Yesung’s Cyworld Updates 2009.08.24
August 24, 2009, 7:38 pm
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Happy Birthday Jongwoon oppa~ ♥

Yesung’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.08.24 04:26

2009.08.24 Monday 04:26[맑음]
Now 행복 (Blessed)

Giving a nothing like Yesung love ..

Many people who dote on me .. For the sake of spending my birthday once a year together

Started preparing presents a few days ago.. And many people who gave me their wishes

Really really really thank you^^

Offering the big love from everyone ..

To my maternal grandfather who went to heaven last week and my parents who gave birth to me^^

I am a very blessed person ^^

Yesung’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2008.08.24 04:14

In the ‘ 하루하루 ‘ folder..


김종운 2009.08.24 04:14

At the concert vcr filming venue..

Yesung’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.08.24 04:12
In the ‘ E.L.F. ‘ folder..


김종운 2009.08.24 04:12

At the concert vcr filming venue..

Credits; OnlySJ13


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wow what happend? is this real? if not .. the one who did this has good makeup skills .. this looks like it hurts =)) but oppa makes it look hot though

Comment by yesunglove


Comment by scar-teukkie@

me too, i was wondering about tat too.

Comment by blue4ever

Saengil chukahae yo
yesunggie oppa~

Comment by Anonymous

Saengil chukahae
yesunggie oppa~

wish all the best for u!
God bless u always!

Comment by Vinacchi

Hi Yesung oppa! I know today is ur birthday but really sorry that I can’t give u any present because I’m very far away from u! I don’t know ur adress so I can’t sent sent gift to u! But only one thing I could do is to wish u, Good luck, Good Health, Good riend, to be more and more handsome. Don’t 4get to relax because I know that all of u really tired, so U might take some pose or come to visit my country Cambodia. I know that my wish can’t be true because my country is very poor, we don’t much thing to welcome u or invite u. But if one day u want to travel voluntery don’t 4get visit my country. If one day u come don’t 4get to contact me by my e-mail KIMBUM21@YAHOO.COM and I’ll do my best to receive and give u the most wonderful trip. Please take care urself. U laugh We laugh., U cry we cry, U hurt We’ll hurt than u 100-1000 times. Love U Yesung oppa! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by SCAR-TEUKKIE@

생일 축하해요! 넌 25넌 입니다! 난 널 행복해요! ^_^

Comment by saranghaeheenim

HI YEsung oppa! I know that today is ur birthday but Idon’t have any present for u because I’m very far away from u. I want to send a gift for u but I don’t know ur address so I can’t send to u. One thing I could do is to wish u good luck, Good health, Good Friendship. Don’t 4get to relax, I know all of u are very tired so u might have taken some pose or come to visit my country . I know that my wish can’t be true but I always wis~h! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Saranghae!

Comment by SCAR-TEUKKIE@

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by scar-teukkie@

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESUNG OPPA!

Comment by scar-teukkie@

wait..hes grandfather died? thats Sad..T_T

but happy birthday yesung!
oppas look sexy in the pictures..hehe =)

Comment by Hollie=D

Awww his grandfather died…

Comment by SuperZee123

Happy Birthday!!!!
we love u,Yesung……

Comment by maythu

happy birthday to you yesung. you’re my biggest idol, who are so cute , so lovely, so handsome. good luck to you in your musical future. i’m so sad that i’m not a korean. but i ‘m so happy that my idol has a very very great voice. that makes me happy and so proud. i wish that you will come anh visit my country someday(VN)…( can you conttact me by banlinhcongai_924^^. hayppy birthday to u……

Comment by Bunny...생일 축하합니다

Hehe, I read this last night, but I feel more comfortable just reading the entries from this site. ^^ ~

Graaaa, happy 25th, Jongwoon! <3ilysm.
RIP Yesung's halapoji. I am very thankful to you even though I don't know you… I hope the family is handling his departure okay…
Today is also the day my ferret died a couple years ago, b'awww.
Yesung's birthday evens things out though; needless to say, today is a very special day.

(Ack, longer than my usual posts~ sorry! :3)

Comment by Aste/Sen

@ Aste/Sen:
Hi there! Wow thank you for your lovely comment. You made my day ^_^ hehe

Comment by ilovejr

Happy Birthday, Yesung-dongsaeng! May this next year be full of God’s blessings upon you & your family. Thank you for taking time out of your special day to update & share with all your fans. I will keep your family in prayer as you go through the grieving process for your grandfather; rest assured that he is awaiting all of you in Heaven and is now happier than he has ever been.

Comment by Rayneweather

love from england
i can’t be with him so i send him my love! ^^

btw. are those real cuts? if not what we’re they doing in the filming? O.o

Comment by plastikxteukie

Saengil chukahae yesung oppa have a good one..
let your 25th rock
and hope all the best for you..
Let SUJU show the world what their really made of in the following years..hwaiting!!!

(oppa just keep in mind that even though people naturally come and go, new people will surely appear and a new experience will surely come in handy)

Comment by only4sj

happyyyy birthadayy!! yesung Oppa,, hpe all the best for u,,

Comment by dytha

happyyyyy birthdayyy,, Yesung Oppa,,
i will pray for u,,
do the bestt,
i love uu

Comment by dytha

I was born in August, too. But unfotunately, I was born on August 28th. And u know what all i always wish for is? I always want to be born in the same day as yours or in August 29th (Beyonce and Micheal Jackson were born on August 29th). But luckily, we r in the same zodiac. Me, u. MJ. Beyonce r Vigro and our zodiac is turtle! OH! They r just so kute!

