppa:)

Comment by suju'sELF93

sorry,worng spelling~
heechul oppa:)

Comment by suju'sELF93

ahh~ heechul-oppa..

Comment by shiqa

why does it sound so sad :((

heechul oppa fighting!

Comment by only4sj

hhhmmm…interesting entry

Comment by Catherine ^^

thanks for translating heenim’s entries ^^

Comment by a_petal_who_is_jealous_of_heenim's_hands

…….worst song ever playing currently in the background music….irony much?……..PLZ OPPA U SHALL SURVIVE!!!!!

Comment by Sahar

yay! emo again..

Comment by limbang

isn’t this from epik high?

Comment by muvamuvamuva

i think some parts of the lyrics come from epik high’s [e] – 선물

Comment by cinnamon

Hmm, what happened oppa?
Scars??? To who?

Thx ilovejr. XD

Comment by Ae Rin

*sigh* I guess SSII wasn’t enough to get him out of his emo mode. Hwaiting, Heechul-sshi!!

Comment by Rayneweather

its sound like sad!!
why heechul oppa?

Comment by nAJah

Undeads are always here, Pretty Heechul 🙂

Comment by yinghui

huh? what’s happening to him? so emo..

Comment by chelsea47

yoh!yoh!Chul oppa.sarang hae

Comment by tiffany13

not understand what the meaning of that word…but sound like a emo…

Comment by ety

HEECHUL OPPA snff its okay Ill always be here for you hwaiting

Comment by Jrockin_spazzer

oppa why are you like that again it hurts dongsaengs heart!!!

Comment by jemmie

help suju wins over arashi.
pleasee E.L.F! show ’em our power 13=1~!

the battle on again!

please reg and voteeeeee!
you can vote ’em everyday~
so don’t wait till the last moment.

EverLastingFriends hwaitinggg~~

Comment by amalina

Heechul opp

Comment by AMIRA

Heechul’s always advertising for his friends~ xDD How sweet.

Comment by Aste/Sen

he kinda a nice person

Comment by a_nila

hala ka!!! hahaha bigatlan jud n si heechul da!!!! hahahaha. . anyonghaseo oppa heechul kwchana?? keke. . . always take care, , , we will always support suju15/13 forever and ever!!! . . anyong

Comment by teukielei

Hello obba!!i like you

Comment by taka

i like you and your music very much.
you butiful.
you tall.
you smart.and
you sexy.
love you never die.

Comment by jubjang

hee chul… dont emo..sad just for a moment…u are cool n funny man..arent u?? life must go on..chayo chayo

Comment by luv13suju

heechul oppa,fighting!!
your single song make me fall in love in you~

Comment by neoya

hee chul… i like u very always imagine is thats your sister is like your face?how cute and beautiful like u… 🙂

Comment by luv13suju

don’t understand. but what he said was really cute.
2! heenim oppa! I’m back. Miss u so much oppa!
It seems like you r in a good mood these days. Forever be like this oppa!

Comment by trymtc

“Now, even sad memories are like presents to me”
never doubt on that

Comment by allysia

hello kim heechul oppa
nice to meet you.
i like you and your music somuch.

Comment by jub

Oppa!I feel sad whenever you’re sad..

Comment by dia-nna

I would like to reply it..
‘i would like to walkin’ outside when its rain..bcoz nobody can see me crying’ ^^

Comment by Soo Jin

Aw… Heechul!! Feel happy!! dont be sads.. -huggles-

Comment by Stephanie


Comment by Lee Hye Sun

this was taken from a song…so it’s basically a lyrics….

Comment by leynda

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