Jungsoo’s Cyworld Updates 2009.08.26
August 26, 2009, 3:29 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.08.26 04:41
In the ‘…Jung Soo…’ folder..

..복면달호의 비밀../Highway Star’s Secret

박정수 2009.08.26 04:41

..Super Junior-T period..

..Attempting trot for the first time as an idol group..

..That time, there was a movie filmed based on trot..

..And just at that time, was released..

..As a result of trying to exude a new ‘feel’..We decided to go watch the movie..

..But everyone ended up getting very busy..Always didn’t manage to find time to come together..

..And when we finally found time, the movie ended it’s screening..

..If we went back like that it’ll be such a pity..So we took a memento with the poster with it’s ‘feel’..

..After a dew days..It became news that Super Junior -T went to watch the movie “Highway Star” together..

..That’s right..A group viewing together..A group viewing “Highway Star”‘s poster together..

..Now I can finally say it out..Highway Star’s secret..

..(Then next time everyone should find time to watch movies in private(?)..^^ㅋ)

*Info on the movie “Highway Star”; HERE.

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.08.26 03:48

2009.08.25 화(2009.08.26 03:48)

..Taeyeon called me an Ahjussi…Heukheuk..

..Am I really an uncle?…ㅋㅋㅋ

Credits; SJBluecn
Updates at 4am+ in the morning again.. T_T


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SO they didnt get to watch it xD
haha so leader ssi finally decide to reveale T’s secret LOL

hope they make a comeback 🙂

thanks for sharing
i’m translating to spanish :3

Comment by ALI

hehe no u nt old at all oppa
u r still an angle ^^

bt this story is so cool hehe
and i like this pic too

eunhyuk oppa is cute

Comment by bi

Hahahahaa! XD Leeteuk’s so cute larr~~
No, Eeteukie! You’ll always be an adorable hyunggie!! XD

Comment by amasakireyoko

Aww too bad they only saw the poster…the secret is out! ^^
<333 Super Junior – T! Can't wait for their comeback! ^^

Comment by aliciel

Teukie should really go to sleep early. ><

Comment by :)

“..Am I really an uncle?…” <!??!?!#@!$@$
woah.. honestly for me i think that you've never looked old jungsoo oppa i mean.. you look as if your as young as the other members.. its really not obvious. and does the age really matter that much?

Comment by only4sj

Aw, they didn’t see the movie but the poster XD
haha, oppas r so cute~<3

Comment by Hollie=D

I wonder why he felt the need to let this secret out all of a sudden 🙂 Heechul-sshi’s pants & shoes are awesome! Hopefully they’ll have a comeback soon; I really love their trot songs.

Comment by Rayneweather

hahaha, they didn’t watch it XD
No Teukie, you’re no an ahjussi! ❤

Comment by Amanda Ellery


Comment by Amanda Ellery

eunhyuk oppa and sungmin oppa and all oppa’s are cute!!!

Comment by naJAh

Is Heechul wearing a long skirt? o_O *can’t tell*

Good job, Taeyeon. Kiki~

Comment by Aste/Sen

That was the outing that was featured in Eunhyuk’s Manwon Haengbok’s episode… I think… so cute, so they didnt get to watch after all…
Teukie Ahjusshi… ^^

Comment by Porcelain

…Please tell me that Heechul isn’t wearing a skirt? _-_

Comment by tangerie61

Poor Teukie-sshi being called an ahjussi. You’re not that old!! I remember reading that some little kid called Sungmin-sshi an ahjussi too; the old kid he ever failed to charm. It’s rough the first time you’re called that. 🙂

Comment by Rayneweather


Comment by Rayneweather

Death of laughter !!!We have too much the impression that Heechul oppa carries a skirt!! You would have to set a little of time(weather) to sleep that is obvious that you are tired but you are always so good-looking lol!!
I LOVE U all SuJu !!

Comment by Thida

Oh come on, our Teukie Oppa’s too young to be an ahjussi 🙂

Comment by yinghui

even though he is 27(korean age), he has the attitude of a 5year old..that is why we always like to see our angel smile..

Comment by Naomi

human will be old one day soon..
it’s normal..
people will do not look at the age
but your kindness and your smile..
if you smile and be kind in your life
i’m sure that people will love you forever..

Comment by iejain

his smile Gives me the espoire to live in this world that I have never to be !! This smile is the only thing which can help me so that I am brave in my life! Thank you Teuki oppa !!

Comment by Thida

i love super junior very much and i love LEE TEUK very very much

Comment by seinmyamoe

love super junior soooo much ,

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Lil_supladitah

Heechul’s outfit reminds me of the time he was on that Variety Show SK impersonating Ivy… A skirt wud look adorable on him ;p Sarangheyo Heechulie, Teukie, Kangin, Shindong, Sungminnie & Hyukkie…. as well as Donghae, Kibummie, Siwonnie, Wookie, Hankyungie, Yesungie n Kyuhyunnie….. <33333 13elieve Fighting!!

Comment by heechulskitty510

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