Eunhyuk’s Cyworld Diary Updates 2009.08.06
August 6, 2009, 3:34 pm
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Hyukjae’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.08.06 06:29


이혁재 2009.08.06 06:29

Good stuff and bad stuff…

Happy stuff and sad stuff…

Laughter and tears…

Happiness and unhappiness…

Love and parting…


Things that coexist….

We are living amidst those…

Hyukjae’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.08.06 06:32

2009.08.06 목 06:32

Tears flowing without emotion…When will it stop…

Credits; OnlySJ13


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Take good things oppa


and i love you

Bi ^.^

Comment by bi1987

ahh thats just sad but true….

i cant imagine ever..(&NG i hope never goin 2 happen)

the moment when they all have to go their seperate ways

Comment by janika

Something wrong oppa? T.T
u look like depress..

Comment by Stalker-sshi

Eunhyuk Oppa seems depressed?

Oppa, cheer up! You still have us, E.L.F. with you! x)
Saranghaeyo oppa!

Comment by katherine42768

oh gosh!!! what’s happening? because of SM ent’? , love ? or what? 😦

Comment by khina

aww…hyukjae~~~we love you~~~

Comment by Kay

awwww it sounds like hyuk-sshi has joined teukie’s depressed days =(

Comment by krystal_tearz

Is he sad about junsu? Hyukjae and Leeteuk are having their down times. Hwaiting Super Junior!

Comment by SHASHA

Aww man why are all the boys so sad.. 😦 Cheer up alright!

Comment by yinghui

Dont cry…
We love you always..
And remember th

Comment by Cka

Why are they all like thiss,,,

Comment by Smile =D

is he now a member of the milky club….

Comment by kyuhyun04

i think so.. lol

Comment by Lee

Eunhyuk oppa , no matter what happen me and all your fans will always by your side 😀
No matter what , we love you 😀
Saranghaeyo ! Eunhyuk oppa !!!

Comment by Xiuchoo

In time, Hyuk.

Comment by Aste/Sen

Eunhyuk is someone who always sees the good side of everything, but I think the whole group is slowly being pulled into depression, because their leader isn’t in the most cheerful mood…

Comment by sxlx

I think you’re right. 😦

Comment by Tine

eunhyuk oppa saranghae

Comment by hanna

My lovely oppa! Keep on goin’
hwaiting! saranghae oppa..

Comment by Lee

T.T what happen with hyukjae??
Omona..maybe it has contact with jaehee??
Im really stress why hyukjae and jungsoo oppa always sad??
Oppa fighting!

Comment by Ajengd.hae

it really beutiful sentenses
eunhuk love you
i hope you navar dont unhappy
practice hard
love you

Comment by nina

yo oppa!! are you really feeling depressed?? dont be!! why are these people keep talking about depression? aigo this situation makes me feel… depressed. (oo) please be happy hyukjae!! 😀 lots of love all the way from Brunei!!

Comment by Eunsaicky

eunhyuk oppa i know the others are busy at china but please cheer up!! we r here always supporting you!!

Comment by monkey

i know u are missing the others member..
why they have 2 make u lonely like the other year…
all suju member should not be separated again..
this is so unfair..

Comment by monkey

hey. anyone knows when super junior’s album will be out in singapore? (:

Comment by Cara

what’s wrong oppa???

Comment by emjhei

i admire you a lot.specially when you’s hardly to believe that there’s a guy..not just a guy but an idol that is so organized like you.
actually your a bit different..and that what makes me admired you more.
continue being such that person..
i wish all the best in ur career

Comment by viper101

wat’s up with u?? oppa dnt be like that!! we love u here!!

Comment by grace

Hi,Hyuk this is my first time to give my comment to you.In Su Ju member, I like you the most.

Comment by Swe Lai Phyo

eunhyuk oppa…
no matter what happen 2 u..
i`ll always love u n support u..
i love ur kind heart, voice, face (in all emotions)
love ur dark secret..
please don`t cry.. it hurt me too (lebay)

Comment by ika zuardi

plz dont feel depress…
i cant appear in front of u now..
but you will always feel that elves’ love
we love u so much…
so plz be a happy hyuk jae…
love u , hwaiting!!!

Comment by Hyukjae elf

You are the best Oppa!!^^

Comment by Pradita

hope you’ll feel better… don’t be sad eunhyukshii… things happen for a reason.. fighting!!! saranghaeyo…..

Comment by taryn,( philippines)

don’t be too sad… just let the tears flow..
we will always be here for you and for SUPER JUNIOR..

always be Happy..

we love you eunhyukkie…

Comment by engotzz

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