Eeteuk’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.09.09
September 9, 2009, 3:05 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.09.09 04:24

2009.09.08 화 Tuesday (2009.09.09 04:24)

..It’s now my break..But I’m just staring blankly (?)..

..There’s no meaning if I go anywhere alone..

..Mo..After all, there’s more once my break ends..^^

..Now it’s time to work hard!!!..

..Shooting along is sort of a break..

..If I feel like resting, I might have to rest for the rest of my life..

Credits; OnlySJ13


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leeteuk oopa


sarang hae

Comment by eka

Aaawwww, EmoTeuk is back. His loneliness just breaks my heart. Don’t give up, Leader-sshi, there’s someone out there for you; God will lead you to her in time. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other & doing the best that you can until then. My prayers are with you.

Comment by Rayneweather

oppo!!!! fighting!!! hwaiting!!!
E.L.Fs always beside oppo ^^!
Keep moving forward! ♥ oppo so much :X:X

Comment by SkY


Comment by your fan

leeteuk update photo today in Album Special Move…and..Special Photo…

Comment by Akira_pui

Oh my God.
What happened with Teukie oppa?
Just don’t be sad oppa.

I really miss the cheerful Teukie oppa.


Comment by Ae Rin

Aww oppa*hugs* I hate those sad entries of yours.
Please share up my angel ❤
sarang hae ❤

Comment by Neko

teukie fighting ^^

Comment by che

teukie oppa!!!



Comment by shiera

Gonna rest for all your life…?
sounds so good… but, it’s not good…
Long resting will only end up in crowded place!

Comment by yoo mi

don’t be sad….
don’t give up…
we always stay on ur side…

Comment by nhk_d'ya

Eh, how about family time? :/

Comment by Aste/Sen

Teukie Oppa, staring blankly is not too bad too cause you can reflect on things – and perhaps inspirations for song / lyrics writing will start to flow! 🙂

Comment by yinghui

why teukie oppa always be sad!!
he always give us cheerful but hiself always sad!!
why must be like that!!
so,,we must give him good mood!!
teukie oppa!!hwaiting!!
we all always beside you!!!

Comment by nAJah

teukie oppa..

Comment by Itriah

You will always make me happy and smile.
You’re a spacial idol for me.
Jung soo oppa FIGHTING!

Comment by Jin

You will always make me happy and smile.
You are a special idol for me.
Please fighting.
Jung Soo FIGHTING!!!

Comment by Jin


Comment by anooy-yoon

A wounded heart must be cured by any other heart !
The bad memoies should be erased and replaced by new !
I know it’s very difficult to forget !
But I want you to know that the more you keep that sadness in you heart, more this sadness will make you suffer !
I know how much you suffer, I understand you, oppa !
I know it’s very painful ! Maybe you will not believe but I can feel your pain through your words.
forgetting this difficult time ! One day you meet a girl who will love you, who will be elected in your heart, who share your passions, your happiness for the rest of your life !
The girl who will help you forget all this suffering, who will help heal the hole in your heart ! And it’s with it, that you’ll find your happiness !!
But for this, you must be strong!
If only you knew me,
If only I could be near to you,
If only I could talk to you, in front of you,
If only ….
I could tell you that I love nobody else but you !!
I’d like be near to you to be able to console, to be able to comfort you with my words,
To free yourself of your pain who keeps you from being happy !
I know you’re not convinced of my words to at least be strong !

Fighting Oppa !!

Comment by Thida

ki-bum oppa!… ahnyoung hehe..
and fighting!.. oppa doorl himnae yo…!!!!!! hahah

Comment by bae nanju

Teukie oppa….Ilove you so much…You’ re best leader

Comment by tiffany13

Be strong !!
~~I Love You More~~
~~I love You Forever~~

Comment by Thida

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