Eeteuk’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.08.23
August 23, 2009, 1:39 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.08.23 04:10
In the ‘…Special…’ folder..

..사랑하는 혁재../..Beloved Hyukjae..

박정수 2009.08.23 04:10

..My dongsaeng Hyukjae whom I’ve known for 10 years..^^

..The first time coming to this place called SM.. A boastful kid as overambitious like Junsu..

..Rap..Dance..He came because he was recommended by a friend who was good in dancing..

..But truthfully..He wasn’t handsome..He looked like a country bumpkin..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

..We took the Number 3 line together on the subway..We took the bus back together..

..Shared many stories..

..Now, we’ve been radio djs for 3 years, and we’ve talked a lot..

..The member whom I’ve spent the most time with..No..My dongsaeng..^^

..The dancer who’s the most best and shining when dancing !!You are the best!!..

..Best in sense and charm..I can only admire you once or twice…

..Your heart overflowing with love for the team..Adorable fella..

..No matter if it’s before debut or now, you haven’t changed..

..You ungrateful fella..ㅋㅋㅋ No matter if it’s last time or now..Whether I have money on me or not..

..I’d always be scratched this way..ㅋㅋ

..”Hyung, you’d pay for it right?”..ㅋㅋㅋ

..”Because I’m your hyung, I’ll pay..”ㅋㅋ

..”Eo?..I came because I thought Hyung was paying?”..ㅋㅋ

..I’ve encountered this countless times, so now I know..ㅋㅋPlease, just pay once..ㅋㅋ

..Our memories of 10 years have been added right here at this place, feels too little (?)..

..Because there’ll be more time to spend together in the future..

..The time we’re spending together now it’s only a moment in the present..

..”Hyukjae-ya, I love you…”♥

Credits; OnlySJ13


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cute ^.^

Comment by Sunny Ichigo

oohhhh~ so sweet.. friendship.. ^0^

Comment by Chiaru2403

awh how cute !
but xD “Please, just pay once..ㅋㅋ”
haha Teukie, you’re so lovable ❤ (and so is HyukJae !)

Comment by Mara...

hello oppo! I’m a ELF. I’m from Vietnam. Do you know???
u are my the biggest idol. I truly love u so muchhhhhh!
I’ve loved u for just 3 months. But… my love for u isn’t little. I can’t speak Korean.And speaking English isn’t very well.
Hoping that u will reply me. Love u ♥

Comment by SkY

Eeteuk so sweet…expressing his love to his Dongsaengs…Eunyuk

Comment by adeline

omg.. teukieee.. so sweetttt 😀

Comment by Yen Yin

this is sooo sweet of teukie~~

he really loves his dongsaengs with all his heart~~

Comment by Umeko Michelle

Teuki is the best leader ever!!
i love them so much.. <3<3<3<3

Comment by h!ld4

i love hyukjae oppa so much

i love leeteuk oppa too ^^

Comment by bi

So sweet of Teukie-sshi. His comments about his dongsaeng made me laugh – “country bumpkin, I came because I thought hyung was paying”. Hyukjae-sshi is a very lucky guy to have such a wonderful hyung as Teukie-sshi and I hope he takes it to heart.

Comment by Rayneweather

that’s why I love you, teuki-oppa!
so sweet… your love and care for your dongsaeng,
you are the best leader! ❤

Comment by iezu

uhh .. oppa your so sweet.. i never knew you wer this sweet ..this made me more of your fan :”> ..

i actually like eunhyuk the most in sj but i dont like them in the sense that i go “gaga” over them .. i mean i dont base my interest towards them just 4 their looks.. i like suju because out of all the idol groups theirs the only ones that do crazy/weird(but cool and interesting stuff)and for me that takes guts

other idol groups are just to worried bout their image and all..

Comment by ilyeuntuek

aigoo…so sweet…

Comment by missaway

they just like brother…..
love each other by their own way…
i always support you all guys….

Comment by tina a.k.a BumbleBee

leeteuk your such a sweet person….

Comment by kyuhyuneach

So sweet!!

Comment by allyssa.

