Donghae’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.08.21
August 21, 2009, 11:37 am
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This cheered him up a little, he’s just so precious. ♥♥♥

Donghae’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.08.21 04:51
In the ‘내 사랑’ (My love) folder..

기 범 생 일 날…/Kibum’s Birthday…

김향숙 2009.08.21 04:51

Today is my dongsaeng Kibum’s birthday .

So I made a call to Kibum to ask him where he was and he said he was in the office practicing so I ran to meet him to have a chat with him and wished him Happy Birthday and we took a photo together too we had an enjoyable time ^^ *

(You) must always be healthy and just like the picture (always) have a bright smile and become a hardworking Kibum . . .

Happy Birthday! ! ^ ^

N.B *He wrote that whole sentence without any punctuation, lol that cute boy.

Credits; OnlySJ13


Oh man, those 2 boys T__T ilusm!

Happy Birthday KKB 😀

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Saengil chukha hamnida, Kibum! :3
I hope he will spend more time with Super Junior in the near future~

Comment by Aste/Sen

Donghae is such a sweetheart and I’m completely charmed at the KiHae love <333

ohwhatthehae, Happy Birthday Kim Kibum!

Comment by minjee

GAHH!!! Donghae oppa is so ADORABLEE!! <333
Donghae & Kibum oppa hwaiting!(:
Hope your wishes come true Kibum oppa. ;D

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

i miss this couple! kim kibum,happy birthday!

Comment by sujulover

kya…how sweet of donghae…they really are good or maybe best friends…Happy Birthday Kibum-oppa! Stay healthy and happy!

Comment by bella lee

he was in the office practicing… hmm what does that mean? practicing.. guitar? what office? does that mean that kibum is coming back?

Comment by diana

@ diana:
As in the SM Ent office 😉

Comment by ilovejr

!! thank you 🙂

Comment by diana

ommona i forget kibum oppa mianhae..

ohh i like this pic

thank for share

Comment by ajengd.hae

Ah~ So cute!!
It’s nice to see them together. 😛

Comment by allyssa.

Hapy Burpday 2 u .. I wish have a great life n apy always .. Saranghaeyo Kim kibum ..

Comment by Mirqa


Comment by cinta

hepy birthday kibum oppa!! stay strong yeah!

Comment by cinta

They're so lovely !
But where is Kibum practicing for with a guitar ? O.o I didn't know he knows how to play guitar… but he looks good in the picture, even his hair. Lovely boys ;D

Comment by Mara...



Comment by raisa

saengil chulka hamnida kibum!!!
kibum's playing the guitar?
ang hae…such a great hyung!!

Comment by redrumzero

awwww.. kibum sshi i miss him already =(
saengil chuka hamnida kibum ah

Comment by UriSuju


Kibummie is sooooooooooooo cute.
i can’t stop loving him…

luv kihae .. ㅋㅋㅋ

Comment by *v!3w_2aa

@ *v!3w_2aa:
I hope he comes back soon ♥

Comment by ilovejr

happy birthday KIBUM ^^

happy happy n sweet sweet
take a goodcare of urself

Donghae oppa is so cute n sweet
always be a good hyong..

bt where was eunhyuk oppa?

i miis him T.T

Comment by bi

Kibum got chubbier! 😀 And i really hope he could reunite with Suju soon. Missed his killer smile. 😀

Comment by xCS

So cute, I miss kibumie being around

Comment by saranghaeheenim

i think there isn’t punctuation in korean. 😀

Comment by fish

@ fish:
There’s punctuation like full stops and commas and you can break the sentences but Hae left it running on xD

Comment by ilovejr

Happy Birthday Kibum :]

Comment by Sunny Ichigo

Donghae-oppa is so sweet =D
Happy birthday Kibum-oppa!

Comment by Isrien

kibum look soo cute…
miss him soo much… =(

Comment by aisYah

hey, you know when the post is about sungmin. There ia always a person call ‘ming’ right? is that sungmin? or someone else?

Comment by Cara

OMG i’m so happy to finally see his picture! Hope he’s back for good!:) FIRST!

Comment by :)

Wow. It only shows how close they are. 🙂

Comment by cheska

happy birth day my angle wish you will have the best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^

Comment by kis

awww~~ that’s so sweet of donghae!! ♥♥

I think my heart melted. :))

Comment by aramakitokio

happy 22nd bday, kibum oppa~~!!

Comment by Umeko Michelle

wow.. kibum looks fresh and quite healthy.. hehehe.. happy birthday oppa!! stay as handsome as u are…

Comment by anna_q8

How sweet of Donghae to visit his dongsaeng on his birthday. Happy Birthday, Kibum; may God bless you richly in the upcoming year.

Comment by Rayneweather

Aww, Donghae’s so cute ^_^

Happy Birthday Kibum!

Comment by Donghae/Suju Lover

hee… happy brufday ki bum! hope to hear you sing again, huhuhu… kim bum Oppa fighting!!! (^^)

Comment by YOOON

sang il chukahada kibum….we’ll always support you!

Comment by sasha

omo~ what a really nice hyung *love grows*
KIM KIBUM OPPA the mr.perfect, saengil chukka. i miss his performance 😦

Comment by gingerwoman

happy B’day to kim ki bum I hope u not lost of super junior coz u are including to grow of super junior.

Comment by fenny

Donghae is such a nice person. He know how to valued his people around. May he be always happy with his hyungs & dongsaengs. =)

Comment by REMAGnaeADI

SO Cute
Donghae loves his dongsaeng
and Kibum looks sooo happy x3

Comment by xdebstarx

i wish he will spend more time with the rest of suju..more powers to all of you..take care always..:)

Comment by sarah

happy bday kibum! 🙂

Comment by no named fan of urs

Happy birthday Kibum oppa I am sorry it is little late but I want all the same to wish you (normally I already have you to wish on your official site!!) I wish you quite the bonheures of the world!! Are you always also cracking lol!! And DongHae oppa you are always beautiful you remind me to a baby tiger are you too much tank (that give me envy to pinch you cheeks)!!

Comment by Thida

omg, they are really adorable!!! but what about the rest? Did they even show up?

Comment by sherina

may i know the website to donghae’s cyworld?

Comment by may i know?

So sweet it hurts to look at.

Kibum hwaiting!

Comment by Rain

WOoOOOW nice shot …

Happy birthday for kibum << I like him "sarnia"^^

Comment by sibi

OMG ! i really like this pic .. thanks for sharing .. kibum = looks matured and donghae, obviously cute and handsome .. hahas ! wew, really miss them .. 😥

Comment by mrsSUJU

waw you look great toghther like 2 brothers
thats whay i love suju
cuz u made me feel like warm family

Comment by pixie

life, it just a simple word, but it has a thousand of neaning, we don’t know where it begins and when it will emd….there are many kinds of human lives, there a lot of us effected by ourselves, we always adjure to the god without any effort, except success in life, but money doesn’t groe on trees….

Comment by ainalanuar95@y.c

oh i don’t remember…apy birthday…and always success in your life TO…”KIM KI BUM”…and to all groups super junior..always happy with life and career….


ki bum uppa! you please help me tell ye that additional memory uppa stay healthy … .. fed to bed early … and I always love him … love him forever

Comment by kimsumin

ki bum uppa! you please help me tell ye sung uppa that additional memory stay healthy … .. fed to bed early … and I always love him … love him forever

Comment by kimsumin

Kibum oppa! SJ and E.L.F are always beside you! WE NEED YOU! WE LOVE YOU! 4REVER HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! via @twitpic

Comment by Phucmilan Nguyen

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