Comment by trym

Wow – hasn’t he lost weight (not that he was chubby before!)..?
HAPPY B-DAY from Denmark ❤
Got a picture of Yehsung on the 24th in my calender ^.^ Giving me strength!
Yehsung Hwaiting!

Comment by Tine

oh my god they look hot together. someone give me yesung/hankyung fic now please 😀

Comment by diana

Good karisma!!! (I think thats how u spell it…) idk.. but still good!!! And its a good thing that u think u are blessed becuz u are… love u

Comment by SuperJuniorLover6666666666

happy birthday!

Comment by SuperJuniorLover6666666666

Damn~~~~~ I’ve GOT to go to one of their concerts in Korea one day… T^T

Comment by amasakireyoko

Seangil chukae yesung oppa!!!^^

Comment by MinMI

lol…Yesung is just da best when it comes to selcaing lol

Comment by inbar

those photos freaked me out at first,
sad about his grandfather.
Love Yesungie

Comment by anestheticsforana

hi yesung oppa.i know its late to tell you this,but i’ll say it.HAPPY BIRTH DAY!there i said it.what happend to the both of you?! is that for real?!.Coz’ if it is,be careful next time.Remember that you have many fans that is wishing for your good health so don’t let us worry.Be careful on your tours.And i hope that in the next super junior show,Philippines will be included to your list of lots.sarah from the philippines^^

Comment by sarah marie

what happen to ur face??are u okay??
btw happy bday yesung.hahaha
sorry to hear about ur grandfather
i hope u’ll have a wonderful time with ur super friends 😀

Comment by no named fan of urs

woah. cool cuts. lol. …new MV?
….i hope yeh had a blast on his bday ^^
aw, that lovely weird boy ;D

Comment by che

yesung oppa ah
i miss you
now , i’m in Viet Nam
happy birthday
i love u so much

Comment by fan Suju in viet nam

Saengil chukahae
sorry late!!
happy birthday!!!

Comment by naJAh

I know it’s late to say this, but..
Selamat Ulang Tahun (in indonesia)!!! Happy Birthday!!! Saengil Chukahae Jong Woon oppa.. !!!
Wish you all the best for your life and for your career. God bless you.

Love from your fan from indonesia ^^

Comment by owyee

Happy belated birthday! seems like we are born in the same day !! =D

Comment by imane

omg almost died when i saw the pictures…but he’s okay lmao =)

Comment by Anonymous

oppa please stop i wasn’t able to say happy birthday to u in time so don’t remind me with my horible mistake ur amazing and prfect and i think ur the most talented person i’ve ever seen in my whole like and the cutest and hottest(i don’t ike using this word but i have to cuz it fits perfectly to u)
ur amazing and although it’s very very very very very late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY saenel chokamnida oppa and sarang hae yo
and keepgiving me art oppa thank u realy thank u for taking me out from my depression from the damn school thank u became the reason for my happiness thank u

Comment by dinajma

안녕하세요, 예성 .. 호프 연락 당신 한테 .. 난 당신이나 다른 슈퍼 주니어 멤버 … 얘기면 좋겠어요
annyeonghaseyo, yeseong .. hopeu yeonlag dangsin hante .. nan dangsin-ina daleun syupeo junieo membeo … yaegimyeon johgess-eoyo


Comment by Amy

전 예성이 Cyword 여부 또는 아니지만, 다행스럽게도 필자는 기회가 슈퍼 주니어와 함께 채팅을 할 수 있는지 .. 아니에요 ..
jeon yeseong-i Cyword yeobu ttoneun anijiman, dahaengseuleobgedo piljaneun gihoega syupeo junieowa hamkke chaeting-eul hal su issneunji .. anieyo ..

Comment by Amy

hi super junior
how are you friend ?good ok .
yesung oppa ah
i miss you
now , i’m in Viet Nam
happy birthday
i love u so much

I`m love you song now .
thank you
I`m in kuwait

Comment by mona

hello!ye sung uppa!KIM JONG WOON UPPA!!!I Love You forever….love you..i want you…sorry..sorry..because..i love you so much…you believing me…pleased!because..i love you forever….forever…i’m in VIET NAM..thank you very much because…while you are in the world…when i hear your song…thanks..remember…i love you..

Comment by kimsumin

oopaa yesung saranghaeyo
love u 4ever

Comment by nicke hyunhwa san

Happy birthday to you!
Our Super Junior Yesung!
Our Kim Jong Woon!
Our Cloud Prince!
We are V-E.L.F!
a small gift for you. It is very small, but it contains all our love for you!

Comment by Phucmilan Nguyen

to 슈퍼주니어 에성!
Happy birthday to you!
Our Super Junior Yesung
Our Kim Jong Woon
Our Cloud Prince

Comment by phucmilan

to 슈퍼주니어 에성!
Happy birthday to you!
Our Super Junior Yesung
Our Kim Jong Woon
Our Cloud Prince


Comment by phucmilan

Oppa, I’m waiting for your K.R.Y Concert 🙂

Comment by Pratiwi Maharani

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