Heechul’s Cyworld Entry I 2009.09.21
September 21, 2009, 4:20 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.09.21 00:02
In the 1st ‘天’ folder..

웃 기 다 / Hilarious

김희철 2009.09.21 00:02

Title of pic: 한결.jpg (remarkably.jpg)

How’s my mood now..?

It seems like it’s remarkably better

( ⊙ ㅇ⊙)=b

(웃찾사 中)*

N.B* He wrote it in white font so many other sources missed that out. Hopefully I’m right xD
It actually has 2 meanings:

  1. In the midst of 웃찾사 (KBS’ Ootchasa, a comedy/gag show)
  2. In the midst of looking for (my) laughter

Credits; SJBluecn


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Comment by scar-teukkie@

Is it emochul now ? I feel the same atm >.<" weird

Comment by Mara...

what’s going on actually?
is he having a bad mood recently?

Comment by Elmas

wow he looks like a girl again…=)

Comment by Mitch

Great to see Heenim happy…
I’ll try to be Happy too…

Comment by yoo mi

I’ve missed Heechul. ❤ So happy to hear that he's well!

Hoho, sneaky white font; good job on catching that, keke.

Comment by Aste/Sen

wow~~~he’s always pretty…..

indeed kim heechul

Comment by kholquip

aw oppa plz dont cry like the other oppas! U SHALL SURVIVE!!!!! lol

Comment by Sahar

uh you mean what oppa?

Comment by Thida

Oppa looks like yoobin unni X333333 haha. Saranghaeyo oppa…hope you’re always happy =)

Comment by Zijuin

Ahhh, I’m happy if he is happy.
Hwaiting Hee Chul oppa.
Saranghae. XD.

Comment by Ae Rin

jeo neun najah imnida~
saranghaeyo kim heechul!!~
bogo shippeundeh!!~

Comment by nAJah

Pretty Heechul’s back in action 🙂

Comment by yinghui

ur mood looked happy and sad i guess?? but i hope u always happy…

Comment by ety

you seem happy!!
oppa stay that way!!!
i love you!!!

Comment by jemmie

saranghae oppa heechul ❤

Comment by E-zah

u look like women

Comment by athirah

r u feeling happy?
or u just try to be happy so that u can hide the emptiness inside?
what is the meaning of this entry?

Comment by trymtc

heechul oppa still so cute!!!

Comment by Kiyo

I am Peter with question, hello ! Nice to meet you.

Comment by Peter

hee chul sad he did not stop me sad is more fickle side and Han Geng, then he will go back to something like love you forever no one can replace Kim Hee Chul was in my heart that he is monquaf God gave me

Comment by lee han chul

chul him I loved him too but I do not know these lines have to be with him or not but I believe you love me forever

Comment by lee han chul

wish you had the album vol 4 nguoinhung home only has 10 children still support him and Kangin, hangeng, Kibum will return only wish you happiness and fun

Comment by lee han chul

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