Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2009.08.10
August 10, 2009, 1:09 pm
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Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2009.08.10 00:34
In the ‘보금자리。’ folder..

Ace들의 만남…./Meeting of Aces….

조규현 2009.08.10 00:34 

The best missing star Heenim….

Suju’s Terran Ace Heenim….

But because of his lack of concentration, he can’t play a game for more than 10 minutes

And Heenim doesn’t want to play the game anymore…..

I am slowly luring him into the charm of Star Craft….

으흐흐흐흐흐흫 (Euheuheuheuheuheuh)

Credits; SJBluecn


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XDDD So handsome~
I think Heenim borrowed HongKi’s hair stylist! ㅋㅋㅋ

Comment by allyssa.

Starcraft ! hahahha..
it’s so cute to see both of them smirk…kekeke

Comment by angeline_heart

haha…both my fav…
playing the same game…
but one just give up…
aigo…heechul oppa… =p

Comment by aisYah

owh … my prince ….

kyu … i love you

Comment by KYUKHAE

I love how Kyuhyun still has a geeky/shy side even though he’s so handsome and famous ❤

Comment by rhombic

Both cuties 🙂

Comment by a_petal_who_is_jealous_of_heenim's_hands

i knew it that kyu will post about his heechul hyung playing starcraft. during the intimate note episode, i can feel that kyu really wants to be close to heechul not only in playing the games but also in friendship or brotherly relationship. i’m loving this two. their personalities are somewhat similar.

Comment by garfieldjm

arhhhh~ my two fav in SuJu~ Heechul oppa, u have such an evil smirk, dont spread it to Kyu.. hahaha.. Kyu my chingu, how dare u learn such smirk, dork!~ =) Heechul oppa, dont easily give up to Kyu, u have to learn to keep focus to play. hihihi… Anyway, love u both~ 🙂

Comment by REMAGnae88Luv

I love the way they smiling !
Their expression are so cute 😀
Thanks for translating ! (:

Comment by only13smile

oh! they r both very handsome!
and heenim oppa is smiling.
is this a real smile? a fake smile?
but optimistic has remained.
and, they played star craff, that’s may favorite game!!! 😀

Comment by trym

oh GameKyu oppa…you’re such a sneaky magnae to your hyungs…slowly luring Heechul oppa to Star Craft XD

Comment by Isrien

They love camwhoring so much. XD

Comment by KishiFishy

ahaha! Look at the devilsh Smirks on Kyuhyun and heechul~ XD Heheh~ Love it!

Comment by Hollie=D

LMAO “I am slowly luring him into the charm of Star Craft….”

Comment by OMGWTFBBQ

damn…when does kyuhyun become this hot…..heechul…stop teaching kyuhyun how to become so hot…it’s killing me…!!!

Comment by kyuhyun04

Hahhaha, Kyuhyun is so funny.
He say that Chulie oppa is not good in game.
But he invite Chulie oppa for Star Craft. 🙂


Comment by Ae Rin

Ohhh…those two cuties look like they are up to no good! bwahaha!
Thanks for the translation! 😀

Comment by sugar2n

으흐흐흐흐흐흫 =P
i love that picture of them two ❤
and it's gamekyu once again ^^~ trying to turn heechul into gamechul or something? lol !~

Comment by xitsyou

Hahaha Star Craft ^^” ah Kyu oppa ❤

Comment by TEUKIEholic

I’m just like Heenim, hahaha.
Cute photo! ❤

Comment by Amanda

Nice work, Kyu. xD
Ah, loving Heechul’s new hairstyle~

Comment by Aste/Sen


Comment by bibi

like kyuhyun so much ❤ mwah

Comment by Mrs Kyuhyun

Adorable SMIRK… 😛

The magnae’s power!!!
Beat him in Starcraft, Kyuhyunnie~ah… 😛
Heenim… Fighting!! ^_^

Comment by Yoo Mi

Both of you are really handsome kyuhyun sshi! n_n that’s really cool that you distract Heechul sshi by making him play with you. You’re really a good man and really mature. I’m really proud to be be one of your numeros fan.
Hwaiting Kyuhyun sshi! Hwaiting Heechul sshi! Hwaiting Super Junior! Sarang hae yo!♥
(thanks for the translation n_n♥)

Comment by aechan

so happy to see heenim oppa smile 🙂

Comment by emjhei

thats soooo cute and brotherly~! looove to see them both doing things together. SuJu jjang! SuJu hwaiting! SuJu saranghae~! 🙂

Comment by joanne

wow!they are both handsome….

Comment by jevelyn

omg… that’s hot ♥____♥

Comment by jEnN@

I so want to play vs Kyuhyun xD

Comment by Cat

game buddies kyuchul ftw! XD

Comment by che

both of them look cute and the style of hair also same.

saranghae oppa and all the oppas of super junior.
always be happy and never cry.

Comment by park Hye Seo

Double smirk…LOL
They both look soooo darn sexy!
Oh i miss playing starcraft.
I used to play that with my brother. kekeke

Comment by unachicaloca

I love you Kyuhyun oppa! You rock

Comment by heykyu

kyuhyun ur kyuuute heheheh =)))

Comment by syima


Comment by -deewookyu-

I Love Kyu Hyun very much,so much.I want to be his lover.

Comment by ုုkaylay

hyung I like u but I hate u….dirimu ganteng tpi tak bisa ku miliki….nyesek bngt…..hehehehehehehe

Comment by Anonymous

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