Donghae’s Cyworld Entries 2009.08.22
August 23, 2009, 12:37 pm
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My arms hurt from skiing yesterday, and Hae got a new cy.. Plus all his updates, he’s not letting me rest xD Btw, in case anyone was wondering, he didn’t change cy because of hacking and such.. He just said he moved and will upload lots of videos and pictures at his new hompy ^-^

Donghae’s Cyworld Entry 2009.08.21 14:49
In the ‘-Haru-‘ folder..


이동해 2009.08.21 14:49

Hello everyone ^^

I’m Super Junior’s Donghae …

My hompy has moved…to here^^

Previously I got attacked by hacking, now I managed to find back my ID…

This hompy is the only space I am able to share with everyone, so hackers please don’t attack me^^ … O K ? ?^^

Because everyone’s a kind ELF^…I believe in you!

If I get attacked by hacking, the only space I have to interact with everyone will be gone..ㅜㅠㅜㅠ

Anyhow, I’d upload lots of photos and videos~~

I will also share lots of pictures and stories^^….

Everyone who’s always protecting me should I fall, and even if I fall, will allow me to stand up again, I’m really really grateful to you all^^

I’ll become an even more hardworking Donghae^^~~

Thank you…. ^^

Donghae’s Cyworld Entry 2009.08.22 03:27
In the ‘-SUPER JUNIOR-‘ folder..

은 혁 , 동 해 , 시 원 . . ./Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon…

이동해 2009.08.22 03:27

Eunhyuk Donghae Siwon  . . .

Went together with the members to the East Sea (Donghae) .

We had an enjoyable time and our moods were great.

Although I’d like to upload the original photo . . .

I’ll talk about that later  . . .   ㅎ ㅎ ㅎ

Please anticipate photos I’ll upload next time . . . . ㅎ ㅎ ㅎ

Other members next time? ? ? ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ



Column Update (Img title: Donghae Jeju-do.jpg):

Let’s all smile together . . .^^
– H a r u –



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eunhyuk looks funny in that picture haha xD kawaii xD hahaha…

DOnghae hot as usual xD

Siwon!! mwuahahahaha xD

anyway, just a random question..

Does sungmin still update his cy? 😦 coz i cant find anything about him in cy 😦

i hope he updates soon…coz i like him best among suju members 🙂

SUju Fighting! Super Juni-oh!

Comment by Anonymous

Hi 🙂

Eunhyuk looks funny in that picture haha
DOnghae hot as usual…
Siwon! bwhahahahah XD

Random question:

Does sungmin still update his CY? i really wish he does…coz i like him best among suju members 😦

Super junior! fighting! super juni-oh! xD

Comment by chai

@ chai:
Yes he does! But I don’t have so much time to update everyone’s.. T_T
So sometimes I leave out entries.. I’m sorry for my biasness ):

But sj-world has every member’s entries so if you want you can see them there! 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

awww 😦

I hope though if you have time you could update his too 🙂

May i know the site of all suju members entries? coz i typed in SJ-World and a lot of stuff came out and none of them are about super junior hahaha xD

Thanks again 🙂

Comment by chai

dose the picture of them with there shirts off just cut off there?!?! Aww why! I wanna see siwons Abs! hahah!

Comment by Hollie=D

@ Hollie=D:
yeah it just cuts off there, he cropped it. haha that’s why he said he wanted to show the original pic, in original size.

Comment by ilovejr

ooooooooooooo, nonono!
i think all the elfs want to see the original, un-cropped pic!

Comment by applesmoothie

I’m digging the last picture of Donghae-oppa.
Pretty epic =)

Comment by Isrien

Darn those hackers!!! I hope they stay away this time. Great pictures, I’m looking forward to the original pic with all 3 of them. Hyukjae-sshi’s hair looks great, I love that color. Thanks, Donghae-sshi for all of the pictures you’re loading.

Comment by Rayneweather

Donghae~ ^^
What is his new Cy URL?

Comment by allyssa.

can anybody give me a new Donghae’s CY link??

thanks ^^

Comment by heesica

LOL @ that picture being cut off so we can’t see their chocolate abs.
or maybe just siwon’s.
this was really way too adorable. pleading with hackers? aw, donghae! he’s gradually making his way to the top of my “favorite suju members” list.

Comment by diana


i’ll always love
keep smiling n be healthyu ok!!!!


Comment by dee

Oh Donghae ❤
He's so cute, everything about him! LMAO at him cutting out the rest of their bodies in the 2nd pic XD.

(Thanks for translating, I hope your arms feel better :D!)

Comment by spazzes

@ spazzes:
Self-censorship XDDDDDDDDD ROFL.
I fell on my shoulder so my arm still aches but the boys aren’t deterring me T_T

Comment by ilovejr

Yeah, hackers; be nice. :B *smiles with Donghae* ^^
Hahahaa, Hyuk’s so pale in comparison~
Sunglasses and a hat in the water, Siwon?

Comment by Aste/Sen

i watched in you tube the video where SJ are the guest that really makes me cry when donghae was ask about his father.
knowing that he have this kind of heart..makes him more to be a role model.
Donghae work really hard as a member of SJ for sure your father is really proud of you!!!
Always be strong!!1

Comment by viper101 look like they really having fun and enjoying it.
that’s the real them in the photo…no make up.
i love the real features of them.
donghae…cheerup always!!!

Comment by viper101

Donghae why you so smart making us craving that picture for the full size… T___T
Siwon get tanned right? It must be… delicious… hahaha

Comment by otakbolong

aw hun. have you tried warm compress on your arm yet? ^^ hoep you feel better now 😀

…kekeke. fishie’s a pretty mischievous kid posting that cropped photo… he knows ELF would be craving for more XD


Comment by che

happy time there having there..
happy for them..
where i can find suju-world??
please tell me..

Comment by Sher

donghae you cute .. take care

Comment by rei

Donghae you so lovely .. take care <3<3

Comment by remaa

i’ve known super junior for a while… and the more i saw or listen to super junior the more i got addicted. i love your work and sincere and fun personality that you guys always show in every program that i’ve watched.. can’t wait for another brilliant work from my favorite korean group super junior.. fighting and take a good care for your health cause we’ll support you guys as always 🙂

Comment by Jun Ling

super junior, hwaiting!!

Comment by eunhaemi

donghae…do you not have facebook ???

Comment by Adhae

donghae is’t true you kiss siwon ????

Comment by Anonymous

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