Donghae’s Cyworld Updates 2009.08.23
August 23, 2009, 12:55 pm
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Donghae’s Cyworld Entry 2009.08.23 03:04
In the ‘-Movie-‘ folder..

– ONCE –

이동해 2009.08.23 03:04

It is now 3am…

Because I wanted to watch the movie -ONCE- so I watched it alone…

Together with choco milk…^^

Because I was too busy to watch a movie, even spending my sleep time to watch a movie

is very precious time.

Although I don’t take a look in the mirror when I’m watching movies, but it feels like I’m always smiling.

It’s a very touching movie.

Switching off the lights and watching it alone in the early morning…?? If you watched it with your loved one, to both parties, isn’t it a very cherish able and love-increasing time ??? I have this thought.

If there was no music in this world, it’ll be…extremely … sorrowful.

I’ll really grateful to those who fell in love with music and are able to make music.

Once more, I’d like to be grateful to the movie…

* ONCE *

[edit] Found the imdb description on the movie! HERE! [/edit]

Free Board Section Update:

– Donghae’s Recommended Songs –

Mario – Kryptonite

Mario – Do Right

Akon – Do Right

Mymp – Say you love me

Shayne Ward – Breathless

I shall end here today …I promise to recommend more^^~
Credits; SJBluecn


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is it lover story?

Comment by sasha

Probably a love story related to music, cause on the cover, u can see the guy carrying a guitar case (i think?) on his shoulder.

Comment by Sunny Ichigo

oohh.. one of my favorite movies!
its a love story..
it’s the movie which the song “falling slowly” comes from.. the one sungmin sang in music travel lalala with sunny

Comment by chipskjaa

is that mymp from the philippines?

Comment by moi

i was thinking that too. make your mother proud, right? haha, my mom’ll be soo happy to hear that her fav in suju knows them. xD

ive always planned to watch that movie, once. ive known ‘falling slowly’ for a long time, too. i guess ill just watch it now. ^^

Comment by danielle

mymp sure is lucky that fishie loves their music!
kyaaa! *jealous!* lawl

Comment by che

Donghae-sshi + chocolate milk + movie = a great time. Can’t wait for the rest of his recommendations.

Comment by Rayneweather

donghae oppa..he seems sleepi but he want to watch the movie so badly XD
i love watching movies alone with cup of choco milk as makes you go deep with the movie.

Comment by NenaKaiba

is it the mymp of the philippines?

Comment by kyuhyuneach

if oppa wants to watch this movie so badly then maybe it is nice maybe ill watch sometime..
oppa dont sleep to late often you need your rest when ever you can get it ..
ily donghae oppa :”>

Comment by only4sj

– oh ! wait ! MYMP ?? Make Your Mama Proud?? Philippines???
ooooooh ,,, a bit shocked .. 😀
but that’s nice !! ^^
hae oppa <3333

Comment by

Oh, Donghae’s just too precious! X3

Comment by amasakireyoko

there’s some sort of feeling when he say “i didn’t take a look in the mirror but i can feel i am smiling”

Well, glad that he is happy. XD

Comment by yuanny

‘Looks like a cute movie. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch it alone though. xD Props to Donghae for doing so~

Comment by Aste/Sen

watched this film because of sungmin, and i was touched. looks like hae liked it too. this movie has lots of great music.

omg, philippine music.
filipino pride yeah!
no wonder because MYMP is featured in cyworld music. :))

Comment by gelatin

i also watched movies till early in the morning.specially if it’s a good one..
but kindly try not to push yourself too much.
have a rest if u have some free time.

ur such a romantic guy!!
keep it up!!

Comment by viper101

MYMP of the philippines.i do like their song.
specially I’l never get over you and only reminds me of you

Comment by viper101

Donghae knows MYMP??

Comment by kit

i love this movie too (:

Comment by hunny

out of all of the songs up there i think Mario – Kryptonite was the best .. i mean its really heart felt and it makes me wana be oppa’s kryptonite..

when i heard bout donghae oppa recommending this song i think i listened to it for like 5 times ..haha and its really a nice song nice choice oppa

damn everything that oppa recommends are good stuff.. please do recommend more it also helps bring back old songs that are really timeless

Comment by only4sj

MYMP? That’s a Filipino singer / well a duo. YAY

Comment by Nadine

mymp’s lucky! ^^
i just keep falling in love with suju ^^
…the boys should really come here. i’d burst into blissful tears 😛
PS. thanks much to this wordpress account, i feel so renewed after a long day’s work ^^
jjang! ❤

Comment by che

@ che:
You’re welcome ^^

Comment by ilovejr

ofcourse he knows mymp, mymp is famous actually, even in my country-indonesia- , mymp also well-known here.
i love their song too, and i also love spending night for watching movie.
sarangHAE oppa!

Comment by gingerwoman

i love the part which he said
“Switching off the lights and watching it alone in the early morning…?? If you watched it with your loved one, to both parties, isn’t it a very cherish able and love-increasing time ??? I have this thought”

i hope i’ll be the one~(^_^)

Comment by sharDonghae

wow, suju loves mymp of the philippines?? nice!
aigoo! is this the song that he`s referring to:

Comment by jamy

i mean..donghae of suju. 😛

Comment by jamy

yeah! im thinking also that MYMP is the artist from the Phils. Congrats to Juris (singer) because Donghae loves her song. hehehe… 🙂

Comment by jhesa43

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