Eeteuk’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.08.06 II
August 6, 2009, 11:02 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.08.06 20:10

2009.08.06 목 20:10

..Up till now, I am not used to partings..Although it’s a fact in the world….

..I hate partings…Is it because I’m not matured enough in my heart…

..Should sleep relaxingly…Relax….

..Hope that you will forget about all the pain in the world…And only feel the happiness…

..Although it’s only a short fate..

..Jaehee-ya..You must be healthy in Heaven..Hope that you will give your beautiful voice to many more people..

..Hope that more people will be happy and have happiness…

..And Jaehee’s father..

..Thank you for letting an unaccomplished me.. Thank you so much for making me into a white angel..

..Always live healthily..Thank you so much for letting me get to know such a good man like you..

..Today the heavens showed a smiling face…..

..Praying for Jaehee……………

Credits; OnlySJ13, SJBluecn


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who is jaehee?!?!

Comment by kyuhyun04

Jaehee was a little girl who was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was 10. She had to go through surgery and chemotherapy. However, she really loved to sing and was a really big fan of Star King because she thought it was really funny. She finally got a bit healthier and was able to actually perform on Star King. Eeteuk played the piano for her. So he helped he have her dream come true so he sort of has a special bond with her. Later she was put back into the hospital and Eeteuk visited her as well as Kang Hodong (from Star King). Eeteuk cleared his schedule for her, brought her a signed copy of the SJH mini album, and brought her big stuffed animals and talked with her. Unfortunately, on July 30th, she died. Her father was so grateful to Eeteuk for caring so much, that he wrote a blog entry about how great he was to her for helping her live her dream in her short life. It’s really all very sad and touching. Eeteuk is a really great guy!

Comment by Anonymous

@ Anon:
thank you so much for explaining 🙂 ♥
Jaehee will live in our minds for eternity, as an angel ^-^

Comment by ilovejr

eeyeuk is really sweet.
god bless jaehee.
i think she will become an angle on the heaven.

Comment by trym

I will pray for JaeHee sshi and for you Leeteuk sshi
please take care Leeteuk
God bless you♥

Comment by aechan

So emotional… He has such a warm-hearted… love u Eeteuk..

Comment by Mjbabe

Jaehee is in heaven resting in peace.
To Jaehee’s family, stay healthy & happy.
To Eeteuk, keep on fighting & be happy as we only live once.

Comment by adeline

mmm.. who’s Jaehee..??

Comment by raisa

a young girl who passed away on July 30th from cancer. eeteuk played piano and sand with her on star king, as it was her dream.

Comment by Anonymous

jaehee is a little girl. she was died last month because cancer. when she stayed at hospital, leeteuk always visited her n gave her support. she sang a song with leeteuk in piano. (sorry.. my english is bad T_T)

Comment by hujanrainamebi

You must happy now.
If not, JaeHee will sad too.

Hwaiting oppa.

Comment by Ae Rin

Jae Hee was a little girl who was a cancer…~~~
Leeteuk sshi visited her but she died recently…. That’s one of the things that he is not good this time… :,(
Hwaiting Leeteuk sshi she still always with you…in your heart…
E.L.F are with you too!!! We love you… Hwaiting♥

Comment by aechan

R.I.P. Son Jaehee.

Comment by Aste/Sen

those of you wondering who jaehee is: i found this through google

Comment by diana

Omona teuk oppa..
Jae hee your voice is so beautiful, and you she just 12 years old..

Comment by Me

My heart is broken too oppa…just be strong.

Comment by Amanda

A moving story~!!!Lee Teuk …. You are wonderful…
i’m so proud when there is a idol like you, Teukie oppa..~!!

Comment by lovesuju1997

aww!!!!This is so sad~ R.I.P Jahee.
Teukie is really an angel~ ^^

Comment by eunwoo

I’m tearing up~
This has to be why Teukie’s been so sad lately, yes?
R.I.P. Son Jaehee~

Comment by allyssa.

There is no such thing as getting matured enough for partings to take place.
Partings will be painful, but over time they will hopefully get better and become precious memories!
I do not speak with much experience on this area, though, but that’s my humble view on things anyways.
Love you, Teukie, and praying for YOU to overcome your depression ❤

Comment by Tine

teukie oppa,kuenchana..

cry as much u want…
so dat ther’s no more emotion tears in the future…
im hoping for a tears of happiness oppa.

it’s ok to cry
it’s ok to be sad..that’s wat human are……full of emotions..

p/s; u hv my shoulder to lean on.
cinta kamu.

Comment by cinta

love u hyung i always pray for you and all the members hope u will visit our country elf philippines is waiting…take care always and Godbless

Comment by jenny

i know .. her ^^

i’m sorry to heard that …
jae hae is so cute^^

Comment by KYUKHAE

i pray for her, jaehee.
she died in such young age.
and now, i think heenim oppa is right.
ee teuk, please cheer up oppa!!!
upon the heaven, jaehee is still watching u oppa.

Comment by trym

I miss Leeteuk’s smile so much. If God would give me a chance to hug even just one person right now, I’d let it be Teukie. He deserve all the hugs ho could have right now. I wish I could fly to Korea soon. Nado Saranghae..

Comment by Rosette

TT I feel like crying…. Eeteuki is such a good person… my regards go to her family…

Comment by Zijuin

teuki oppa, do you know you have A LOT of FANGIRLS here in Brunei. lots of competition. so troublesome. -.-

Comment by Hayateuki

Did you read the most recent one?
The wo wo wo wo
ahhhhhh!!!! one?
he’s really spazzing >_

Comment by saranghaeheenim

I can’t say anything. You really really great. I wish i can be with you when you have that feeling. Fighting oppa! You’re always my angel !
E.L.F from Viet Nam

Comment by bin

Teukie ak … i love you … love Super Junior … E.L.F from Viet Nam

Comment by Anonymous

i can’t help but get teary eyed 😦

Comment by che

i’m so sorry to hear that..dont must go on..oppa saranghaeyo…

Comment by eeteukjua

im crying and crying .. can’t stop ! he is such a great guy .. super junior, fighting !!!

Comment by mrsSUJU

my friend and me really love super junior!! we already make a group name ‘suju girl’.. hehe.. even we’re from malaysia, we still always know what happen in korea and about you all.. however, i really love all your performance…

Comment by rinie lolly

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