Heechul’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.09.10
August 10, 2009, 1:45 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.09.10 01:03
In the 2nd ‘澈’ folder..

엘 돈 나 / EL-Donna

김희철 2009.08.10 01:03









Heenim who has over a million ELF, with

Hongsi Hongsi (*which means persimmon in English) Hongki who has over a million Madonna 


I am Heenim.. who was initially “Meeting” (마중) then “Don’t Love”  (사랑하지마요) then back to “Meeting” (마중)..



Hongsi Hongsi Hongki who changed his mobile connecting tone from “Marry U” (메류) to “It’s U” (너라고)


Some time ago, I told the members “From today onwards, Hyung will take good care of you!!”

When I wanted to engage in deep and touching langauage!! My mobile rang


(In a) Moment..




Dongsaengs : See.. You only care about Hongki..ㅎㅎ


Me : Uhm.. Ah…. That’s right!! Because that fella is of blood type AB like I am!!ㅋㅋ


In Joong (Yesung) : What? What about me!! Why do you always leave me out!! I’m of blood type AB too!!


Me : Ah.. That’s….ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Ah, Nassun, Jungmo, Hongsi Hongsi Hongki and my tea time has come, I need to go out

As for what happened after, you all can imagine it yourself ㅋㅋ Don’t let it be material for fanfics (-┏)

Because we quit drinking recentlyㅋㅋ







Credits; LoveChul, SJBluecn


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HongChul !
they always look cute together..haha
poor Ye Sung sshi…
lol, hope Hee Chul oppa will take care of him too..

Comment by angeline_heart

poor yesung…

Comment by aisYah

HAHAHA Heechul calls Yesung “Injoong” meaning philtrum! Probably because of his philtrum-touching habit.

Aww poor Yesung. I’ll adopt you in my O blood type club!

And LOL fanfic material, huh?

Comment by thememorybox

MAJOR LOL @ the fanfic material comment~
Heenim = LOVE 🙂


first time to comment here 😀 THANKS SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS ^ ^

Comment by a_petal_who_is_jealous_of_heenim's_hands

hahhaaaaa, yesung.
hahahahahaaaa, that made me laugh soo muchh

Comment by anestheticsforana

That’s good to hear you guys quit drinking 😀
Heechul oppa , FIGHTING ! (:

Comment by only13smile

heenim oppa is back!
the sadness has disapeared!!!
i luv u heenim!!!

Comment by trym

Don’t let it be material for fanfics!

Oh Oppa, you funny one! You’ve probably gave us fans 10 million ideas for our fanfics because of this entry!

Comment by Isrien

XDDD Crazy Heenim~ <33
So mean to everyone! ㅋㅋㅋ Favoring HongKi oppa. 😛
The ending was great! ^^ Always thinking Hee~

Comment by allyssa.

Ahh, Yesung…don’t fret or pout. Start your own club! XD

Comment by sugar2n

hehe so funny ^^ ❤

Comment by teukieholic

i was writing a fanfic when i read this LOL

heechul, please look after yesung too…

Comment by diana

hahaha, that made me smile!

Comment by Amanda

lawl “Hongsi Hongsi Hongki” sounds like… donkey sounds imo.
Heechul and Donkey Hongki (my new nickname for him, as of now) are such great friends~~ aja aja hwaiting! (But don't forget to care for your other dongsaengs too, Heenim. -0-)

Comment by Aste/Sen

Heenim, you realize that by saying “dont let it be material for fanfics,” you’re just encouraging people to write fanfics xD

Comment by bibi

if yesung-oppa make his own club then i want to include that club..
Yesung-oppa let’s start our AB club..
i’m AB too!!!

Sankyuu 4 the translating,,
you’re rock..
Always waiting 4 ur trnslt..
Sankyuu,, sankyuu!!!

Comment by bya

Ah~~~ Heenim quits drinking….!!!
How could I not love Hongki’s pureness…?

Take care also your suju dongsaeng, Heenim… 🙂

Ah~~~ I’m jealous… 😛

Comment by Yoo Mi

I LOL-ed IRL @ the fanfic part HAHAHAHA

Comment by boojaena

heenim…helllooo…injoong???kekeke..quiet d way be nice to can make ur live more colourful…ok good luck heechul…bye..

Comment by ety

haha!!! poor dongsaegns… i wish heenim oppa will also take extra good care of them 🙂 and its good to here that heenim oppa quits drinking.. good for you oppa!!! *^_^*

Comment by emjhei

you should care of all member, right?

Comment by rismawh

kekekeke injoong is jealous of hongsi XD
…..chulla’s always playing favourites! ;O

Comment by che

I love u,Heechul.I’m into
you.You make me fall in love.You’re my whole life.Baby you’re the best part of my day.If I got you,I don’t need anything.You’re my all.With lots of love and I’m waiting for your comment.

Comment by Set Yin Htet

Kiss you give me for enjoyment and delight .Cry Laugh You order me .In order to grieve and gaze yearning , you offer me.But I don’t want you hate me to break my heart.

Comment by setyinhtet

Yesung oppa…don’t be worried.
yesung oppa…

Heechul oppa, i know if u are more handsome n cute than yesung oppa, but don’t push yesung like that.

Comment by Florencia

ah! hongchul, i love you guys so much!!!!(hanchul is also very good)

Comment by Anonymous

like this.

Comment by yuli

Hai heechul,i very like u, because u are cute boy. Tang si neun cheago imnida! Saranghea!!!

Comment by Dalili

if people ask me who the most … I believe that I would be happy to answer him that I believe my most wonderful Cinderella. if people ask who I love most … I will smile and proudly told them that I love Kim Hee Chul my best … especially Kim Hee Chul! … i love you … forever. Forever …

Comment by leehanchul

hee chul I see your tears fall my heart would hurt as I do to this you can forget you or her to Han Geng, then I will come back only love you forever

Comment by lee han chul

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