Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2009.08.31
August 31, 2009, 7:33 pm
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The boys are back in Koreaaa~

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2009.08.31 03:01
In the ‘…Think…’ folder..


박정수 2009.08.31 03:01

..Time has forgotten about everything..

..Time has taught everything..

..Time is the best doctor..

..As time flows and flows..

..The emptiness of this hole..Can time fill it up..

..The desolation of this hole..Can time fill it up..

..The loneliness of this hole..Can time fill it up..

..Now the time which has turn into memories..

..Missing..Missing…Only missing…

Credits; OnlySJ13


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why what hppen?
nice one though 😉

Comment by a fan

are u okay?
nice one though 😉

Comment by your fan

Sounds Teukie-sshi is getting sad again. I wish I could fill his empty hole with love. God can fill that hole, I’ll keep praying for you.

Comment by Rayneweather

Be strong Teukie!!

Comment by L.O.V

oppa have something in oppa’s heart !!!!!!

Comment by ida.chirr

Teukie Teukie Cheer up!!
Don’t be sad again, we don’t like to see you like this ! Saranghae-yo Teukie Angel Oppa! ❤

Comment by JooEun

Teukie oppa fighting.. i hope the hole gets filled again.

Comment by Ally

whatz going on teuk oppa?
Do you sad again and again?
Please,be strong!
We’ll fill ur heart with love and we’ll always beside u,although u aren’t aware dat we are exist in ur life,
u always in our heart,please be strong!

Comment by Haerie

I don’t know if time can do so much, but I know as time goes by, our Teukie will grow even stronger, and so will Super Junior 🙂

Comment by yinghui

Everything will be alright oppa! 🙂
You’re never forgotten oppa! >.<

Comment by teukie-micky19

what haven??

Comment by MinMI

You know at the beginning I believed in time we can forget everything but it is not only that, it is with the new meeting, with our circle of acquaintances or rather the new person that could help us to forget everything and who helps us guérrit these wounds which are at the bottom of our heart!! You know before about you connaitre I felt sick I wondered even why I exist!! I think even of the death!! But it is thanks to your meeting that I feel mieu now ^^ thank you for all that you have!!

Comment by Thida


something wrong with teuki???

Comment by nhk_yatie

I think teukie oppa is missing someone..
he need someone to love him..
someone to fill the hole in his heart..
I hope he get back his happy cute smilling expression…

Comment by Naomi

teuk oppa…
please be strong…
cheer up…

Comment by nhk_deeya

Jung Soo Fighting!

Comment by Jin

สวัสดีค่ะ ปาร์ค จอง ซู (Sa Wad Dee Ka – Jung Soo)
แล้วพบกันอีกครั้งที่ประเทศไทย (See U Again In Thailand)
Miss U So Much.Love Love.(Rak Rak)

Comment by Jin

Sounds Teukie oppa is getting sad again…
its okay teukie oppa!!!
be strong~~
we all always support you!!

Comment by naJAh

emoteuk turns to poeteuk 😉
fighting, cheonsa! ^^

Comment by che

i hope you will be happy forever in your life…
and be strong..
because it’s our fate…
i know what you feeling nowadays..
but i hope you will enjoy yourself..
together with super junior members..

Comment by iejain

man, i think that all of Super Junior and TVXQ are starting to feel really lonely, and they need someone to keep them company *maybe me* 😛 jk

but i hope they cheer up and now that the girl for them will come soon 🙂 whoever it is….:D

Comment by Anonymous

il faudrait qu’elle arrive le plus vite possible !! mmh eeteuk j’ai écrit une poésie pour toi et j’aimerai que tu le lis c’est un texte qui répond à ton poème !! mais je ne sais pas comment faire pour te la envoyer !! aide moi !!

Comment by Thida

teuk oppa,,,don’t be like a weak boy???????

i will support from your back…

be strong.


Comment by han ji-eun

hmm..I think Teuk hyung’s been worned out lately. Hope he’ll be back with his real shakra. 🙂

Comment by chelsea47

u’r sad like 4ever!! why is that!! ???

Comment by grace

teuk oppa…….time will pass by…^^

Comment by eunhoon

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