Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.08.21
August 21, 2009, 2:37 am
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Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.08.21

Sometimes (I wonder) where I’m going…
Sometimes (I wonder) why I am running…

I don’t even know…
I miss you…Dad

And he changed his mood from

2009.08.21 Happy to 2009.08.21 Sorrowful

Credits; OnlyHae
PS1. He edited it 5 (the 1st time the same as the 2nd one) times, as shown below. The first being in a ‘Happy’ mood and the most recent 3 in a ‘sorrowful’ mood. And the last 2 without the ‘I miss you… Dad’
Felt like I needed to add this, because.. Hae is just too precious T_T
Ps2. Happy Birthday Kibum ^-^ I miss you so.

  • 2009.08.21 슬픔 (Sorrowful)
    2009.08.21 김향숙님 대문사진

    가끔은 어디로 가는지…
    가끔은 뭘 위해 달리는지…

    나 조차도 모른다…

  • 2009.08.21 슬픔 (Sorrowful)
    2009.08.21 김향숙님 대문사진

    가끔은 어디로 가는지…
    가끔은 뭘 위해 달리는지…

    나 조차도 모른다…

  • 2009.08.21 슬픔 (Sorrowful)
    2009.08.21 김향숙님 대문사진

    가끔은 어디로 가는지…
    가끔은 뭘 위해 달리는지…

    나 조차도 모른다…

  • 2009.08.21 행복 (Happy)
    2009.08.21 김향숙님 대문사진

    가끔은 어디로 가는지…
    가끔은 뭘 위해 달리는지…

    나 조차도 모른다…


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Agh… I hate to see anyone I care about sad like this…
Too much sadness lately… T~T

Comment by allyssa.

woa, you are right, donghae ah
sometime, we have to run. And i want to fly but i can’t. i’m sad.
happy birthday to kibum

Comment by fly

*sigh* donghae, i share your pain T_T

Comment by cinnamon


No one can bring his dad back, but the only thing we can do is be there for him~

Comment by Christina

Poor Donghae-dongsang, 2 years is a short time, it’s normal to still miss your father. He’s looking down from Heaven watching you and I’m sure he’s very proud of you. One day you’ll be with him again; keep working hard until then and know he’ll always be loving you.

Comment by Rayneweather

He’s so sweet.
Oppa, we love you~!

Comment by Tewki

i love you.

Comment by anestheticsforana

D: I feel so bad about his father. He’d be so proud of him if he was alive. I’m sure his spirit is beaming with joy somewhere for how much success Donghae has had.

Feel the love, Donghae! ❤

Comment by Poptartfishy

poor you. donghae oppa T.T

Dnt cry..
u hav a lot of friends.

everyon one love you

i love you too ^^

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by diana

ah~, hae the ocean boy, he really loves sea, and also his dad 😥

Comment by gingerwoman

Fishy, cheer up!
I can’t stand seeing anyone in SuJu being sad or lonely.

I hope they (Teukie, Hae, everyone who’s been feeling down lately) feel better really soon! T__T

Comment by HyeJo

ah yes my heart aches whenever a suju (and shinee) member feels sad 😦

Comment by che

Poor Donghae. :’c
I’m glad his sad feelings went back to happy~

Comment by Aste/Sen

@ Aste/Sen:
Oh no, it went from Happy > Sorrowful all the way. The latest one is on top. 😦

Comment by ilovejr

Hrm, well Donghae generally isn’t one to linger on sad emotions… he knows that his dad would want him to be happy. I hope he feels better soon. ): ❤

Comment by Aste/Sen

awwwww, i know you do Donghae, kwaenchanha, your father is really proud of you. ^^ saranghaeeee~!

Comment by joanne

Aw, my heart hurts for him.

Comment by sarah

i’m sorry, but happened to his dad?

Comment by Nicole Tan

His father died a couple years back.

Comment by Christina

I am really sad now. TT ^ TT
Oppa, please cheer up. He will always be watching you from above! So, please cheer up!
please E.L.F is always here with you! ❤
Oppa hwaiting!

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

donghae ah,saranghae..
be strong! fighting!~

Comment by sujulover

ommona oppa you miss your father..
keep strong oppa..
dont be sad oppa..

Comment by ajengd.hae

I understand his pain, as I have lost both of my parents. You try to patch it up with laughs, but deep inside you honestly know what you’re feeling. But we know that his father’s looking down, smiling at his precious son. I pray for SuJu all of the time being as they need it. Be strong and hang in there you guys. Much luv from California.

Comment by Akimnio

@ Akimnio:
Wow.. I admire you for your courage ♥
Thank you for your words of encouragement 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

be strong dong hae,,,
everyone in this world when they have enough time they must go…including us so dont be sad..
just move on…

Comment by ety

Donghae oppa , be tough (:
Although your dad is not here with you , but he’s at the heaven looking after you .
He will brings you to the right way of your life whenever you lost and don’t know where to turn to .
And also , he will always protect you to keep on running trough your life .
Your father always proud for you my dear (:
Dong Hae oppa , FIGHTING ! 😀

Comment by hjsrh13

oppa, don’t cry, you wiil make me cry too. The truth is, I have watch a show where oppa said about his father, I cried hardly until can’t stop.
Oppa love your dad soooo much, although he has gone, but oppa dad always watch you from the up.

Comment by Park Hye Seo

dun worry oppa
ur father will know tat u truly love him~
pls b happy again!
we r on ur side!

Comment by Caramel

aww a really touching entry from hae…he looks like a lost puppy (a cute one,tho)…but he’s so strong…it’s alright to miss your dad hae…it’s to show how much you love him and that he’s everything to you…don’t be sad oppa,we’re here….

Comment by dybreed

동해 오빠 사랑해요!

Comment by Donghae/Suju Lover

i also feel thesame.loosing someone who understand,love us a lot is really painful.My father died few years ago and still it makes me cry if someone ask me about it.
Donghae..u work so hard for sure wherever your father is..his really proud of you!!
Be strong!!!

Comment by viper101

I feel so sad about his dad and I know how hard it is to lose such an important person.
My dad died 4 years ago..
And this post made me very sad! What’s up with y’all? [Teukie, Hae]Cheer up! We all love you and no one wants you to be sad..
Love from Romania. ❤

Comment by JooEun

the sentence is really short.
but somehow managed to get me all tear up.
be strong donghae oppa ! 🙂

Comment by LALA.

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