Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.08.13
August 13, 2009, 11:13 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.08.13 19:10
In the 2nd ‘澈’ folder..

티 타 임/Tea Time

김희철 2009.08.13 19:10

One day..

Me, Nassun, Jungmo.. while waiting for Hongsi* who hasn’t ended his schedule

Our dressing is really.. The generation of the reversal of a Fashion Star

My branded indoor shoes.. Slippers.. Hairstyle similar to a brush’s..

HongsiHongsi Hongki finally arrived

Because he had filming, he was the only who was handsomely dressed, then he took out his mobile phone from his pocket

Hong : Hyungs!! Let’s take a photo here for keepsakes!

Me&Nassuni : Oh~ Interesting ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Jungmo : Ah I can’t~ Can’t~ I really can’t today!!

Me : Heol.. You are Oppa Band’s hero? Shut up and take a photo~ㄱㄱ

Jungmo : No, it’s not that;; This way of dressing is too..ㅎㅎ

Nassuni : Yo~ Then go to the salon and get your style done before coming~♬

1, 2, 3

찰칵 (Chalkat**)


Who knew it’d be so blur (-┏)

Anticlockwise from me, Jungmo, Nassuni, Hongsi

N.B* Hongsi means persimmon, and sounds like Hongki.
** The sound of the camera shutter.

Credits; SJBluecn


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Haha Jungmo…
He doesn’t even look that bad!
Nassun needs to shave though lol
Hongki looks cute though <33
Haha… Heechul eating <33

Comment by Tam

so cute of them !
enjoy meal together is a wonderful thing. 🙂
Hee Chul oppa looks so cute~~

Comment by angeline_heart

dont know why jungmo dont want to take photo…
maybe he wearing pink…hehe…
he still look cute…also heechul too…
nassun…aigo…i think he is very messy…
hehe… =p

Comment by aisYah

They look cute~
Especially HongKi oppa!
XDD Heenim looks cute with his messy hair.^^

Comment by allyssa.

Hehehe…. Jungmo still handsome even dressed like that. And Heenim’s hair made him more cute…
Oh, I wanna say thanks to ILOVEJR because always up to date…. I love this blog. Hihihi… ^^
Aja aja hwaiting chingu-ya….. ^^

Comment by Ichigo

Hehe.. Sweet friendship. Heechul oppa, no matter what u wear or how u dress, u r still our lovely idol. Hihi.. Ur messy hair isn’t bother us at all.. 😉

Comment by REMAGnae88Luv

LOL. he complained that it’s a blur… only a little, chulie.

Comment by lynaeina

hahaha, that made me smile!
And they don’t look that bad!

Comment by Amanda Ellery

lolHongki. Well done! : D

Comment by Aste/Sen

hahahah…. i want to see his Chocoball club picture with all the members……hahahahah

hongki is so cute………

Comment by xuan

Even if it’s soooo blur…
Hee still looked Good!!!
Though… Hee looked WEIRD…. 😀

Comment by Yoo Mi

Heechul looks really cute and innocent here^-^

Comment by min-ji

Haha. They’re always so interesting. It’s a time like this that I remember that even though they’re stars, they’re human too. Kekeke~~~

Comment by amasakireyoko

heechul’s hot in the pic..

Comment by anna_q8

uhm! The food looked really yummy!
Heenim oppa was really cute!
His hair has grown longer too! 😀

Comment by trym

aww they look adorable x]

Comment by Sunny Ichigo

oh my god
honggi n heechul oppa
both of u so cute n handsome
love sj n ft~hwaiting

Comment by Anonymous

wahhhhhhhhhh heenim looksssss gooooooooooodddd!!! haha!! i love this pic *^_^*

Comment by emjhei


Comment by Wing.

so cute…

Comment by ety

Wwwwwwwwwwoooooooowwwwwww, the food look so nice!!! i want to!!! heechul saranghea!!!

Comment by Dalili

you sad sad anymore than you do offline and then will return to Han Geng, that if you are sad, then I will be here listening to you offline confided offline I believe I always love you

Comment by lee han chul

chul him today he is still ok but I test it i miss you too if you get my message, please wish me good test offline forever love

Comment by lee han chul

kim hee chul uppa so cute when he smile and eat…he look like happy with their member..he my hero

Comment by nathasya

wahaha chullie eating x’D soo cute 😉

Comment by SHAWOLe.l.f

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