Hankyung’s Cyworld Entry 2009.08.16
August 17, 2009, 9:28 pm
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Han Geng’s Cyworld Entry 2009.08.16 23:41

Date: 2009-08-16 Weather: Mood:

Greetings to Taiwan

Recently, we’ve been all busy with our M’s 2Jib and other performances, activities,, so I didn’t come online often. These few days, I understood that Taiwan has been terribly hit by Typhoon Morakot ,,,I was very shocked after seeing that~~ Firstly I worried about our friends and fans from Taiwan,, and also our fellow countrymen there,,, I hope they will be able to tide over this disaster as quickly as possible,, and rebuild their homes. Let us pray for them together! Jiayou!

I love you all!!!

Original Source; Han Geng ‘s Home


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He’s such a nice guy to be writing about this. I’m living in Europe and even though I don’t have any connections with Asia I’m worried for the people over there these days…

Comment by Mara...

Good to see that he’s writing again…
Let’s all pray for them!

Comment by Trang

Awww! Hangkyung oppa is so sweet! I will pray with you as well oppa! Hope you take care your health as well! I love you too ! (: <33

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

Hankyung is simply too kind-hearted 🙂
SJ-M 2jib – jia you!

Comment by Sunny Ichigo

Hoooold on, they have a second album and I didn’t know?! QAQ

Comment by KishiFishy

Aww…. That was very sweet…! How nice of you to care about them… Keep praying!!! i love you oppa! wo ai ni!!! 사랑헤!

Comment by SuperJuniorLover6666666666

Thanks everybody to Taiwan’s care…..
There are many mudflows and landslides in the mouatains of taiwan I hope everything will get better soon…..

fans in Taiwan

Comment by peimei

@ peimei:
希望你們很快能夠過得更好~加油哦 我在為你們祈禱!相信韓庚也很擔心你們!
真的真的真心希望你們很快能夠恢復正常生活 ♥

Comment by ilovejr

you, hankyung-oppa!
you’re MINE !!
wuaaahhh,babe, you’re so kind..
that’s my boy!!

Comment by teuki'sgirlfriend

wew, he’s in a good mood today.
i’m happy to know that 😀

Comment by gingerwoman

hankyung oppa,you are such a nice guy….so sweet,,,,,,,,i hope you are mine..

Comment by Anonymous

hankyung oppa,you are such a nice guy….so sweet,,,,,,,,i hope you are mine..

Comment by mirae

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