Omo. Teuk-hyung is very caring and obviously, he loves his members (maybe a little more caring about Eunhyukkie?) but let’s don’t blame them. 10 years were not a joke. 😛

Comment by sybil

Eeteuk is so sweet ♥. Their friendship is so adorable; I can’t believe they’ve known each other for so long already! ♥♥♥♥♥

Comment by spazzes

aww, so sweet 🙂

Comment by junglexchild

Awwwwwwww!!! ^_________^ I’m glad Eetuek’s sounds like he’s in a better mood now. Eunhyuk will always be like that, hyung! XD That’s his charm. But don’t worry, you can harass him during your birthday to get you a BIG, FAT present to pay back all the meals you paid for! Kakakak~~~~~~~

Comment by amasakireyoko

Please, just pay once..ㅋㅋ


Comment by yesunglover

ahaha!!you are so funny oppa
but you are still sweet though
eeteuk and eunhyuk hwaiting!

Comment by sjhwaiting

Is there a reason in particular why Teuk has dedicated this Cyworld entry to Eunhyuk? =o
lol@ Hyuk’s cheapness.

Comment by Aste/Sen

Hi lee teukkie oppa! hOW A U?DO u saw my last commen?I really love you very much u must have take care ur health,but if u have free time don’t go to find girlfriend because all ur fans will be very hurt.In one year I’ll go to meet you at Korean so u must wait me.ok?Ha…! but I don’t know where I can see u, How can I find u? Don’t 4get reply me!

Comment by Sungminkie+lee teukkie

teukkie oppa too sweet..he love his dongseng..
10 years of friendship..^^
i love it..

Comment by kim hye-ri

wonder if fishy got jealous or not..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ..

Comment by kyu~rin

i completely love how the boys love each other sooooooo much <33333333333333
saranghaeyo, suju membos. lawl ^^

Comment by che

how adorable!

Comment by Amanda Ellery

Aww man… So touching!!! 😥
I’m loving them more and more each day…!

Comment by Jing

I never wondered why Leeteuk was voted as The Best Leadershii.. He loves his dongsaengs and members so much.. I hope the smile remains.. I want to watch Super ShowII in China..! I love you, teukie..! The smile’s coming back again..!

Comment by Rosette

teukie is the best and cutest ❤

Comment by jae0hee

i almost cried!!
it touched me!!!!!!
eeteuk so sweet!!!
very nice dongsaeng!!!!

i love both of you!!!

Comment by justine mae

eeteuk anyeong!!i’m your fans from malaysia..when you and suju member want to come to malaysia again??how are you??you’re soo sweeet…do you know that in my computer is full with your cute video and pictures…you’re the idol that i most love<3<3…if you have time i really really wish that you can reply me..saranghae..

Comment by loveeeteuk

Love u both!!

Comment by dhenokyu

really sweet hyung..
always give smile 4 everyone

Comment by athirah

Hello eunhyuk oopa .. I’m from ELf Arab – Dubai
eunhyuk oppa You are very cool and handsome .. love you so much

I hope that you visit to Dubai one day ..

Comment by N.T.Y

so sweet of leeteukshiii to treat eunhyukie that way.. i wish somebody would treat me like that.. anyways, i love eunhyuk soooo much.. like, i can’t help but smile when he shows his heart-melting smile.. his smile is so contagious… he’s pretty good in let’s go dream team 2 too.. he’s getting really good at it.. keep it up eunhyukshiii.. fighting!!!

Comment by taryn,( philippines)

eunhyuk is s0o0o cute.. hahha.. thnx 4 translating… teukie’s message is s0 sweet and t0uching.. 🙂

Comment by DJ eunhae

eunhyuk is s0o0o cute.. hahha.. thnx 4 translating… teukie’s message is s0 sweet and t0uching.. 🙂

love suju oppas !! 🙂 SARANGHAE

Comment by DJ eunhae07

hi ! lee teuk oppa! I’m an ELF from Vietnam. i feel so sad when you can’t go to Ho Chi Minh City. In future, I will visit Korea and i hope i can meet you on the han river. specially,i really want to meet Lee Teuk oppa. please answer me when you want!!! Maybe my English is not good so i hope you will sympathetic for me. Thanks much!!!!saranghae!!

Comment by jen

당신 Eeteuk 형제 베스트! Eeteuk 형제는 모든 당신의 남동생에게 니스 더 오래된 형제이다!! 사랑해요!! =]

Comment by kazang

당신은 나의 영웅이다! 나의 우상… 및 나는 영원히 당신을 사랑할 것이다.!

Comment by kazang

sarangeo oppa!!!!!!!!!! how are you now? always pray to god because go loves us!!!!!!!!!

Comment by sharmaine preiah

your so sweet my handsome dimple prince…….

Comment by sharmaine preiah

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