Eeteuk’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.09.20
September 20, 2009, 8:53 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.09.20 05:05

2009.09.18 금(2009.09.20 05:05)

..Thank you to everybody, all the Hong Kong fans!!^^..
..Asia Tour Super Show 2..Has ended beautifully*..


N.B* He should be referring to the HK con. xD

Credits; SJBluecn


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Yay, happy Teuk. Watching the fancams from the HK concert it looks like they had a great time and there was so much support for Kangin from the fans.

Comment by Rayneweather

why did something happen to him? lol cuz the way u said it made me question if he was alright. *hopefully he is*

Comment by Sahar


oppa are so happyyyy !!!!

Comment by idachirr

you should be tired you rest well ^ ^

Comment by Thida

not saraghae

Comment by Anonymous

It turned out amazing ^^

Comment by Shanna

I’m glad ^^

Comment by tangerie61

Teukie Oppa! Singapore fans are waiting too haha! 😀

Comment by yinghui

Hi ee teuk oppa! I’m so glad that ur concert had a great result but I am also sad because u choose hongkong but not my country. U know when i heard that u go to hongkong I cried 2days. I know that maybe u can’t come to my country because my country is poor but I really wish that u can think that maybe u can come ok? CAMBODIA WAITING FOR U! Oh! U know I study Korean because I want to go to Korean to meet u one day i’ll be meet u, don’t matter how long! WAIT ME LEE TEUK OPPA! SARANGHAE!

Comment by scar-teukkie@

teukie oppa!!
you look happy!!
you must rest well!!
we always support super junior!!
saranghaeyo super junior!!
hope kangin oppa also be happy!!~~

Comment by nAJah

teukie teukie eeteuk oppa saranghe i love i love i love youve made me feel so alive and i swear lsitening to your angelic voice makes my heart melt…..please cum to pakistan plzzzzz dere are sooo many ppl here luving your songs and suju is the best my love goes out to you i know i may never get to see you but please knoe that because of you i live another day !!!! leeteuk oppa saraghae !!!!

Comment by mingyu4hangeng

안용 핫임닠아
존은 ㅅ힌타 임닏아

when Super Junior will come to Indonesia?

my greeting to Super Junior members ( especially Eeteuk and Enhyuk oppa )

Comment by Shinta

อยากให้ sj อยู่ด้วยวันตลอดไม

love superjunior forever

fan America

Comment by sakapo50

Teukie Oppa.i like sorry sorry..and SJ..and i love you.. ;;)

Comment by Choi rea in

My friend likes you a lot!So continue to make more intresting albums.Love your work always!!I like your smile and cuteness when you are wearing your specs.Haha…

Comment by Minnie

Leeteuk Oppa, Fighting^^v
Support u 4ever^^v

Comment by Puilin

anyonghaseo teuk oppa hehe take care God bless suju!!!

Comment by teukielei

if suju happen to do show at thailand, can you come to malaysia as well? suju fans are here too…!!! love suju!

Comment by anna

oppa! can you please come to malaysia?
suju fans are here waiting you…
please come to malaysia…
please! please! please!

saranghae lee teuk oppa…
super junior hwaiting!!

Comment by teukie4ever

OMG ill love you super junior! i wish all of you the best of luck and i hope that your friendships will stay forever!


Comment by Jenny

suju fans are even in algeria .i wish you performe oneday there.eeteuk you are my favorite one.&you are exactly what the word -eeteuk-means

Comment by arabian eyes

Lee teuk oppa..
hope u fine….
u r cute and i like ur smile also…even though kibum hv killer smile but i like ur..
take k…hope 2 see u diz coming concert at Malaysia and the concert will successfully.
i like sorry sorry n happiness song.
May GOD ALWAYS BE WIF U AND suju memebers and GOD bless u all.
thank u…

Comment by V-Q

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