Donghae’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.08.23

Donghae’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.08.24 05:38
In the ‘-SUPER JUNIOR-‘ folder..

동 해 에 서 . . ./At the East Sea . . .

이동해 2009.08.24 05:38


This was the time after we took our cars in the morning . . . and after eating meat ^ ^

Kyuhyunnie’s fans prepared delicious food for us, and we all ate very happily .

Thank you so much ^ ^

Ate until our stomachs almost burst open ^ ^ ㅎ ㅎ ㅎ

Spent very precious time with the members . . .

This is the first time holidaying with the members after debut, and I felt really blessed.

Members, I love you ^ ^

Today is Yesungie hyung’s birthday, from now on you must always be healthy and well^ ^

Yesung  알 라 뷰 (I love you/allabyu) ~ ~

Credits; SJBluecn

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Aww… lol 😛

have fun on your group holiday Suju!!
알 라 뷰!

i see kibummie 0.o XP

Comment by Becky

it’s good for you to take some relaxing time.
hahaha.for sure your really enjoying.
it’s good to see kibum in the photo.

his the member of SJ that caught my eyes.
the bonding of the SJ member is really good…
i hope you’ll continue to e like that..
takecare of each other..

Comment by viper101

kibum ❤ we missed you

Comment by only4sj

Keep the relaxed feeling with you, gets lots of rest & stay healthy – all of you!! Thanks for the reminder about Yesung-sshi’s birthday (even though I’d never forget that :-P)

Comment by Rayneweather

I’ve never seen Eunhyuk look so manly before! o.o
Aha, Sungmin carrying a tray (of meat?) in the back~ it’s so nice to see them on vacation, casual… unstressed… ^^
Kekeke, “allabyu.”

Comment by Aste/Sen

I have a feeling kibum did not renew his contract and that’s why he’s never with them….just my guess, cause I know he loves the guys…he’s just going a different direction

Comment by sofia

i loooooooooooooooooooove the photo!
and i love those guys so much…
can’t stand a day not seeing/ hearing them XD
awwwwwwwwwww. casual photos are L-O-V-E!
yesungie, 알 라 뷰 too… lol (cute hangul-ization, fishie^^)

Comment by che

have fun ya suju!!

Comment by naJAh

happy holiday~
yeah,suju member need –altough just one day– refreshing,
for a moment forgetting all of their activities
happy holiday our oppa!

Comment by Haerie

happy holiday~
yeah,suju member need *altough just one day* refreshing,
for a moment forgetting all of their activities
happy holiday our oppa!

Comment by Haerie

yesung oppa
happy birthday..
hope you always happy and healthy
im happy to hear taht u guys have such a wonderfull holiday..
hope for your happiness and miracle..

Comment by Itriah

i bet they had fun
BTW why does Kibum-sshi look sad/angry?
i bet his not
i made u a video yesung oppa

Comment by Elize

🙂 Donghae-shii, may I love ur soul?

Comment by punbutter

yesung oppa…
happy birthday…..

Comment by patrice

I wonder…why Is yesung out of the picture?

Comment by yehsungrin

waaaa so how come kyuhyun’s fan were there?? and where was kyuhyun???

Comment by syima

above life you need to have a letter solemnly That is probably his uppa Yesung’s children … … I really hope I’ll always need him … … hope I’ll always be happy happy Always remember that look … SU MIN everlasting love … I believe in forever … i love you … forever … forever … forever … and …forever..missing you…

Comment by kimsumin

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